And Now, Bop's Best (and Worst) of 2023!

If there is one thing I have seen for the past few years, it is that humanity has really dumbed down.
There is no limit to the stupidity I am witnessing daily. Imagine having no internet for more than a week. I could totally live without the net, but when I have to finish a best of before the end of the year and I can’t finish it  and upload it and the morons at support say they can only send a technician on January 2 you wonder: “Who the fuck pays those helpdesk morons and why the fuck is there no customer service that makes sure people are not without the internet for more than 2 days instead of 7 days?” People get paid for a job, while they absolutely suck at it. Rant aside let’s get this show on the road.


I only saw one documentary.


The Lost Century And How To Reclaim It

Thanks to the internet we are starting to find out how the world really is and it is often not a pretty picture. This documentary showed, how there are some very despicable humanoids trying to sabotage the good life people could be having.We are not allowed to live a good life, so you better make the best out of it by yourself.
This documentary gives you a very good view of who the saboteurs are and you wonder: “Why are they not in jail by now?”



Copenhagen Cowboy
What the fuck was this pretentious piece of shit? The first episode makes you think it’s gonna be something interesting and then it turns out it is as pretentious as it can be be. Not only that, but what the fuck have I been watching? It seems Refn took all drugs known to mankind and came up with this dreck. What the fuck happened to Refn? Dude hasn’t made good shit since the awesome Pusher trilogy. This show was a perfect example of style over substance and is a missed opportunity.

Man Like Mobeen season 4

Man, talk about fucking up a show. Man Like Mobeen started out entertaining in season 1,
it continued in season 2. Then season 3 took a big nose dive and season 4 was utter crap.
What started out as a comedy turned very serious in season 3 and continued in season 4.
I lost time I will never get back. Fuck this shit.

Blood Coast

Oliver Marchal, creator of Braquo, for a change, disappoints this time. There is not a guy who does gritty police drama better than Marchal. The grittiness often shown in his TV shows is what makes him the best. Somehow the French can’t stop making shows about Marseille. I find the city Marseille very fascinating, but if only a small thing of what they show in this show is true, Marseille has turned into a shithole. This was one very violent show and looked very promising until they totally fucked up the end. The end was a big anti-climax. I don’t know what the fuck he was thinking ending it like that after the set-up had been really good. And the ending was also an open ending. Needless to say I won’t check out season 2 if it ever comes. This was just a complete letdown.

Barracuda Queens mini-series

What a shit show this was. I expect this show to influence girls and women so much that they will start to do utter stupid stuff just like in the TV show and end up in jail. Well, good riddance if it happens. So many morons today.


Twisted Metal season 1

Now, this was the surprise of the year. I wasn’t interested in seeing a game adaptation,
but due to the fact that all my shows finished their seasons and I wanted to watch
something I gave this a chance. Boy, Neve Campbell didn’t age well. But then again,
she is not the star of the show. This show was Blood Drive lite, but damn, it was a 
very entertaining Blood Drive lite. Good laughs, absurd situation, absurd action
and just one big road trip. I hope season 2 continues to be good too.

Reacher season 2

While season 2 hasn’t finished yet, I can say it won’t get into best of 2023 territory. It will be good territory. Alan Ritchson is killing it as Jack Reacher, but the story is not really moving forward. Jack Reacher never disappoints when people get the shit smacked out of them, but it is not happening enough. Robert Patrick plays the baddy in season 2 and I hope he gets his comeuppance. My wish for season 3 is that Alan Ritchson gets reunited with Christina Ochoa, since they were such a great team in the legendary cult classic Blood Drive, but this time Christina Ochoa as the big bad.

Les 7 Vies de Lea
Leave you brains at the door when you start watching this fantastic TV show. Some things are just not logical. A girl wants to kill herself but fails. She finds something that puts her on a mystery trail to solve a murder. Every time she goes to sleep she ends up in a different person who knew the murder victim when the victim was alive. That way she tries to solve the murder and save the victim. I can’t spoil the ending, but damn if it wasn’t one of the most unexpected and great endings ever in TV show.

