Bop's Best of 2020!

So 2020 is almost over. As if 2019 didn’t show that the age of Idiocracy started, 2020 is definitely the year in which fascism returned. As of 2020 our governments became fascist and there is no end in sight of what will happen further.

This was also a mediocre year, because various TV shows didn’t even return this year due to “Covid-19”, like Cobra Kai, Mayans MC and Mr Inbetween. Movies releases were postponed too because Hollywood sure likes to grab that money as much as possible.

Ok, enough ranting. It’s time to get this show on the road.


The Boys season 2

Anthony Starr became immortal as sheriff Lucas Hood in Banshee, one of the best TV shows ever. Then they snapped Starr up for The Boys in which he is stealing the show. I was looking forward to seeing The Boys season 2. Every episode got worse and bored me to death so I quit mid-season. I really didn’t need to see some male shape shifter turning into a woman for Homelander. FUCK THAT SHIT.  Even Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame, who will debut in season 3, won’t bring me back to watch this shit. There is tendency to force shit down people’s throats. The thing is, that Garth Ennis forced shit down our throat before it was a trend, so it was a novelty. Now it is just plain annoying that especially Netflix does shit like that.

Banshee’s immortal Lucas Hood

Undercover Season 2

I quit this show mid-season too. Netflix had to go and force the Undercover makers to have LGBTQ elements in the show. I don’t need to see 2 naked guys getting it on. If I want to see that I will get some gay porn. I am so disappointed in the makers of Undercover that they bend over for Netflix.

Supernatural Season 15


This was supposed to be the swan song for a TV show that had 6 super awesome seasons and 9 very bad ones. The penultimate episode was a perfect closure for the show, but they had to do an epilogue to appease the female screaming Mimis so they killed off Dean Winchester to make a tearjerker episode no one was asking for. They sure spit on everything that Supernatural stood for. The writers of the last 9 seasons were pretty bad and most of them should never be called writers again. Supernatural deserved better. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki became legends, though.
And they weren’t pussy lotion boys either.


Covid 19: The Movie

Have you ever seen bad acting and thought it was the worst acting ever? Fear no more. You will never see worse acting than what happened this year. Our government members decided to go into the acting business and they absolutely sucked. They had no conviction, lousy acting skills, lousy teleprompter skills and the sincerity of a snake. They were lying through their false teeth, had pecker breaths and committed crimes that should make them all appear in court. If there was ever to be given a life-time Razzie award then our governments won them. So congratulations to El Presidente Rutte, Merkel das Ferkel, Moron Macron, Boris “The Traitor” Johnson, the first female president of Canada,Trudeau, and many other traitors. And people talk about the axis of evil all the time. Want to know who the real axis of evil is? Look no further than Gates, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Musk, Beszos and Soros.


Dark Side Of The Ring season 2

If you like pro wrestling you need to watch this. Reconstructions of pro wrestling history events and/or moments. Very enjoyable if you are a pro wrestling fan.

El Dragon season 2

I decided to watch El Dragon because the premise seemed interesting. What I got was a telenovela that was quite entertaining. Better than I expected and lots of interesting episodes. I wasn’t bored at all watching season 1 and 2 one after another, 81 episodes together. And I wonder how long it will take before Hollywood snaps up Renata Notni and Irina Baeva, because Hollywood could sure use some gorgeous women instead of what is presented to us now.

Diablero Season 2

Diablero season 1 was one of the best shows of last year. I hoped to see a fantastic Diablero season 2 but it never reached the heights of season 1 and that is a shame. However, it was definitely good and I recommend it to anyone who likes horror that reminds you a bit of Evil Dead. Mind you, it is definitely not an Evil Dead clone, but it is a gem of a TV show in itself with fantastic world building with fantastic character. Can’t wait for season 3, even if I rate this season 2 was good only.

Better Call Saul Season 5

Breaking Bad is overrated. Yes, it was entertaining, but it was overrated. Breaking Bad’s spin-off Better Call Saul is better, though, especially because you see the introduction of memorable characters from Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul season 5 did bring one of the best episodes of any TV shows this year, called Bagman. That was pure cinema in a TV episode. As for the rest, Bob Odenkirk plays a fantastic loveable loser and Jonathan Banks plays a serious badass, the role of his life.


Shadow Season 1

This South-African show came out of nowhere and punched me straight on my jaw. Shadow is kind of like the South African version of Hero For Hire. Shadow contained some great action and great South African scenery. Shadow is not a man to be messed with and here is to more seasons of that show.

Surprise show of 2020

Gangs Of London

I only wanted to watch this because Gareth Evans was the creator. If you don’t know who Gareth Evans is you deserve a punch in your face. This show was violent and intense, just the way I like it. Episode 5 of this show was intense as fuck and the best TV episode of the year. Directed by Gareth Evans of course.


