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No "Time to Die!" Blade Runner @ 40

Written by Stalkeye As I have often mentioned how the 80's was the rebirth of popular culture whether it was Television, Music or Cinema. The latter especially thanks to its nuanced approach to filmmaking. So, after the Avco Embassy boom from 1980-1981 that contained one independent hit after another: The Exterminator , Scanners, The Howling, and of course, Escape from New York , the momentum from the early Eighties did not show any signs of slowing down. And we're not talking about summer blockbusters from Major studios during that time frame like, Empire Strikes Back, Superman 2, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Road Warrior just to name a few. So, now it's June 1982, where two films simultaneously were released to compete against each other and some Spielberg movie about an alien visitor. Apparently, John Carpenter’s The Thing and Ridley Scott's Blade Runner were no match for this family friendly film during the time of a recession and uncertainty, especially when

Pop Topix' Weekly Wrap Feat. Sky and Ollie!! 😸😾

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of Sky and (especially) Ollie expressed therein, do not represent Poptic Nerve. In Layman's terms, we don't have shit to do with this! Annnnd we're back! The "Wonder Twins" of chaos and disorder is here to give you the lowdown of this week's biggest news in entertainment and of course, we wouldn't do it without a modicum of controversy! Sky: So, Ollie it’s been ages since I last joined you on one of these segments since I awakened from "hibernation". How has things changed since um, 2019? Just asking for a few friends. Ollie: Well, "Steve Rogers" while you were on ice, here's what happened over the course of three years: In 2020, a new virus "straight outta China", had decimated thousands, crippled the economy, and caused global supply shortages, but at least Stalks got to work from home while watching movies and catching up to television series. Ah, America! Sky: Is that so? So, this

And Here’s the Latest trailer for Thor Love and Thunder.

Continuing its comedic aesthetic, the latest Thor movie from the Marvel franchise, has what seems to be, twice as much comedy than its predecessor “Ragnarök” courtesy of Director Takika Waititi, who has returned for one more stab at the franchise. I’m put off by the Guns N Roses song “Sweet Child of Mine” as I was never a fan of the 80’s Rock band, nor do I really care for Natalie Portman despite the entertaining premise based on Marvel’s What If Jane Foster had found the hammer of Thor? And a story arc that had Foster wield the hammer after being diagnosed with Breast cancer.  Since this sequel seems to have a much lighter tone, I doubt they will include the sobering storyline. Roll ‘em! Thor Love and Ragnarok premiers only in theaters, July 7th. This is the final trailer, so you be the judge! The second trailer seems more like a serious Comicbook film, minus the silly dialogue.

OBI-WAN KENOBI: Season 1 Review

Written by: Jan And so arriveth the third Disney+ STAR WARS show, finally bringing back one of the unquestionable fan favorites of the franchise: McGregor’s Kenobi: „Hello there!“ I’m not gonna bother with a synopsis. If you’re interested in OBI-WAN, you know the drill: This is a sequel to the prequels and a prequel to the original trilogy, as well as an inbetweenquel / sidequel to various shows from CLONE WARS to REBELS .  Basically an "Allquel." If you aren’t caught up in SW‘s web of lore by now, you likely never will be (and maybe live a less troubled life for it). If you are though, let’s dive right in. While the THE MANDALORIAN seemed to heal at least a bunch of broken fan souls (small surprise since the show practically knelt down before the disgruntled and fired off a true fan service spectacle, for better or worse), BOBA FETT was so hilariously miswritten that it made THE RISE OF SKYWALKER seem almost mediocre. Damn you, hindsight!  So how does OBI-WAN KENOBI fare

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (Review)

I have seen my share of Sex Drama Comedies that fall within their own category, distancing themselves from conventional films like say, The Graduate because of its nuance approach to the hybrid genre. I find movies like Mother, The Last American Virgin, White Palace, Boogie Nights, Class, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Sessions , so now, we are introduced to Hulu's Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, a Sex Comedy with dramatic scenarios within the mid-section of this film's storyline. Directed by Sophie Hyde and starring Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack as the titular character, this film centers on Nancy Stokes a retired Teacher, who is also a widow who is seeking excitement after a long-winded marriage that was both dull and unsatisfying, Nancy employs a young sex worker called Leo Grande, in hopes of enjoying a night of pleasure. Interesting synopsis, yes?  Well, that depends on the viewer’s tolerance with a film that has it’s share of pacing issues as the story is jammed w