Major Damages-Marvel Fired Jonathan Majors after Guilty Verdict.

After four hours of deliberation spread across three days. The jury reached a verdict, which finds actor Jonathan Majors was found guilty on reckless assault in the third degree and guilty of harassment.
Right after the verdict came to light, Disney was quick to drop Majors from future Marvel projects. I'm sure they already had those plans in check, but I digress.

What's funny is judging by the video, I don't see Majors "assaulting " his companion in question, if anything, he's running from her as in "that bitch is cray!" Now I'm not saying that Majors is perfect by any means, but I don't think he's the "brute" portrayed in the mainstream media. If anything, he made bad choices in dating, as it seems like Grace Jabbari, who reacted violently to Majors, after seeing texts from another woman is unstable.

This is where the alleged assault occurred. Jabbari claimed, "she tried to snatch the phone from Majors, who then pried her finger from the phone, grabbed her arm and right hand, twisted her forearm and struck her head to get the phone away from her. "
However, the defense argued that Majors placed her back in the car to stop her from running into traffic as seen on surveillance video. To be fair, none of the alleged assault was captured inside of the car and there were claims on the defense behalf that Jabari scratched her ear when Majors placed her in the car. She went to a party after the incident and was later found unconscious in their apartment.  Not from assault but one too many drinks, or even drugs??

The lesson learned from this incident is if you're in an elevated position where there is an opportunity to make hundreds of millions, you just don't settle for someone who is not within your league. A "timebomb" like Jabari had nothing, and therefore had nothing to lose, especially after being replaced by actress Meagan Good. This is unfortunate for Majors who had the biggest year in his career, which included starring roles in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Creed III and Loki season two. It was already in the cards for Disney to reach that decision of dropping Majors meanwhile Warner Brothers were more than aware of Ezra Miller’s disturbing actions from 2020 yet went on to make The Flash which was a colossal failure among several other Superhero films of 2023 from both DC and Marvel.