Poptic Nerve's Best and of course, Worst of 2020!

Ah, it's that time once again where Poptic Nerve is making its list and checking it twice, finding things in pop culture, be it naughty or nice.

2020 has been perhaps the worst year on record since 2016 and 2001 before that. However, thanks to escapism from Movies to Videogames, we have those outlets giving us a much needed breather from all the madness that has occurred throughout this tumultuous year. You can also check out Bop's Best and Worst of 2020!

Here are the Best and absolutely Worst of 2020!

Best Movie: Soul

Out of all the films released not so much in theaters, the pickings have been slim when it comes to quality.
However, out of all the movies that deserved my top choice of 2020, was Disney Pixar's Soul, an amazing animation film starring Jamie Foxx and former SNL alumni Tina Fey. In Soul appropriately named, Joe is a school band teacher and Jazz pianist who feels that he hasn't accomplished anything in life until he gets a chance to play in a Jazz quartet. Unfortunately,  he meets an untimely accident that sends him to the great beyond or as we refer to it, as the “Afterlife.”. Joe is now one of the many souls who are stranded in some purgatory void. With the help of a fellow spirit  "Number 22", Joe escapes back to earth, but not in his own body as his fellow passenger has already occupied it.

Soul is another Disney Pixar breakout film following in the footsteps of Wall e, Up and Coco. It's heartwarming and gut wrenching with it's  metaphorical undertones, the meaning if purpose and valuing the time we have left on earth.Beautifully animated, great acting and a compelling soundtrack courtesy of Trent Reznor?!?

Although the main protagonist of Soul is African American, it is comforting to watch a movie without what one might come to expect, Socio Political narratives. Instead, it's an unforgettable film with plenty of laughs, heart and soul.Pardon the pun. If you pay close attention to ‘22’s”  past mentors, you’ll notice some of the all time legends and personal heroes of mine, from Harriet Tubman to Jack Kirby!

Best Television Season:

The Boys Season 2

Warrior Season 2

In what may be the final season of Cinemax's Warrior, tensions rise between the Irish and the Chinese to the point of a race riot in Chinatown!

Prior to that, there are power struggles, under dealings, treachery and a few surprises like the penultimate episode, appropriately named "Enter the Dragon"!

The Crown Season 4

Ah, this is where the Netflix series really gets interesting! It is now the 80's and our protagonist Queen Elizabeth has got her hands full! IRA terrorist attacks, the war within the Falklands, a dark family secret, home invasion and of course the ill fated marriage between Prince Charles and Lady Di! And if that wasn't enough, enter the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher! Gillian Anderson of X-files fame, deserves an Emmy nod for her portrayal as the notorious Prime Minister Thatcher. You have to see for yourself how close the similarities are between the actress and Thatch! Anderson is very convincing be it dialect, posture and temperament!

Fargo Season Four

Best New Series:

Transformers War for Cybertron

The Good Lord Bird

A quirky dramedy based on the Abolitionist John Brown who helped to kick off the revolution against slavery during the pre Civil War era. Great cast and brilliant performance by Ethan Hawke, who portrays Brown and while I love the comedic aspects, and intro that pays homage to the classic spaghetti westerns of long ago, my only gripe would be why the fuck is runaway slave, “Onion” wearing a dress throughout the series?

Gangs of London

Worst New Series or Miniseries:

The Undoing (HBO MAX)

What a waste of time invested in this suspenseful miniseries, where a prominent oncologist Doctor stands accused of his mistress' brutal murder, and goes to trial.

Nicole Kidman, fresh from another HBO suspense drama Big Little Lies, stars as a wife who is forced to defend her now estranged husband to the extent that even she's a suspect!
Predictable outcome that's quite obvious who the killer is. The finale is very disappointing when the mystery unfolds. Don't waste your time.

Best Documentary

In Search of Darkness Part 2

Just when you thought the first docu dedicated love letter to 80's Horror Cinema was brilliant,  lo and behold, as with most horror films,here's a sequel! ISOD 2 is more than a follow up! The roundtable of Actors,  Directors and commentators discuss films that were overlooked, sequels, trends and the controversies that came from the greatest era of not only horror,  but pop culture in general! Also, Lucio Fulci gets his due!

Best Videogames

Ghosts of Tsushima

Final Fantasy remake

Resident Evil 3

Doom Eternal

Star Wars Squadrons

Call of Duty Blacks Ops: Cold War

"Klytus, I'm bored": Disappointing films and TV Shows!


