Bop ranks the Fast & The Furious Franchise

Fast And The Furious. Love it or hate it, but to me it’s the best movie franchise Hollywood ever made. Did Hollywood ever think it would be so successful? I don’t think so. However, there is only one person responsible for making it successful and that is Justin Lin. The guy knows car action like no one else does. Justin Lin made 4 Fast And The Furious movies and each one was better than the previous one. Number 9 is coming up and it’s been directed by Justin Lin again, so I am bloody excited. The big question is, will he top his previous movies? I can’t explain why but whenever a Fast & The Furious sequel is coming, I am beyond excited. 


 Why? Because it’s the best popcorn movie series ever. You don’t watch the franchise for philosophical bullshit, artistry, metaphors of life, pretentiousness, book adaptations, rewritten history or whatever the fuck. You watch it for the edge-of-the-seat car action, the babes and the macho bullshit. You also watch it because movies like these relax you and you watch these movies because you love movies. You all remember that first non-martial arts action movie that brought you to the edge of the seat, yet Fast And The Furious beats them all and gets shit on time after time. I don’t like every movie equally so therefore I am going to rank them from worst ot best. Oh, and by the way, these movies kick James Bond’s ass all over the place and twice on Sunday. 


 2 Fast 2 Furious  


This one was really bad. It was the sequel that Vin Diesel felt too good for, but Walker didn’t. The movie felt too lifeless and the action was meh. However, this movie was important for introducing Ludacris and Tyrese into the Fast And The Furious world, but little did they know themselves how successful it would be. Yeah, Tyrese is a crybaby, but the pairing of him and Ludacris, that happens in later movies is hilarious. They need a Fast & The Furious spin-off, because buddy movies are not available lately. 


Fast & Furious 7


James Wan of Aquaman did this. He had some good action scenes in it, but this didn’t look like a Fast And The Furious movie. This was  like "GI Joe vs M.A.S.K" and I would have appreciated it more had it been an actual GI Joe vs M.A.S.K. movie. But even if there will be a GI Joe vs M.A.S.K. movie it will probably not be as good as this one. Oh, and Tony Jaa is in this one too. Oh, and I almost forgot Statham was in there. I thought this would be the Fast crew vs The Transporter, but it was GI Joe vs M.A.S.K. 


The Fast & The Furious 


The movie that started the car craze. I love and hate the movie. Love it because it had cult written all over it and hate it because it made the price of Toyota Supra’s skyrocket and I needed a Toyota Supra to race over the German Autobahn. Nothing is cooler than unleashing the max speed of your car on the German Autobahn. Little did I know that this movie would span that many sequels at that time and that it would turn out to be my favorite Hollywood action movie franchise ever. 


Tokyo Drift 


Part 3 introduced us to director Justin Lin. Little did I know that that guy would reinvent car action like no one else. Part 3 introduced us to Lucas black and the uber-cool Han, played by Sung Kang, who was a side character. The main character, played by Lucas Black, was overshadowed by Han big time and no one expected it. However, the character played by Lucas Black, was not bad at all. He fit in the Fast And The Furious universe. This movie focused on the Japanese drifting scene and that was nice to see a spin on it. It was Justin Lin’s first Fast movie and little did I know that what he had in store for us for the next sequels would be insanity. If the first race in this movie does not excite you at all you should stop watching action movies, because you are not cut out for it. It was an insane scene. The only negative thing I can say is that this looked more like some high school movie, but damn if that high school environment didn’t have some cool car action. 




The Fate Of The Furious 

Tank Insanity

If you want to see over the top action this is the movie to see. The submarine scene is just insanity. Next to that the action scenes are also good. However, this movie was not directed by Justin Lin. Also, Clint Eastwood’s son is annoying as fuck in this movie and does not deserve to be in it. Scott Eastwood is the first pussy lotion boy that appeared in the Fast franchise and hopefully the last. 


Fast & Furious 


This was Justin Lin’s second Fast movie and is more like a murder mystery/revenge movie, but with lots of car action. The only negative thing is that fact that Gal Gadot was in it and she was annoying AF. Lin took car action to a new level in this movie and I thought it couldn’t get better. I was wrong. 


Fast Five 

Pure action art

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, wanted to lift on the success of Fast And The Furious so he joined the Fast universe. In my opinion he does not fit in the franchise at all. However, the premise Diesel vs Rock seemed interesting on paper. This was a heist movie with insanity. Pure insanity. The vault chase was pure action art of the highest order. It might be the best non-martial arts action scene ever filmed. 


Fast & Furious 6 


Justin Lin’s fourth showed he was not done making my jaw drop and showed me why I love movies in the first place. This is the best superhero movie ever. A superhero movie with cars. You got a good guy team and you got a bad guy team and they clash big time. Joe Taslim, of Warrior and The Night Comes for Us is one of the bad guys and how he kicks some of the Fast crew’s ass is fantastic. Next to that there are insane chases and car action. This movie was the epitome of car action and Hollywood action. So, after seeing this movie you can understand I am exciting to see if Justin Lin can take car action even further. 



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