RIP Legend: Albert Pyun 1953-2022

Written by Stalkeye Oh, f**k! That scene where Selina shooting a circular "exit" through the floor, was copied from Pyun's cult classic, Nemesis. RIP. — ᑭ👁ᑭTIᑕ ᑎEᖇᐯE (@PopticNerve) November 27, 2022 There were many deaths of celebrities, including my favorite pop culture icons, which unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to cover this year due to other commitments. Not to mention how the PN staff has personal obligations as well, but while I have a bit of free time, I thought I would sadly, add this latest passing in the "Obituary column." Director Albert Pyun has died Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada at the age of 69. Pyun's filmography was mostly looked down upon as niche albeit, "low brow genre flicks" ranging from Sword and Sorcery, Superheroes, to Dystopian Martial arts productions. Throughout his career, Pyun has worked with various well-known or not very known actors like, Courtney Cox, Tim Thomerson, Oliver Grunner

In Search of Darkness III Review

Credits:  VC Creator In Filmmaker David Weiner/Creator VC 's  third and final installment of the 80's retrospective Horror Superdoc, In Search of Darkness,  leaves no gravestone unturned, as our colorful cast of  commentators, from the previous ISOD docs,  John Carpenter, Joe Bob Briggs,  Doug Bradley,  Geretta, Geretta, Kelly Maroney, Jackie Kong, Corey Taylor,  Cecil Trachtenberg of Good Bad Flicks and James Rolfe (Angry Video Nerd/Cinemassacre) among a few others, There are also, a few unfamiliar faces as well, like Richard Newby, Screaming Mad George, Kathleen Whitholte, Tracy Thoms, Sam Wineman, David Gregory, etc. So, is the third time a charm? Let's find out! Following a quote from Director John Carpenter, there's that prelude, followed by the documentary's intro theme courtesy of Wayward Pines, the commentator segments still have that VH1 "I Love the 80's” format, with copious amounts of trivia when dissecting a random selected film from ISOD's

Strike Back Strikes Hard!

Reviewed and Written by Bop  Someone recently asked me what I think are the TV shows with most action. There were 2 that came up in my mind right away and they were Gangs Of London and Human Target. And then I remembered Strike Back. I had to finish Strike Back. 
 Strike Back is a Cinemax show, that started years ago, but I quite somewhere in season 2. My reason was that I am not really into soldier and war stuff. I hate war, because they are always caused by wimpy pencil-neck geeks or just all around bitch scumbags who have never been in a fistfight in their life. Also, the show was full of propaganda and I hate propaganda. 
 However, I read Michelle Yeoh appeared in season 5 so I had to watch season 5. If you don’t know who Michelle Yeoh is, you deserve a slap. But not the type of slap a pencil-neck geek would give you. Does this ring a bell?
 So I started watching Strike Back season 5 and totally forgot how action packed Strike Back was. Season 5 was no exception and made me restart

Bop’s Accident Man 2 review

If there is a guy in Hollywood who really deserves our support it is Scott Adkins. For years Scott Adkins has been carrying the english spoken action genre on his shoulders. He loves making action movies and it shows. You can see and feel the passion he has for them and you know he puts in the effort. Not all his movies are great but for the past few years Scott has grown so much as an action man and as an actor. It started with Boyka Undisputed and continued with Accident Man, The Debt Collector, Triple Threat and Avengement. And now Accident Man 2 Hitman’s Holiday has arrived. Accident Man is Scott Adkins’ passion project. He got introduced to the Accident Man comic when he was a kid and a few years ago he got the chance to make the first Accident Man movie and it was a blast. I couldn’t get enough of that movie and have rewatched it many times since. Mike Fallon was such an awesome character. When I heard there would be an Accident Man 2 I got very hyped up. This was my most anticip

Godspeed, Bruce. Kevin Conroy 1955-2022

Well, this week ended on a sobering note. Voice actor Kevin Conroy has died at the age of 66, due to complications from Cancer. Conroy is mostly for his iconic voiceover role as the Dark Knight within the DC Animated Universe, beginning with the critically acclaimed Batman The animated series, Batman Beyond, various DCAU films, Justice League/Unlimited and the Arkham and INJUSTICE videogames published by WB Games. Conroy was the perfect voice as Batman when it came to the DC signature character's stoic approach, and even as his alter ego Bruce Wayne, a calm yet savvy billionaire. Aside from his acting career, Conroy had volunteered to cook for police officers and firefighters during a relief effort after the September11th attacks in which he expressed his surprise at the reaction of the emergency service workers in his presence. (Conroy called out from the kitchen to the dining area in his "Batman voice", reciting the infamous line from the animated series episode, "

"And then, there came a Day.." Poptic Nerve @ 5!

Five years ago, there was a new Pop Culture site that was born of fire, if not mired in a bit of controversy. Y'see, awhile back since the last days of our jointly operated site, The Supernaughts.  I consistently dropped my articles out there without any hopes of being "discovered,” but instead, my passion for writing reviews, posting videos and chopping it up with those who were either my comrades or some that often-visited SN. As time went on, I became very weary of the backstage drama, backstabbing and sass from so called "colleagues" who behaved like fucking High school girls! And dont get me started on that one Alt-Reich asshole who made racial slurs, and in turn making a bigger bitch out of himself. Then again, what did you expect from that kind of gutter trash, but I digress. So, when SN imploded after its founder asked for, and received donations, it was a blessing in disguise. Afterwards, Abe, and Ernest Rister, came up with this idea of culling our separat


Editor's Note: Although this opinion piece  published  nine years ago at Talkbacker, CTM's exposition, is worthy of reading, especially if you're a fan of the Horror genre. I’M A LIFELONG HORROR FAN BUT, FOR ME, 1988 WAS THE LAST TRULY GREAT YEAR OF THE GENRE!!! PHANTASM 2, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4, HALLOWEEN 4, HELLRAISER 2, SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2, CHILDS PLAY, THE BLOB REMAKE!!! IMHO, 1978-1988 WAS WHEN HORROR PEAKED….. And yes, I’m aware that most of those movies mentioned above were sequels and one remake, but they were all good sequels and a good remake. But after 88 it was all downhill from there. More and more movie theaters were closing (leaving only the corporate theater chains) because of VCR’s not to mention that the fucking M.P.A.A. conspired with the major studios to kill off most of the low budget independents, which specialized in Horror movies, by forcing them to cut more and more while Hollywood was given a free pass to do whatever the fuck they wanted. I rememb