Emancipation of Harley Quinn


At first I was excited about a biopic based on the legendary freedom fighter Harriet Tubman. But my expectations were beyond lowered, after watching this bastardized movie. The idiots behind Harriet, took liberties by writing a few inaccurate portrayals i,e, creating a Black Slave catcher, “Bigger Long”? That sounds like a name for a  well...i’ll leave that up to you.That said, fuck this movie!


"Oy, vey!" What sounds like a great premise, Nazi Hunters killing fugitives from the Third Reich, set during the seventies, spiraled into a forgettable miniseries. The pacing is dull in some episodes, the Black protagonists are either portrayed as Lesbian or beholden to the White savior trope.I sense a trend as I keep witnessing more and of these examples pop up. Damn you Hollywood and your sneaky ulterior motives! *Shakes fist*
There was a bit of controversy about Hunters making its debut during Black History Month, but i’ll leave that to the many interpreters out there.That said, the big payoff  towards the end, combined with Al Pacino's performance, was somewhat worth slogging through hours from what could have been a great series.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels


Power Book 2 Ghost

In this spin off from the "POWER Cinematic Universe ", comes Book 2 Ghost which takes place after Power's series finale, Tariq follows within his late father's James St. Patrick's footsteps,  by dealing drugs at a prestigious College.

Despite great social commentary during classroom discussion scenes, solid performances by Naturi Naughton, Shane Johnson and Mary J. Blige, Book 2 is bogged down with weak acting, slowburn subplots with sex scenes and direction that's reminiscent of a BET or Tyler Perry flick. "Class dismissed!"Here's hoping that Courtney Kemp's next project will be  much better than this. Best episode 108 Monster.

Sleeper Hit of 2020!

Blumhouse has done it again! After the instant cult sci fi thriller Upgrade, comes one of the best reboots, I have seen in awhile.

Hidden Gems

The Banker

Sonic the Hedgehog

Say, wut? After flops like Resident Evil, Doom, etc there's a videogame movie that's actually good? Based on Sega's iconic mascot, Sonic is the fastest the amrophormoric animal alive and literally out of this world. He befriends a local Sheriff played by James Mardsen of Hop, Westworld and of course, X-Men. The two go on this fun road trip, while bring chased by Dr. Robotnik! Jim Carrey chews up the scenery while Ben Schwartz brings life to the supersonic Marsupial.

Chopping Block: TV Shows that were gone too soon!

I'm not at home with this

The Spanish Princess


Fare thee well:

Ray Donovan

"Coulda been a contender!"
Disappointing Video Games that had great potential.


Last of Us 2

Bleeding Edge


Crysis Remastered

Yeah, I listed REmake 3 as one of the best games of 2020. However, HOWEVER,
despite its atmospheric gameplay, action mechanics,excellent graphics and a few scary stages, RE3 was a bit too short for the asking price of $40. The tacked on REsistance online game, was the weakest link as not too many players are available it what can be considered as a Resident Evil meets, Saw and Cabin in the Woods premise. Where is the Mercenaries mode? Capcom what the hell were you thinking?!?
Resident Evil 3 is more like a DLC  experience than a full game, but it's definitely worth a 20 dollar sale price!

G.I. Joe Operation Blackout

As many of you know, I'm a fan of the G.I.Joe franchise and when I first heard of Operation Blackout,  I had to pre-order this game! Sadly, its nowhere as compelling as say, Transformers War for Cybertron.
Blackout is a basic run n gun title with Joe skins. The graphics are okay but the gameplay is too repetitive even for a Joe fan such as I. It's sad when the bonus features ( Artwork, soundtrack from the 80's cartoon, etc.) are more interesting than the game itself.

If you want a Real American Hero action game, I recommend playing Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War or stick with the 1992 excellent Konami arcade game!

Doom Eternal

Although I named Eternal one of the best games of 2020, ID Software is not getting off that easy! What in the hell happened to the multiplayer?
Also why is there platforming on a fucking Doom game? Had no idea I was playing Super “Doomario!”.

In Memorandum

Jean Graetz

Little Richard

Joe Clark

Bill Withers

Alex Trebek

Eddie Van Halen

B. Smith

Sean Connery

David Prowse

Tiny Lister

David Dinkins

Richard Corben

Max Von Sydow

Peace out and peace on Earth.