My Teacher Octopus (2020) review

I recently got a tip to watch the documentary, My Teacher Octopus. I found it on Netflix. This documentary might have been the best documentary ever filmed had the white-privileged emo motherfucker, who filmed it, not been such a piece of shit. This documentary managed to touch me deeply and anger me immensely at the same time. Granted, that is not a bad thing, because whether it’s a movie, TV show or docu, if it makes you feel all kinds of emotions it’s a good thing. However, how that emo-motherfucker managed to fuck up his documentary is beyond me. I am not going to spoil it, but I urge you to watch it to see if you will get as angered as I was.

Just look at that emo motherfucker!

My Teacher octopus is about a guy who finds no happiness in his work, so he quits working. He starts diving in the Kelpsee and discovers a female Octopus. He builds a relationship with her and decides to return every day to film his encounters with her and the life she leads. The Octopus totally steals the show.

Show stealer

The Octopus is endearing, smart, intelligent and loves life. That life does not come without dangers. The underwater scenes are breath-taking, the scenery is beautiful, and the most beautiful thing is the octopus. To me this documentary is incredibly special. Not only because of all the beautiful images, but also because it depicts the friendship between animal and man. 


The thing that amazed me the most about this documentary is the beautiful soul of the octopus. She had more soul than most humans today and that just put a big smile on my face. Capturing something like that is amazing, and it is must-see if you love animals. Next to that it teaches you things about the Octopus.

Too bad the filmmaker was such an asshole. Yes, he has a hit on his hands and yes, he made
a cool documentary, however what he did to the Octopus was appalling. Watch it and you will
know what I mean. 

Two things are for sure after watching this fantastic documentary:

1. I will never eat Octopus, Inkfish or anything similar again.
2. The emo filmmaker was a bitch!


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