Warrior season 3

They had to go and stink it up and succumb to the Alphabet mafia. Granted, they already
started that in season 2, but now they went farther. Leave my favourite TV shows alone, you
motherfuckers!!! If you fast forward that crap there was fortunately enough story left to
make this a better than average season. Tensions rose high and shit hit the fan. The season
finale was a shocker in more ways than one and I am curious to see what they are gonna
do in the last season. I also wonder if any of you noticed Shannon Lee have a cameo.
Instead of giving her something good they gave her a lame ass role.
And what’s the worst now I just  found out? Warrior got cancelled after season 3. MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! Yes, Netflix has picked up the 3 seasons and there is hope the streaming numbers might entice Netflix to order a season 4. I won’t keep my hopes up, because the taste of today’s Joe Blow viewer is non-existent.

Contra Las Cuerdas season 1
I am a big pro wrestling fan, so I had to be all over this show. This is such a little fun show about Lucha Libre, which is Mexican wrestling. A woman who is released from jail wants to win back her daughter by becoming a Luchadora, a female wrestler. However, during her jail time her daughter was with the father and another woman, who turns out to be a big female Lucha Libre star. This show was made with a lot of love for Lucha Libre and it shows. Another surprise is that it was agenda free. It wasn’t even that girl power shit (FUCK YOU, SPICE GIRLS!!!!!). If you like pro wrestling and especially Lucha Libre you need to see this. 

Braqueurs season 2

I found out this show is called Ganglands on non-Dutch Netflix services. Fucking
morons.  The suspense was killing me. When was season 2 gonna be released?
It looked like it took an eternity and basically it did. Season 2 was not as good as
season 1 but damn if it wasn’t violent and suspenseful. The ending was a bit open
and Iooked like it was the end of the show. I can live with it, but I would be game
for a season 3. Special mention to Joaquim de Almeida for appearing in season 2
and playing a despicable character which is his trademark. If they ever make
a Metal Gear Solid movie and Hideo Kojima is not directing it, the makers and
directors of Braqueurs are the people for the job. Best tactical action ever in a TV show.
That’s for sure. And did I mention the soundtrack? It was fantastic. I creates a tense
atmosphere. Image and audio merged together perfectly.

Top Boy season 5

England’s superior answer to the Wire, Top Boy boy, had its last season. I didn’t
expect it to end the way it did, but damn, the lead up to the end was great.
Some strange character decisions they made put the season into good category
instead of great category. Nevertheless, Top Boy is one of those hard-hitting, urban
and raw TV shows that you will miss if you blink an eye. This was a great ride overall.

Reservation Dogs season 3

I am so gonna miss this show. This was the last season and it was a bit of a hit
and miss season. Some things were really awesome and even touching and
some were just utter stupid. However, this is one of those shows that has a lot
of heart. The characters were often hilarious and so down to earth. 

Dark Winds season 2

I started this show after a buddy told me that Zach McClarnon, who plays a hilarious
role in the aforementioned Reservation Dogs, had his own show. I was not prepared
for how great season 1 was. Season 2 was a bit less, but still good. This is a show
with a fantastic cinematography and great characters. Can’t wait for season 3.

Ferry The Series

Sometimes in life, when something gets released I am on it as fast as possible. This happens with Scott Adkins movies, an Oliver Marchal movie or TV show. It also happens when there is another Undercover Universe series. That Belgian-Dutch team up is something that they should have done years ago when they produced crap after crap. Ferry The Series is about the rise of Ferry Bouman as the god of XTC-dealers. Just like Ferry The Movie, Ferry The Series is a prequel to the Netflix hit Undercover, that still a lot of people haven’t checked out. And that is a shame. It is so good. Ferry The Series didn’t disappoint at all. It was in the good territory and that is good enough for me. Undercover is the standard, so you’d better give it your best.

Heels season 2

This is a show no one watches. It is about pro wrestling. I am surprised that hardly any pro wrestling fans is watching it. And that is a shame, because Heels is much better than current pro wrestling. I was totally invested in the Heels storylines, while current pro wrestling storylines suck. Pro wrestling has gone down the toilet and I wonder if it ever will get back to greatness. And to make things even worse, Heels got cancelled after season 2.

Het Gouden Uur
I don’t know what’s in the Dutch waters lately. After the great Ferry The Series this year, I didn’t expect to watch any other Dutch production. Apart from the Undercover Universe, current Dutch and most past Dutch stuff is utter crap. One thing is for sure. This 6-part mini-series is the reason, people voted most for a right-wing party in this year’s election. The premise is that the Netherlands are under attack by an Afghan terrorist. This show started out very intense in the first few episodes and built up to something very promising when in the last episode they took a big nosedive. Had they done well in the last episode this would have been one of the best series of this year. A Dutch series. What a bizarro world. Mind-blowing. Even if it was a fear-mongering attempt.


