Pop Topix: Disney buys Tatsunoko, Black Widow Movie has Two major antagonists, From Software nerfs their games and more cool news!

Welcome to a very exciting segment of news in Pop Culture and film.
And with all the recent headlines in entertainment, I have discovered a few interesting tidbits from March 31st. Let’s get to it!

"I'll buy them for a dollar"! Disney plans to purchase Japanese Animation studio Tatsunoko!

Say it ain't so! It seems that the acquisition of FOX wasn't enough to satisfy the House of Mouse's palette.

Now Disney has set their sights on Tatsunoko Productions as a subsidiary animation studio as with Pixar. Could they be planning Anime style series or films based on their Marvel, Star Wars or even FOX Intellectual properties?

Can you imagine a series based on, Nova, Killraven, Iron Fist, Adam Warlock in anime style or better yet, crossovers such as Boba Fett vs Casshan, Macross: Star Wars and Gatchaman X? Whichever the case, this is good news for both Comic fans and Anime enthusiasts like me!

Tatsunoko is responsible for classic series such as Speed Racer, Gatchaman, Macross aka Robotech, Cashan and The Soultaker among a few examples.

From Software adds neutering patches for Sekrio, Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. For those who have a rough time completing their games.

After one too many complaints from gamers who rage quitted after constantly seeing "YOU DIED" when losing in Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne and now Sekrio Shadows Die Twice, From Software has tweaked the difficulty-making the game somewhat easier via game patch that is slated to drop sometime in April.

Despite critical acclaim and high praise among the gaming community, the three games including the previous Dark Souls titles are often known for their sadistic difficulty and as someone once said, "Games are meant to be a fun and challenging experience, not a chore". Preach, brother! Now I can complete Bloodborne after say four years of playing this damn game?!?

Double Trouble for the Woman in Black:
Black Widow Movie has not only one, but two villains!

With all the speculation going around about those from Marvel’s Phase One will not make it through the upcoming Avengers: ENDGAME, at least one thing is certain, well actually two. Both Spider-Man and Black Widow will return. Especially since Spider-Man Homecoming is slated to release this Summer, while Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansen and directed by Cate Shortland, is in pre-production. Previously, there were mention of Andre Holland (The Knick, Moonlight and Castle Rock) appearing as a major villain. Rumor has it, that Holland may be offered the role of Anti Hero, Taskmaster, a mercenary who is gifted of photographic reflexes making him a formidable opponent to Captain America, Moon Knight, Spider-Man, Iron Fist and other ground level characters.

 While there’s no mention of who the other major villain will be, there’s an overall deduction within the Geek community, that the Red Guardian will be Natasha Romanoff’s second antagonist. It only makes sense from a logistical narrative since Alexei Shostakov was Romanoff’s ex-husband who wants to “reunite” with his former spouse. However, if Marvel decides to mix things up a bit, Dr. Tania Belinsky would make either a great rival or reluctant ally. I’ll give an update as soon as more info is leaked. Stay tuned!

Not Nuff Said!

Marvel plans to add more Stan Lee cameos for future MCU projects?!?

According to an unspecified source, Marvel Studios' upcoming films will still include cameos from The Man himself, Stan Lee! Just one thing, he passed away over three months ago!
Speculation has it, that either Lee managed to shoot cameo scenes way ahead of pre-production, or the more feasible option, is CGI.
Sure, the technology of "replacing" dead actors, weren't as impressive as most had hoped (I'm looking at you, Rogue One!) but it's better than nothing. Lee may be gone from this world but will continue to live on within the world of cinema and pop culture in general! Excelsior!

And last but least..

Aint it Fool! A planned biopic of Harry Knowles might come to a theater or streaming service, near you!

With the success of recent biopics and docudramas (Bohemian Rhapsody and Netflix’s The Dirt) it seems that this momentum has caught the eyes of a few Film and Television studios. One for example, is the unconfirmed rumor about an unspecified production studio, aiming to make a film based on the rise and fall of disgraced Film Blogger and Wheelchair Critic, Harry Knowles founder of Aint it Cool News.

Like most biopics, Knowles’  story will start with humble beginnings, like owning a personal computer back in 1984 then exchanging news, gossip and innuendo within the field of entertainment, he would then go on to develop his own website; Aint It Cool which propelled him to a modicum amount of success, being ranked within Forbes Magazine Top Celebrity  list and making guest appearances on Siskel & Ebert.

Of course, we’ll get to the “shits and giggles” part, where Knowles faces accusations of biased reviews, a suspicious Kickstarter campaign, the feud with filmmaker and hack Uwe Boll (Including the infamous boxing match!) and of course, “Gropegate”! This all sounds very promising but I’m curious to find out, who will play as Harry J.Knowles? Patton Oswalt’s phone hasn’t been ringing lately, so why not cast a bloated, fugly, opinionated, sonofabitch to star as a bloated, fugly, opinionated, sonofabitch?

Hopefully, yours truly and Talkbacker will get a mention, since we helped to temporarily dismantle AICN after the Kickstarter fallout. Rebel Wilson would be great as Dannie Knowles, the current owner of AICN and of course, Harry’s sister. *Ahem*

And that’s a wrap!