Warrior Season 2

Warrior season 2 continued where season 1 left off. Last year it was one of my best TV shows and this year it is the best TV show bar none. Episode 9 was insane AF, but what makes this show great is the fantastic characters it contains, male or female. Andrew Koji and Jason Tobin need a buddy movie. Dianne Doan plays a fantastic bad girl and Olivia Cheng is the hooker any guy would love to meet. Unfortunately we don’t know if there will be a season 3 since HBO pulled the plug out of Cinemax. However, the season finale gave me enough closure if we don’t get a season 3. The best season of TV this year. However, if they continue it is imperative that Shannon Lee gets a a role. She should have had one already, but what better way to continue with a season 3 starring Shannon Lee?

Look familiar?


Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind

This was a very interesting documentary about people trying to contact aliens. Makes you wonder about lots of things. Nuff said.


The Last Dance

I didn’t know what I could expect from this, but what I got was the best sports documentary ever. I was always a Detroit Pistons fan, so I was not a big fan of the Chicago Bulls. I respected Michael Jordan, because he was the Maradona of basketball, but I hated the Bulls. I followed NBA when they won their 3 first championships, but after that I never saw the other 3 championships they won.  This documentary gave a fantastic overview of all those years and showed what a determined guy Michael Jordan was. I did see something from Jordan, that I also had in me. When someone challenged me I wanted to school them, be it basketball or football or any other sport. I cannot recommend this documentary enough. You are watching greatness and moments that gave a lot of people a lot of joy, even in this fascist country I live in.




What a disappointment this movie was. The movie was directed by Olivier Marchal of Braquo fame. You know, Braquo, the French cop show that no one watches, but was a cool AF show. I expected a lot of this movie, but somehow it all didn’t pan out. It is a shame, because normally Oliver Marchal delivers and he is one of the few guys who understands how to make a cop movie.


This looked so interesting on paper, but sucked so much in execution. I expected something like Scott Adkins’ Avengement, but what I got was Disney’s Avengers.

Bad Boys For Life

Bad Boys 1 was cool. Bad Boys 2 sucked. Still, as much as I like the team-up of Smith and Laurence this just sucked big time. As soon as kids are introduced into the lives of the main characters you know this movie will take a worse nosedive than that idiotic brainwashed woman did when she volunteered for a Covid vaccine.


Driven (Trickster)

Richard Speight Jr of Supernatural fame directed his own movie and it was a cool indie movie. I am not gonna say much about the story. Just watch it and let the story suck you in. I hope Speight continues to grow as an actor.

Debt Collectors

Scott Adkins is cool. A few years ago he made the fantastic buddy movie The Debt Collector. Debt Collectors is the sequel. It was not as good as the first one, but I really hope they do some more sequels.

Enter The Fat Dragon

Donnie Yen in a kind of Bruce Lee movie spoof. What more do you want?

Berlin Berlin

I like Janina Uhse, so sue me. She was the only reason I wanted to watch this movie and I didn’t know she had comedic chops. This movie went a bit awkward in the end and that is a shame, but it was good enough to get a good label for me. Good means, that it was entertaining and that you didn’t need to puke within 5 minutes and quit the shit.

Balle Perdue

They called this movie the French Fast And The Furious. It was anything but. Nicholas Duvauchelle, from Braquo fame, stole the show playing a real piece of shit. He played probably one of the nastiest bad guys you will ever see. This movie was not as cheesy as Fast And The Furious and there were not many fast cars in it. What you get is an entertaining 1,5 hours French style. French cinema is definitely my favorite cinema today, because Hollywood dropped the ball years ago, with the exception of Scott Adkins movies.

Bill &Ted

I expected this movie to suck, but it was a small and innocent movie. I could even call it a feel-good movie. They did the other 2 prequels justice. Keanu and Winters playing various versions of Bill and Ted was hilarious. I hope they let the franchise rest now, though.


I didn’t expect anything from this. I am not a fan of Hemsworth, but here he delivered. The ending of the movie is nasty and a punch in the gut.


This is the first year, that I honestly didn’t see a film that kicked my ass. That tells you anything about this piece of shit Hollywood year and piece of shit fascist year. TV kicked movies all over the place.


A man of honor retired and if you don’t understand men of honor you don’t understand life at all. Whatever he does he will always be known as the man who made Connor McGregor his bitch and was an undefeated UFC champion. Many tried to vilify him, but he kept his dignity intact. He left the UFC with his dignity and honor intact and he left on his own terms to take care of his family and his mom, who lost her husband this year. That’s a man right there. 


What a fucking legends we lost this year. This was an insane shitty year.

Diego Armando Maradona

The greatest legend by far was Diego Armando Maradona. He is the greatest football player we ever had on this planet. Fuck Messi, fuck Ronaldo and fuck every other overhyped piece of shit bitch boy football player. Maradona is god and they are amoebas.

                                                                  The greatest

Diana Rigg

The woman who brought class and dignity to TV. The woman who took girl power to the next level.   Here is her obituary.

Honor Blackman 

The woman who, in my opinion, started the girl power trend in The Avengers. The real Avengers, not that Disney piece of shit.Here is her obituary.

Ennio Morricone

There are not many people whose music you can really feel. Morricone was the master of film music and will never ever be beaten. So many great songs and themes this guy made and they breathed life into the movies. An Ennio Morricone song always puts a smile to my face. Not many other soundtrack makers delivered that kind of emotion for me.

