Nintendo has Flipped the Switch! Is Switch Lite, alright?

So, after many weeks of speculation, it seems that the big announcement from Game publisher, Nintendo is that a new model of their immensely  popular Switch will arrive in stores, very soon.
What makes this new iteration called "Switch Lite" interesting if not polarizing, is that you can only play games in handheld mode, meaning no TV Dock component! Just the device itself. So in other words, its an updated 2Ds primarily dedicated to mobile gaming. It seems like a feasible  marketing strategy as many gamers especially the casual ones,  prefer to play on the go. As opposed to hooking it up to a huge screen Television. 

However, without it's versatility, how can it be called a "Switch"? Just label it as "Gameboy X" or something.I'm sure this will alienate plenty of gamers which  isn't the first time for Nintendo.
What's also disappointing,  is that this console, lacks a kickstand that would have been beneficial for 2 on 2 gamers when syncin…

Spider-Man Far from Home The Non Spoilery Review

Sometime after the events of Avengers Endgame, our protagonist, Peter Parker as well as many others who have experienced the "blip" as opposed to calling it the "snap", has either aged or stayed the same during the five-year period. 
Well, after the interesting Prologue, we're treated to an ear cringing intro with Whitney Houston's "I Will always love you" Memoriam, courtesy of Parker's school, that explains what happened to a certain Avenger. Ouch! 
While going  on a European class field trip. Parker is still bearing signs of grief and Survivor's remorse, due to Tony Stark's sacrifice, it's apparent that he’s left emotionally vulnerable. Not only is he attempting to bare his soul to MJ, but in some ways, nonresistant when accepting guidance, as Happy Hogan enters the scene as some surrogate uncle, and as if that wasn't  enough-a new "hero" emerges from the scene , when so called alien creatures attack a city in Napl…

"If you're guilty, you're Dead"! The Punisher (1989)

Starring; Dolph Lundgren, Louis Gosset Jr, Kimyori and Johathan Krabbe
Written by Boaz Yakin
Directed by Mark Goldblatt

While everyone was fawning over DC's Batman thirty years ago, there was a lesser known Comic book movie that appeared during that same time.
The Punisher, based on the hugely popular Marvel comics, centers around Frank "Castle" Castiglione, a former vet and good Man, whose family were massacred by a mob right in front of his eyes. As a means of seeking retribution and not redemption, Castle goes on a one-man crime killing spree! Armed with sophisticated high-grade firearms, along with his military training and tactical knowledge, The Punisher as he is known by the fearful underworld, is a living target who fires back.

Created by Gerry Conway, John Romita Sr and Ross Andru, the titular character was loosely inspired by vigilante films most notably, 1974's Death Wish and the Blaxploitation film, Gordon's War as the latter bears more similarity, but …

Captain America: The Choice!

Its the 4th of July, where independence is celebrated by most Americans via getaways and backyard barbecues.  Providing of course,  that " Zuckerman's infamous pig" Jennifer Schulzte, isn’t calling the cops on a Black Family enjoying a peaceful cookout. *Ahem*
Anyways, it’s your provocative pal Stalks here, to give you all my favorite reading recommendation in honor of the 4th, which regards Marvel's favorite Super Soldier, Captain America!
What happens when the United States Government decides to enforce a new legislative cease and desist order to Steve Rogers aka Cap, to relinquish his symbolic uniform and of course, his mighty shield?
Comply with the bureaucrats and operate exclusively for American interests under the government body, as in follow orders without question.

Written by the late Mark Gruenwald and illustrated by Tom Morgan, Captain America #332 “The Choice” is an engaging drama and tentpole for our hero's journey that further defines the ma…

Top 6 Reasons why Batman changed Superhero films as we know it!

So, as of this writing, today marks the 30th anniversary of Batman 1989's premiere and while there may be signs of its aging, there were many reasons of why and how, Batman '89 has become a game-changer when it comes to both Superhero films and theatrical blockbusters!
1. The Actor who would be Bat

When many where excited upon learning of Batman being developed as a live action film, the bizarre stuntcasting of Michael Keaton as the titular character, were met with plenty of skepticism and disdain.
Some like myself questioned Director Tim Burton's suggestion to cast Michael Keaton over Alec Baldwin as Bruce Wayne especially since both actors appeared in Burton's previous film, Bettlejuice. While Baldwin may be the perfect archetypal fit, it was Keaton’s comedic timing and substantial proof that he can also handle dramatic roles, as seen in Clean and Sober, that gave him somewhat of an advantage.
The biggest trick was the ideal of a "Fat, balding comedy actor” havi…

Anime gets Splatterpunked! Baoh The Visitor

Lets take a trip back in time like say, 30 years ago when the Japanese medium, known as Anime has yet to make  it's big splash within the United States, until the mid nineties. 
Although many were aware of the animated form, most of the Movies, TV series and what was known as OVAs, were bootleg VHS tapes, sold via underground markets due to scarcity issues and worse, they were very expensive!
A 40 minute program titled Original Video Animation or  "OVA" for short, could set you back around $30-$40 adjusted for inflation.
OVAs are  basically brief movies or an extended episode since the time window is roughly well over 30 minutes and while some are complete stories, with a finite ending, others were 3 to 6 part episodic segments. 
Now, within the various genres offered by OVAs, i.e. Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and  Comedy just to name a few. However, there was this little Subgenre that contained contents of gratuitous violence, as in disemboweled bodies, exploding h…