Season 2 of Reacher, was a Sh!tshow

So, now that I finished the second season of Amazon's hit series Reacher, I'm even less than impressed. In the season opener, we see one of Jack Reacher's former squad mates of the  Special Investigations Unit "Swan" get thrown off a helicopter from say, 3000 feet? This of course, has our or rather your hero Reacher (Alan Ritchson) seeking revenge when going after former Police Detective Shane Langston played by typecast baddie Robert Patrick.

Throughout the 8-episode season, I found myself looking at my phone when not rolling eyes where we see the unstoppable Reacher beating up bad guys including Black carjacking thugs or drug dealers in stereotypical fashion. When Disney CEO Bob Iger vowed to stop further messaging in future projects, he was referring to oversaturated identity politics. Meanwhile the message that Skydance and Jeff Bezos from Amazon are sending what would be some "try that in a small town" scenario when you have a hulking white dude who walks as if he's constipated, taking down some black muggers threatening a white family. While this scene may easily appeal to the Fake ass Alpha-Male MAGA opioid crowd, it’s lazy storytelling at best as with the rest of this drawn-out season.
This time, Reacher gets by with a little help from his friends including Frances Neagley (Maria Sten) who serves as the more standout supporting characters, also there's another typecast actor who debuts in this series, y'know the bald-headed Cop who has that Staten Island Goomba accent? I'm sure anyone can recognize him from his appearances in The Wire, Ray Donavan and so forth.

Season 2 is further bogged down by acting and production reminiscent to the Arrowverse CW shows including unnecessary flashbacks which attempts to add story context but fails. And speaking of “CW” aside from DC CW stalwart Ritchson (Smallville and Titans) Malcolm Goodwin from I Zombie, reprises his role as Oscar Finlay as a cameo appearance. Still emasculated under the towering presence of Reacher, but whateves. 
Ritchson's lines are cheap dialog and overall, the appeal of his fictional character is aimed toward a certain demographic. Some men want to be like him, and then there are some men that want to be with him, if you know where i'm going at. (LMMFAO)
Caption: "I can't believe that we have to rehearse from this shitty script!"

Reacher is one dimensional and lacks the nuance of heroes such as the Punisher who goes over the edge yet relies on shoehorned retribution scenarios such as two accomplices from Langston's organization who are allowed to fly away, that is until Neagley fires a SAM bazooka to blow them away.
But that's not before an uninspired needledrop of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit." Reacher asks Neagley, “No Jimi Hendrix?" Neagley replied: "Swan is right, Hendrix is overrated. "
Afterwards Reacher and the gang of four arrives at a diner that would work as a parody of a fucking Denny's,commercial, followed by Reacher being altruistic by giving away the recovered 65 million dollars, then goes on a bus to nowhere, where some old passenger out of nowhere, what he was up to in the big city, Reacher just says "Visiting family." while Lynyrd Skynyrd's ‘ aptly put, Simple Man’ rolls out the credits.

Who writes this shit other than series developer Nick Santora, and a few other hacks like Scott Sullivan? And this serves as one of the reasons why I didn't really care for the WGA strike. Season 2 of Reacher was more like, a "Reacharound" which i'm sure his biggest fans wouldn't mind to have one.

That said, here's some bad news and good news: the bad news is that Season 3 is already in the works, the good news is, I won't be watching it!