Power Book IV : Force season 2

Joseph Sikora struck gold with the badassness that is Tommy Egan. Easily the breakout star
of the TV show Power, Sikora’s Tommy Egan spin off was what fans waited for. After a mediocre season 1, season 2 put the pedal to the metal. Holy shit. How awesome was it? Tommy Egan is this smart calculating, sometimes even cold, motherfucker who only wants one thing: to make money. The problem is that people he wants to make money with are either volatile, stupid or dangerous and he has to deal with all that.  It is a surprise he has no headaches with all the shit hitting the fan. I hope they continue this series for a long time and if they ever want to make a serious Spiderman movie instead of the dreck we have been fed lately, Sikora would be a great Tombstone.

Ted Lasso season 3

It was a long wait for Ted Lasso season 3, the last season of one of the best TV shows ever.
If this show doesn’t make you laugh you have no soul and no sense of humour.
Granted, it is about football (soccer), so Americans don’t get it. However, it is a popular show in the States and I can understand why. It has very likeable characters, good life lessons, positivity and humor. Americans definitely won’t get half of the funny things in the show if they didn’t follow football,
but there is still enough humor and story that even the biggest layman of football can enjoy.
I was a bit pissed off that they succumbed to the LGBTQ-agenda, but I didn’t expect them
to spin it into a taboo that is actually present in today’s football. The creators of the show did
fantastic research and even managed to make Dutch characters actually speak Dutch instead of German. Jason Sudeikis immortalised himself as Ted Lasso and will never have a better role. Brendan Hunt was fantastic as coach and probably won’t ever have a better role. Brett Goldstein will forever be known as the grumpiest footballer ever and he even said he would love to play that role for the rest of his life. Hannah Waddingham showed that you can have class even if you are not the prettiest around and she and Sudeikis were the heart and soul of the show. Season 3 had fantastic closure and I still hope they will ever make a movie. Football is life and so is Ted Lasso. One of the greatest TV shows ever. They went out with a bang and entered my top 10 TV of shows ever. A masterpiece if I ever saw one.




Normally the French are not so politically oriented in their movies, but this was the exception.
I quit this after about 10 minutes. It was as if I was watching a Hollywood movie. When
French movies start to resemble Hollywood movies I don’t want any piece of them. Fuck this shit.

Fast X

Vin, Vin, Vin. Dafuq you are doing? Fast X introduced the Disney level of shittiness.
Yes, I know Diesel has it in his contract to mention the word family multiples times
during the Fast movies. But this…. this was Disney Brady Bunch shit. Fuck Torretto’s kid. Fuck Brie Larson, I am a big Fast And The Furious fan, but man, did they fuck up this movie. The movie started out great with the bomb chase in Italy, but after that the movie took a serious nose dive.
Jason Momoa is the worst villain Fast And The Furious ever had. It was the lamest
over the top acting ever and yet everyone is singing their praises for his character in the movie.
What the fuck is wrong with those people? Jason Momma’s character killed the movie, just like fucking annoying Torretto’s kid. And to top it all of the ending was a to be continued. They Lord Of The Rings-ed the fucking movie. I am glad I didn’t see it in the cinema, because I would have been seriously pissed off. I hope Diesel gets his shit together and we get a proper send-off for Fast And the Furious. Fast X was definitely not it. It’s the worst movie in the franchise. Fuck this shit.

Leave The World Behind
This movie was hyped to the moon that I got curious. What a fear-mongering piece of shit movie this was. If I had known that war criminal Obama had put money into this I would have side-stepped it like a turd on a sidewalk. Julia Roberts played a Karen and Ethan Hawke played the bitch boy. I don’t know what it is with Hollywood that they emasculate men so much these days, but damn if I wasn’t hoping Ethan Hawke would backhand Julia Roberts. It didn’t help the kids were annoying too. Those 4 acted such unlikeable people, that one would wish a horrible death upon them. The concept of the movie was not bad, but man, if snippets of Friends was not a sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know.


Day Shift

This was a big surprise. I didn’t expect much from it. I am fed up with vampires and shit, but this movie had a nice spin on it. It also helps that Jamie Foxx doesn’t suck and that there is a cameo by Scott Adkins.

