My Gameplay footage of Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo!

In my first playthough, I managed to survive within the 30 minutes countdown before the demo expires! Hence the  demo's title-"1-Shot"! My broadcast footage was courtesy of Playstation 4

Attack on the 80's: The Predator

If someone would ask me why I have such a fondness for the 80's, I'm likely to mention how it was the decade of nuanced pop culture. You had amazing concepts that came from the era of big hair, neon clothing and jingoism. Primary examples in film, toys, television were Robocop, Escape from New York, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Miami Vice, Watchmen, Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis and this little unknown movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger titled The Predator
The premise for this 1987 science fiction classic was unique in many ways, because it wasn’t about some creature from another world out to invade earth, but instead, this galactic trophy hunter saw Man as his prey! The first arc of the narrative was akin to a Rambo action film only to morph into something more frightening. Underneath its action-packed surface, was a niche survival horror tale as we get to see this paramilitary rescue team get picked off one by one, until there's only one Man left standing and we all know wh…


What's up boyos, it’s the first week of 2019 and already we've seen people saying or doing some crazy shite! Let's get to it..!!

Blindbox Challenge or more like, Mentally challenged!
Netflix's apocalyptic thriller, Blindbox has reached critical acclaim and as a result, some viewers have resorted to putting a blindfold over their eyes to "see" whether or not, they can accomplish the simple tasks that those who have sight, often take for granted.
This is what happens when some people have too much time on their hands or empty heads!

Kevin Hart-to-Hart
Actor and "Comedian" Kevin Hart landed himself in deep shit after he made a few insensitive tweets toward the LBGTQRSTUV community that he apologized for 2 years ago, yet that wasn't enough for the community nor the Academy. I guess they didn't "hear" his apology loud enough, so Hart backed out of hosting this year's Oscars until he dropped this hint on Ellen DeGeneres' show. 


Netpix: Best of 2018!

Now that 2018 has exited stage left, it will always be remembered as the year of political scandals, Hollywood sex scandals, outrage and  ugly racist women dialing 911 whenever they see a person of color doing normal activities like barbecuing or just taking a nap in between college classes! 
However, 2018 will also be remembered for a few good films and programs now available on Netflix (At the time of this writing, to say the least.) Here are my top content picks on Netflix for the year of 2018!

American Meme

Andy Warhol once said, "there's a moment where everyone will be famous for 15 minutes" (If I remember correctly. )
Well, thanks but no thanks to social media, we are witnessing the age of attention whores! American Meme showcases how 4 individuals have achieved fame and recognition through social media outlets such as facebook, twitter and something called Vine. I found myself disgusted how certain "celebrities" are treated with a huge cult following jus…

R.I.P. Mean Gene Okerlund

2019 is off to a very lousy start. Mean Gene Okerlund is no more.
If you don't know who Mean Gean Okerlund is let me enlighten you. Mean Gene is that mustached semi-bald man with the super recognizable voice, who interviewed all great pro wrestling legends you know. One could blindfold a wrestling fan and play Mean Gene's voice and everybody would know who it was.
When I started pro wrestling I watched an episode of Superstars Of Wrestling. Mean Gene was the brave man who had to interview the good, the bad, the ugly and the brute in the then WWF. Before I knew wrestling was fake I feared for the life of Mean Gene. One of the wrestlers could just snap like that and assault Mean Gene during in interview. The funny thing is, they never assaulted Mean Gene during his whole career. There is no pro wrestling without Mean Gene.

Just like the movie The Exterminator, hadtaught me the word motherfucker, Mean Gene taught me the expression "Give me a break". Often, that was dir…

Sky & Ollie's Fookin New Year's!

Just when Christmas is over, the boyos are back in town to serve leftover HAM to you Turkeys! It’s Sky & Ollie's Fookin New Year's celebrating the highs and low-down dirty shame of 2018!
Here are your hosts, Sky & Ollie!
*Audience clapping*
Sky: Happy soon-to-be New Year's Ollie and co!
Ollie: New Year's, big fucking deal!
Sky: Ols, you can't say "fucking", we're trying to keep things a bit clean now that we have a new home ( and with it, a new kindler, gentler image....
*Both laughing hysterically, followed by audience laughter*
Ollie: Wasn't there a famous now infamous comedian who suggested that others within his field, tone down the harsh language? Wonder whatever happened to him? Oh, wait!
*Audience laughs*
Sky: I can't say whether he really committed all those crimes or not, but I question those who would wait decades before coming forth and remember, not all the facts added up.
Ollie: Some were legit claims while othe…