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"And then, there came a Day.." Poptic Nerve @ 5!

Five years ago, there was a new Pop Culture site that was born of fire, if not mired in a bit of controversy. Y'see, awhile back since the last days of our jointly operated site, The Supernaughts.  I consistently dropped my articles out there without any hopes of being "discovered,” but instead, my passion for writing reviews, posting videos and chopping it up with those who were either my comrades or some that often-visited SN. As time went on, I became very weary of the backstage drama, backstabbing and sass from so called "colleagues" who behaved like fucking High school girls! And dont get me started on that one Alt-Reich asshole Tarmac who made racial slurs, and in turn making a bigger bitch out of himself. Then again, what did you expect from that kind of gutter trash, but I digress. So, when SN imploded after its founder asked for, and received donations, it was a blessing in disguise. Afterwards, Abe, and Ernest Rister, came up with this idea of culling our


Editor's Note: Although this opinion piece  published  nine years ago at Talkbacker, CTM's exposition, is worthy of reading, especially if you're a fan of the Horror genre. I’M A LIFELONG HORROR FAN BUT, FOR ME, 1988 WAS THE LAST TRULY GREAT YEAR OF THE GENRE!!! PHANTASM 2, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4, HALLOWEEN 4, HELLRAISER 2, SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2, CHILDS PLAY, THE BLOB REMAKE!!! IMHO, 1978-1988 WAS WHEN HORROR PEAKED….. And yes, I’m aware that most of those movies mentioned above were sequels and one remake, but they were all good sequels and a good remake. But after 88 it was all downhill from there. More and more movie theaters were closing (leaving only the corporate theater chains) because of VCR’s not to mention that the fucking M.P.A.A. conspired with the major studios to kill off most of the low budget independents, which specialized in Horror movies, by forcing them to cut more and more while Hollywood was given a free pass to do whatever the fuck they wanted. I rememb

Halloween III Season of The Witch @ 40 (Review/w Spoilers!)

Director John Carpenter's iconic film series spawned a third installment that most had dismissed and dissed during its debut for reasons being, " non canon” due to the omission of the franchises' signature slasher: Michael Myers. Now four decades later, to their chagrin, many were pleasantly surprised to finally come to grips that H 3: SOTW wasn’t nearly as shitty as they made it out to be! Written and Directed by Tommy Wallace, Season of the Witch delivers a unique take on the Halloween mythology by introducing a bizarre yet interesting high concept. The film wastes no time when gaining suspenseful momentum as we witness a middle-aged man Henry, fleeing from a mysterious pair of " Sunglasses at night" pursuers. Fortunately for Henry, he manages to escape the duo thanks to a good Samaritan slash Gas station attendant who drives him to a nearby hospital. But unfortunately for Henry, his luck runs out after a certain visitor prys his fingers through the poor bastar

Horroween: "Vampires, Cenobites, and a Werewolf by Night, oh my!"

It seems that October 7th 2022 will be remembered for having three highly anticipated horror themed programs released and I present, not one, but three reviews to kick off this "most wonderful time of the year!" Werewolf by Night (Disney Plus) This Marvel One-shot special serves as Composer Michael Giacchino 's Directorial debut featuring actor Gael García Bernal as Jack Russell, the titular character who enters a game alongside other monster hunters, where the one who slays the selected prey, is worthy of owning the Bloodstone that has been passed down from previous generations of hunters. After the first 15 minutes, this episode gains its legs, and we know Russell's true motive for joining the hunt. Werewolf by Night was a great surprise thanks to Giacchino's cinematography, soundtrack, amazing color palettes, and its respectful homage paid towards the classic Universal Monsters franchise! That said, the scenes that had me smiling, was the MCU debut of Man-Thin

Giant Robots! Alien Terrorists! Super Ninjas! Gatchaman @ 50!

Back in the Seventies, American animation was confined to either Disney , Filmation or Hanna Barbera who for the most part, were family friendly cartoons that often aired during Saturday mornings. Shows like Superfriends, etc. avoided violent or adult subject matter due to regulations imposed by the FCC. But back in 1972, Japan didn't give a damn about guidelines as Gatchaman stormed the networks instantly appeasing kids and especially older teens as well as adults since Japan viewed animation as a standard medium for television.  Gatchaman or rather, "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman were produced by Tatsunoko Production running in at 105 episodes where the series involves five super skilled bird costumed teenagers who uses a variety of weapons each piloting a special vehicle that combines with an aerodynamic ship called the God Phoenix mothership, which is t hen formed into a fiery spectre. Gatchaman is more of a team name than a single hero like say, Ken Washio aka "Ken th

Pop Topix: Weekly Wrap-Up 9/30/22

It's Ollie again with the "aint so cool news" of the week, and as a segue, is that fat loser Harry Knowles still relevant, even after five years when the Gropergate scandal came to light? Ah, he's done like smoked pork, in the meantime, allow me to tackle recent headlines in pop culture. The Woman King ain't nothin but a F Thang,"F" as in flop!  What happens when hyperbole isn't enough to pimp your film? Well, the answer is Sony's The Woman King, which last week opened at $19 million box office and as of September 27, reached $40 million. Mind you, Gina Bythewood's pseudo docudrama revisionists history bullshit, had a budget of $50 million 🙄  So what the hell does that mean? It means, that "The Man- Queen" flopped as most Black theatergoers have boycotted the fuck out of that movie for its inaccurate historical portrayals of the Agojie all-female warrior unit who were brutal slavers yet portrayed as "Superheroes!" Let thi