John Wick 4

First of all, I want to know why John Wick 4 needed to disrespect The Warriors. Heads should roll for that.

Second of all, the Fast And The Furious movies always get bashed because the action is unrealistic. WTF would you call John Wick 4 then?

John Wick 1 is still my favourite. 2 and 3 were dreck. 4 was a John Wick on steroids. Holy shit, how much action was there? Keanu and co delivered.Donnie Yen played Daredevil and I don’t understand why it was needed for him to be blind. Marko Zaror got the opportunity to get some of his shit in and that is cool. Scott Adkins seemed to have a lot of fun in playing a fat fuck who can also kick some ass. He totally cracked me up with his character. However, there were a few things that annoyed me in John Wick and took me out of it a bit. One was the fight with Scott Adkins. The fight was in a disco and they are beating the shit out of each other. Meanwhile, all the people in the club kept dancing. There is no club in the world where everybody would stay if such a big fight started.Another annoying thing was the Champ’s d’Elysees car-gun-whatever-the-fuck fight. It was creative, but unrealistic AF. And don’t get me started on that Marquis motherfucker. Who the fuck casted that wimp? The dude was totally unconvincing as the bad guy. Instead of having a martial arts legend be the bad guy, they chose such an annoying loser wimp. I couldn’t take that guy seriously for one second. It was very eerie to see Lance Reddick get shot.I also don’t like the fact that Clancy Brown didn’t get his due for what he represented. And why did Lynn Thigpen V2 get a fucking metal ring in her nose? WTF??? My favourite action scene was the Osaka hotel fight. That was some serious shit. I also liked the Hotline Miami homage. That was done fantastically. If you don’t know what Hotline Miami is, it is one of the best action games ever and also the game that will make you throw away your joystick lots of times.

Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning

I don’t like Tom Cruise. At all. Looking at how Alan Ritchson from Blood Drive fame is killing it with Reacher, I wonder why the fuck Cruise ever had to make those Reacher movies. I guess a Napoleon complex is prevalent. I loved the first 2 Mission Impossible movies, but 3 and 4 sucked so much I had no interest in watching the rest. Then there was someone I don’t remember who told me I should definitely give this movie a shot, so I did. And I was pleasantly surprised. I have to commend Cruise on not being a bitch to the Alphabet mafia, so that was a big plus. What surprised me more is that I never watched the clock once while watching the movie. Cruise and co managed to keep me interested. However, the end was not to my liking. Why the fuck does it have to be continued? We are not in a fucking TV show. We are in a fucking movie. Knock that to be continued in movies off (I am looking at you, Fast And Furious)!


This Vietnamese movie is directed by Veronica Ngo. If you don’t know who she is watch Furie.
This was a heavy movie. Heavy in the sense that life is not very easy and that when the going gets tough, you fuck people up, because you need to survive. It is a shame it is hard to find out which Vietnamese movies are good. Vietnamese cinema is a hidden gem. 

Diabolik 2

I waited like a bitch for this to be released and it didn’t disappoint. What was weird is that Diabolik was played by someone else now. The Diabolik movies are an acquired taste and do a good enough of a job of portraying a good Diabolik. I just wish he was more violent and mean, because in the comic he is. I can’t wait for part 3. 2

Philippe Lacheau and his crew did it again. They made another comedy with plenty of laughs. Shit comedy is easy. Good comedy is hard. Philippe Lacheau and crew do good comedy. I hope there will be a lot of movies to come from that crew and I hope he never sells out to Hollywood. 

Rise Of The Foot Soldier : Vengeance

Another installment of the Rise Of The Foot Soldier movie series. Craig Fairbrass is one of those English actors who are just cool. His movies are always entertaining, but I am still waiting for the ultimate Craig Fairbrass movie. This movie is a revenge movie and it was good, but I expected just more violence. There was violence, but I expected it to be more extreme. Craig Fairbrass needs a signature role in which he goes totally apeshit. Had this movie had violence in the style of Avengement this would have been one of the best movies of the year. Now it is just a good movie.


There was nothing best. This was a sucky year for movies. I hope 2024 is a good year. I have high hopes for any Scott Adkins movie, Constantine 2 and maybe there will be a nice surprise movie.


Djokovic "GOAT!"

