SHAZAM! Review (A Superhero tale of Soul, Heart, Action, Zeal, Adventure and just plain Marvelous!)

Directed by David F. Sandberg 

Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury! All six attributes from legendary Gods of mythology, are combined in the shell of the World’s Mightiest Mortal-SHAZAM!
It's no secret that I happen to be a fan of this underrated and at times, unappreciated DC Superhero, and now after 10 years of sitting in development hell, its finally here!
SHAZAM'S cinematic debut, did not disappoint whatsoever.  As soon as the film begins, we are treated to a prologue-providing an in depth character assessment of the main nemesis, Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong of Kick-Ass and Green Lantern.) and his future motives, who by fate, enters the Rock of Eternity, the realm of the ancient wizard known as SHAZAM, who is seeking his successor. But first, one must become worthy and spoiler alert, Thaddy didn’t make the cut!  Fast forward to the present where the mischievous Billy Batson (Asher Angel ) awaits being adopted by potential foster parents, while searching …

Deathlok may(finally) make his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

According to this source, and this one as well, it seems as if the folks at Marvel Studios are planning to produce a movie based on their very first propriety Cyborg, Deathlok!

This is more likely to be a complete production from the ground up, meaning, no August Richards' "Laser Tag" vest wearing version as seen from ABC's Agents of SHIELD. 
Hopefully the character and setting will be based on the Astonishing Tales version, as in Luther Manning, the OG Deathlok, whose post-apocalyptic storyline included batshit scenarios that in certain ways, were foreshadowing! (Genetic engineering, Virtual Reality, Automation, the Patriot Act and the September 11th Terrorist attacks!)
Deathlok was highly influential to the extent of being the inspiration behind DC's character Cyborg and even films like Robocop, The Terminator, Escape from New York and Universal Soldier, just to name a few. Here's a great retrospective for the uninitiated.
As a longtime fan of the characte…

Pop Topix: Disney buys Tatsunoko, Black Widow Movie has Two major antagonists, From Software nerfs their games and more cool news!

Welcome to a very exciting segment of news in Pop Culture and film. And with all the recent headlines in entertainment, I have discovered a few interesting tidbits from March 31st. Let’s get to it!
"I'll buy them for a dollar"! Disney plans to purchase Japanese Animation studio Tatsunoko!

Say it ain't so! It seems that the acquisition of FOX wasn't enough to satisfy the House of Mouse's palette.
Now Disney has set their sights on Tatsunoko Productions as a subsidiary animation studio as with Pixar. Could they be planning Anime style series or films based on their Marvel, Star Wars or even FOX Intellectual properties?
Can you imagine a series based on, Nova, Killraven, Iron Fist, Adam Warlock in anime style or better yet, crossovers such as Boba Fett vs Casshan, Macross: Star Wars and Gatchaman X? Whichever the case, this is good news for both Comic fans and Anime enthusiasts like me!
Tatsunoko is responsible for classic series such as Speed Racer, Gatchaman, …

Sky & Ollie: Women's Hysterics Month!

Sky: Say Ollie, now that Black History Month is over and done with, it's high time that we focus on another significant month, embracing another group who at times, are underrepresented. 
Ollie: Who might that be, the Native Americans?
Sky: No, you silly twink, I'm referring to the opposite sex, as in Women's History Month! Where women all around the world are celebrated for all their contributions to society and mankind.
Ollie: By your definition of "contributions", you meant nagging, enabling, cowardice, arrogance and being catty?😺 And that's just within the workplace!
Sky: Ollie, that wasn't very nice and i'll have you know that our Mother is a Woman! Not to mention that most Women do not bear those traits, (Just a sizable amount.) after all, we don't want this site being accused of being hateful like some idiot once mentioned here.
Ollie: Oh, you mean the "that clown"? Isn't he the same guy calling people "Cucks", a t…

Triple Threat is a triple treat

When 2019 started I was excited for only 1 thing and that was John Wick 3. Later Hobbs & Show arrived. And after that I found out about Triple Threat and it made me super excited. The line-up of Triple Threat was insane and it would probably be the best movie I will see this year. It would probably exceed at where the Expendables failed, i.e. make good use of the actors in it.
So let’s look at the line-up of Triple Threat. Iko Uwais from The Raid. Tony Jaa from The Protector (Tom Yuum Goong). Scott Adkins from Undisputed 2-4. Tiger Chen, of whom I never heard. Yeeja Janin, the woman who has more girl power in her pinky finger than Brie Larson has in her whole body. Michael Bisping, former UFC-fighter. And last but not least Michael Jai White.
That is a motherfucking badass line-up. Granted, you always wish for more like Marko Zaror, Van Damme, Mark Dacascos and Katheryn Winnick being added to the cast, but you can’t win them all. This line-up in itself is glorious. Anything an ac…

Sky & Ollie celebrates St. Paddywagon’s Day Courtesy of the Shammy Awards!

Ollie: "tulalulaluraaaa" Muthafucka!

Hey...shitfaced and Shitheads...this is your Boyo Ollie here to raise a pint and give a shout out to st paddys day by honoring memorable Irish folk not only in film, music but pop culture icons in general.

Welcome to the Shammys, short for Shamrock. (Duh!)
Sky: So I take it that you are already getting "toasted" Ollie?
Ollie: it's all about tradition me Boyo. Just look at that Golden trophy. Beautiful isn’t it?

Sky: Why a Shamrock and not a “Potato” instead? Ah yes, Saint Patrick's Day, when all the Irish cavort, get drunk, barf, beat each other up, go home and then beat their Spouses or significant others. 
Ollie: .I resent that comment...tharts a liiiie...Sky! We don't always barf. *Hiccup*
Sky: I can smell the Hennessy mixed with Guinness eight yards away! You bloody lush.
Ollie: Can you also smell my Paws? *Wink* Guess where.... they have been?

*Audience laughter*
Sky: You Pig! I say, look at the impressive audi…

Sky & Ollie: St. Fatty's Day!

Originally published at the now defunct Talkbacker.Com, is a classic Sky & Ollie "Comic" just for shit's and "giggles"!

Coming soon one day.