The greatest

Chadwick Boseman

This was by far the saddest death this year, in my opinion. A sign that nothing in life should be taken for granted. Chadwick Boseman deserved better.

In a business that has at least 90 percent of pussy lotion boys he was not one of them. The calmness Boseman exuded was something you don't often see in an actor.
As much as I disliked Black Panther, Boseman was not the problem in that movie. I don't think we can ever see anyone else be Black Panther.To me Boseman was a great newcomer. It is strange that hardly anyone saw his best movie, which in my opinion is Message From The King. That was my favorite role done by him.Another badass role of his was in 21 Bridges. A movie that kept me on the edge of my seat and it's a shame I didn't see it in 2019 but only this year. That would have been my second favorite movie after Scott Adkins' Avengement.I didn't know Boseman was ill so this came by surprise and it really sucks. Life is not fair. He couldn't even enjoy his fucking hard-earned money.
May he rest in peace and know that he left a legacy, that should have been bigger than that it is now.
Deserved better

Howard Finkel

Legendary pro-wrestling announcer Howard Finkel was pro-wrestling to me. He was part of the holy quintet of Bobby Heenan, Gorilla Monsoon, Mean Gene Okerlund and Jesse “The Body” Ventura. They made pro wrestling more enjoyable. They were the glue that held pro-wrestling together.


Shad Gaspard

Talk about tragedy in life. Former WWE pro wrestler Shad and his son were swimming and got caught by a rip current. The rescuers arrived to him first, but he told them to leave him and save his son first. The rescuers did save his son, but when they came back for Shad he was nowhere to be found. They found his body a few days later. He died a hero, but he deserved better. 


Rocky Johnson

When I first got hold of pro wrestling tapes it contained a few episodes in which Rocky Johnson was in a tag-team with Tony Atlas. They were the good guys and they kicked ass. They were role models not only for the black community but also for people who liked good guys. Little did I know then that his son would become the most famous pro wrestler ever and would also end up in Hollywood. 

Rocky Johnson and Mean Gene

Tiny Lister Jr

The first time I encountered Tiny Lister was in then WWE. As a kid Zeus, the wrestler he played, scared the shit out of me. Talk about how you can be manipulated as a kid when watching pro wrestling and how much Vince McMahon was able to do that. Granted, Tiny Lister played the same role he did in the movie No Holds Barred (only worth watching because of him). But I didn’t know the movie then. What I knew is that Hulk Hogan was never in bigger trouble than when Zeus appeared on the scene. Of course Lister will also be forever known as Deebo from the hilarious movie Friday. And who remembers him as the first black president in The Fifth Element? He deserved to be the first president of America. Yeah, it is a movie and all, but still the fact that they chose him and not for example Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Bill Duke or Yaphet Kotto says enough.

Little Richard

Do I need to tell more? This guy was famous all over the world.

Brian Dennehy

The nasty sheriff of First Blood is no more. Brian Dennehy was always a good actor with the sheriff from First Blood being his best role, but he had some other cool movies too. FX 1 and FX 2 were very enjoyable, and so was Bestseller. And bloody hell, I didn’t know he played in Dynasty and Dallas. LMAO.

Kenny Rogers

I only know his as The Gambler, but it turned out he was a country singer. The Gambler was the shit.

Kobe Bryant

I didn’t follow NBA since the Pistons and the first 3 Bulls championships, but he is known in a lot of countries. 


Talk about another scary pro wrestler, Kamala The Ugandan Headhunter. As a kid you really thought the guy was a cannibal and this time Vince McMahon is not to blame, because Kamala started his gimmick before WWE. He was one of Hulk Hogan’s most memorable foes and should have made a lot of money, but Hogan and Vince McMahon made sure that was not the case. Kamala is one of the most memorable WWE characters from the 80s and should have been paid way better. Now here is the creepiest part. His real name was James Harris. That does ring a bell, does it? Kamala Harris can never be the real name of Creepy Joe’s running mate.


Talk about iconic wrestlers. Animal was part of the tag team The Road Warriors, aka The Legion Of Doom. Their look was so cool, that their look appeared in various Japanese beat ‘m up games.


A new category this year, since TV kicked movies all over the place. This year TV shows had various excellent and awesome episodes, but 3 episodes really stuck out.

Better Call Saul season 5 episode 8

Bagman was a fantastic mini movie. Saul and Mike get stuck in the desert and need to rely on each other to survive. It had tense moments and funny moments and the scenery was fantastic.

Warrior season 2 episode 9

The sheer riot portrayed in this episode was a work of art. That was not the only thing of art. The tribute to Bruce Lee was another great thing. Andrew Koji did a fantastic Bruce Lee homage, even if his nunchucks skills could have been better. Fantastic, fantastic stuff.

Gangs of London season 1 episode 5

You know you have been under siege when Gareth Evans directs you. This was an intense episode with bullets, sweat, blood and other insanity. Gareth Evans pulled out all the stops in this episode and this could have been an action movie on its own. Holy shit, did this episode kick my ass.


Warrior season 2 episode 9:

“We spent every day living in their world, but now they are gonna die in ours”

Should apply to all our oppressors!