After the utter disrespect that was shown him a year ago by the Australians but also the world, Djokovic just went on and on and became the greatest tennis player ever this year. Poetic justice. He won in the US under the watchful eye of one of the biggest criminals in human history, Bill Gates. A bigger fuck you he could not have given to Gates, Moderna and all the other scum of the earth. You can ban him from not playing but his legend will be growing. Djokovic is now on par with Muhammad Ali as the greatest role models ever. Bar none.

Kid Rock
I have no interest in alcohol. I don’t drink it and I don’t need it.
Some people say they need it to relax. There is something seriously wrong with you if you can’t relax without alcohol. Yes, I know it gives some people beer muscles but that should not be a reason to drink it. However, Kid Rock cracked me the fuck up with his video on Bud Light. Now, that was making a point. How Americans can accept, that their beloved Budweiser gets anally raped is beyond me. I don’t drink but i do say too:  “Fuck Anheiser-Bush and fuck Bud Light.”
Need I say more?  What I do need to say is :”Kid Rock = legend”.

Denver Nuggets champ Jokic

I haven’t been watching NBA in years. Last stuff I watched was the second run of Jordan
at the Bulls. My faves the Pistons were a shell of their former selves. Them came the Shaq and co era and somehow I didn’t care.There were no Pistons and there were no Bulls. And then I saw the NBA Play Off finals this year. Someone i know hyped up Jokic as being one of the best current players. I never heard of him before so I was curious. I saw this guy lumbering all over the court and thought :”That guy???? For real????” But damn, if that motherfucker was not efficient. After the finals it seemed he had broken a record and he continues to break records. One thing I do have to give him, he is a great playmaker. He reminds me of Magic Johnson with all those freaky passes, but scores way more. And his team is supporting him well. I am curious to see if they reach the play-offs again. We might be in for some great basketball in the coming years.


Achraf Hakimi was just too funny. You probably don’t know him but he is a football player.
He got very rich after Paris Saint Germain signed him. Then his wife divorced him and
wanted 50 percent of his fortune. But what had Hakimi done after the start
of his football career, that hardly anyone knew? He gave most of his money to his mother
and only kept a very small part. Also, his monthly salary went to his mother and he 
hardly kept any money himself.  He also bought his mother houses and put her name on
the contract. So the golddigging bitch got peanuts, because his fortune was very small. FUCKING HILARIOUS AND FUCKING GENIUS. This entertaining story deserved a mention in
Bop’s best of 2023.

CM Punk!!! CM Punk!!!

"Holy shit moment of the year!"

Shit hit the fan in All Elite Wrestling this year. Punk returned after the media scrum fiasco, but was set up by the lesser forces to snap and slap Luke Perry’s son around. You can’t make that shit up. Punk, being fed up working with children, had enough. Following that altercation Tony Khan, AEW’s owner, fired CM Punk and suspended Luke Perry’s son. And guess what happened? WWE snatched Punk up which lead to a thunderous ovation, when CM Punk appeared at the WWE Survivor Series PPV in Chicago. I personally thought he would not return to the WWE, but I guess they offered him so much money he could brush his pride aside. Despited pro wrestling being totally shit these days, Punk might be able to make it interesting again. I, for one, am excited as long as he plays the bad guy.


We lost some very loved and interesting people this year, which is a shame. The entertainment some of them provided will never be duplicated

The daughter of the King and at one time together with the innocent Michael Jackson. That’s right, innocent.

Lanny Poffo

The Macho Man’s brother is no more. He had no problem living under the shadow of his brother, but he became memorable himself. If you ask people to mention memorable wrestlers from the 80s Lanny’s name comes up various times. They don’t know his name, but say that guy with the frisbees and the poems.

Raquel Welch

Quite a woman of the 70s. Not all her movies were great but her screen presence was.
They don’t actresses like that anymore.

Gina Lollobrigida
One of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen. Nuff said. And if your name is Esmeralda chances are your parents were fan of Gina.

Al Brown Valchek

If you ever saw The Wire you will definitely remember that ugly mutt faced creepy,manipulating political player cop Valcheck. Al Brown played a despicable character in The Wire and immortalised himself. Not many actors can claim that.

This one came out of nowhere. He gets killed in John Wick 4 and dies just days before the premiere of John Wick 4. That was very eerie. Most people will probably know him from The Wire, but damn if he didn’t stick out in the John Wick universe. You can’t imagine the Continental without him.

