Ray Stevenson 1964-2023 Man of Action!

As if Jim Brown's passing wasn't enough, news about another action star's passing has spread fast! Ray Stevenson best known for films, such as Punisher War Zone, Thor, Kill the Irishman, and G.I. Joe Retaliation among others, has died at 58. "58" WTF!

As of this writing, the cause of Stevenson's death is undisclosed. Gregory Raymond Stevenson was born in Northern Ireland, who then migrated to England as a child.
Ironically, Stevenson was set to star in the upcoming Star Wars television spinoff Ashoka who he expressed excitement "getting to wield the light saber is just the best feeling in the world.” The actor previously voiced Gar Saxon in “Star Wars: Rebels” and episodes of “Star Wars: Clone Wars” in 2020.

While most may remember Stevenson as Titus Pullo in the BBC/HBO series “Rome,” it was his role as the Marvel antihero Frank Castle in 2013's Punisher War Zone, that was my first introduction to the actor who went on to star in more action-oriented films, one of them was his portrayal of Irish Gangster Danny Greene in "Kill the Irishman." Aside from Punisher War Zone, Stevenson also appeared in yet another Marvel film as the “boisterous Volstagg in Marvel’s “2011 “Thor”, “Thor: The Dark World” and “Thor: Ragnarok.” Other notable roles were the survival horror film, Outpost, comedy actioner Accident Man and Accident Man Holiday opposite Martial arts legend Scott Adkins. One of my personal favorite Stevenson roles was G.I. Joe Retaliation where he played as the notorious Cobra saboteur Firefly, based on the iconic Hasbro franchise.

 Firefly had more of a sinister persona than the comics, and even had a few funny scenes like flipping the bird or punching the President during an interrogation scene. “That’s for the tax hike!” With his gruff presence, Ray Stevenson was an underrated actor and action star. I'll pour a glass while binging on some movies from his filmography. sláinte! 

"God. Sometimes I would like to get my hands on him!"
-Punisher War Zone