Rock's Revenge!! Selective Outrage Review

So, I watched Chris Rocks anticipated comedy stand up special on Netflix and there was a few funny topics that the Comedian tackled such as the Racist Yoga pants skit, attention whoring especially through Social media, and how the Capitol riots were compared to the Planet of the Apes. Basically, he practically referred to the Alt Right rioters as "Mayonnaise Monkeys. " While I admired how Rock called out "White Victim" or rather "White Fragility", the pandering joke towards Elon Musk as if he's the greatest genius of all time, with unlimited access to women, was filler material. This was one of the first signs of his standup act slowing down. But he picked up when calling out Meaghan Markle's narcissism, but it’s not just some "in-law shit" as Rock was a bit dismissive about the Royal's racism, however he walked it back when saying how the Royal Family is the "Sugarhill Gang of racism." I can say a few things about the Duchess but would not overlook the racist colonialism from the British monarchy. The abortion jokes were a bit fucked up but it's comedy after all. Once again, I found myself looking at my phone during his delivery about how spoiled his kids are...then came the best part! As expected, Rock threw shade at not only Will Smith, but his Dragon lady wife, Jada Smith! It's no wonder why he remained silent for a year, because the glass was shattered after everything was bottled up! Rock's 8-minute tirade about the Smith's is basically what many of us have been thinking all along.

Will Smith is a simp and a bitch!

Yeah, Chris in some ways needed to get checked after praising that degenerate Louis CK while calling him a “real nigga,” and being of fan of Gwen Stefani’s "Don't Speak." However, when Smith selected his outrage on Rock who doesn't look as if he could defend himself in a street fight, is very revealing how much of a coward he really is. Had it been Corey Holcomb who told that same “G.I.Jane” joke at the Oscars, I seriously doubt Smith would have casually walked up on stage and slap the big burley comedian who has a bit of gangsta in him. Rock was smart not to retaliate because in the end, he’s making bank by appearing on stage for this Netflix special that paid him reportedly $30-40 Million!
Now had it been done to me, I would have bonked Will over the head with that Oscar statue, but I digress.

Overall, “Selective Outrage” had some funny parts but, he should have focused a bit more on the easily offended crowd, virtue signalers and pseudo justice warriors instead of going off topic one too many times. You’re better off skipping to the final 12 minutes to get to the best part and I found his comments about "Wokeness" misinterpreted due to Rock's ignorance, or self-loathing. The Robert Kardashian joke about him freeing Simpson, which led to a bigger joke, was well timed and Rock’s closing joke about his momma raising him not to fight in front of White people, was corny af.  So, when is the next Dave Chappelle special coming?

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