I don’t need to tell you about her. If you need to ask, you don’t deserve the answer.

WTF? Just WTF? This one came out of nowhere. He was such an important character in The Accident Man movies and now, if there ever is an Accident Man 3, Stevenson is not there anymore. 

Iron Sheik

Iran number one. Russia number one. USA. Hak ptuaaaaaah. If you don’t know what this is you are not a wrestling fan. It is one of the most hilarious things ever to be seen and heard. Iron Sheik is the bad guy who made Hulk Hogan famous. Never did I expect his words would ring true today. 

Bushwhacker Butch

One of the bloodiest wrestlers ever, but when he and his tag team
partner came to the WWE, WWE made them to be child friendly characters
called the Bushwhackers. They were lovable, they were crazy and they just put a smile on your face, including mine.

Superstar Billy Graham
Where do I need to start? This guy is such a legendary wrestler that a lot of wrestlers copied him. Not only that, it seems even Japanese game makers were inspired by him and added him as a nameless character in a game. Without Superstar Billy Graham there would not have been a Jesse Ventura or a Hulk Hogan and without Superstar Billy Graham there would not have been a WWF/WWE. He was that important.

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Good musical artist. One of his works even got added as a soundtrack in the legendary game International Karate. 

Oliver Frey Zzap64 covers

If you live in the States you will  probably never have heard of ZZap64. ZZap64 was a cult
magazine focusing on the Commodore 64 games computer. Why was it so cult?
First of all, the Commodore 64 was a gaming computer that had an immense catalogue 
of games. A lot of creative was put into the games, which is why anyone who lived the Commodore
64 will forever have great memories of it. Second of all, the Zzap reviewers were absolutely
funny motherfuckers either praising or lambasting games. Add to that the people could write letters
to them and funnier shit even ensued when readers and reviewers took the piss out of each other.
The Zzap magazines were also not cheap, so I had choices to make. Thankfully, one of my buddies
was a rich brat so he bought them monthly and loaned the to me. Those magazines are legendary.
And now this brings me to Oliver Frey. As far as I know he did all the covers of Zzap64 and they were so amazing. It is a shame a book with his art never got published. To me he is one of the most inspiring and best artists I ever saw and his ZZap64 covers became legendary.

Some covers:

Roger Kean Zzap64 founder

When you have an idea and it turns out so great, you are a legend in my eyes.If this guy didn’t have the idea  Zzap64 would have never come the cult magazine it was.

Archer Maclean  IK+ creator

If you don’t know what IK+ is you suck. IK+, aka as International Karate + was a legendary
fighting game and sequel to the legendary game International Karate. Both made by Archer McLean. The fun thing about IK+ was, is that 3 persons were involved. 2 were human players and 1 was a computer player. The goal was to knock the stuffings out of each other using karate rules. This was so much fun especially when you got to the harder levels and the computer levelled up as a tough motherfucker. Archer Maclean programmed that madness and that is what he left to this world. I am sure he did more good things, but the International Karate games are his magnum opus.

The ultimate Spiderman artist to me. What else can I say?

Terry Funk

Legendary wrestler who even had a few roles in a few Stallone movies.
He had a long-spanning pro wrestling career, but he put ECW on the map and he didn’t need to. I think there is not a wrestling fan who hated Terry Funk the person. Terry Funk, the wrestler, is a different story and that is why he was so great.

Killer Khan

Back when I thought pro wrestling was really WWF villain Killer Khan scared the shit out of me as a kid. He was mean, he was tough and he spat green mist into people’s eyes. Then he disappeared from the WWF never to be heard from again. He played his role as bad guy to the t.

The madman behind Lobo and the funny motherfuckers Justice League is no more. One of my favourite writers ever. And to my shock a year before Alan Grant died, so we will never ever see another Grant/Giffen/Bisley team up, which is a shame.

caption Legendary comic

 2 characters Giffen brought to life with words

Shaft? Need I say more. One of the most charismatic actors ever in Hollywood was none other than Richard Roundtree. The man was cool AF. Other people have written better pieces than I could do. I can only say he was badass and his Shaft trilogy is a great time piece.

I am tired. If you read until here, thank you. it took me, once again, a lot of time to compile this, i.e. writing from January till the beginning of January (no thanks to my internet provider).