"And then, there came a Day.." Poptic Nerve @ 5!

Five years ago, there was a new Pop Culture site that was born of fire, if not mired in a bit of controversy.

Y'see, awhile back since the last days of our jointly operated site, The Supernaughts.  I consistently dropped my articles out there without any hopes of being "discovered,” but instead, my passion for writing reviews, posting videos and chopping it up with those who were either my comrades or some that often-visited SN. As time went on, I became very weary of the backstage drama, backstabbing and sass from so called "colleagues" who behaved like fucking High school girls! And dont get me started on that one Alt-Reich asshole Tarmac who made racial slurs, and in turn making a bigger bitch out of himself. Then again, what did you expect from that kind of gutter trash, but I digress. So, when SN imploded after its founder asked for, and received donations, it was a blessing in disguise. Afterwards, Abe, and Ernest Rister, came up with this idea of culling our separate sites together into one hub.

Prior to that, Abe with the assist from Bop, retrieved most of our archived articles prior to Supernaughts shutting its doors due to "server costs." Yeah, even after the owner received support that would've kept the sight afloat. 🙄
We tried to come up with a name for this hub that would contain our own sub sites into one hotspot, and Stefan Pucher aka "Dee" named it "Pop-Axis." I can't say if he had intentionally named it "Axis" because he's Austrian? 😉 OK, that joke was weak, but I can't help comparing Dee's voice to that of a mad German scientist. I named my site, "Poptic Nerve" prior to "Pop Axis”, as it would be a fun play on words.  And besides, the name is self-explanatory, as in Pop culture commentary, with "nerve." 
Like Destro, tired of the bullshit between former collaborators, I decided to "go it alone!"

The nerve to voice one's convictions without any restraint or concern of offending others especially in a cancel culture environment, without coming off like "edgelords" or whatever the hell you Gen Z's refer to one who holds opinions against the conventional "norm!" However most views and opinions expressed, address social injustices within America and abroad. I'm no SJW clout chaser by any means, just a man of convictions when speaking truth to power! So, after a stupid prank gone awry our friend and whistle-blower who exposed a few troublemakers, Pop Axis folded and that's a wrap.

 All there was left, is PN, who carries the baton passed from Talkbacker nearly 10 years ago.
And after all these years, my opinions haven't changed much, as we are direct and outspoken even if it means ruffling a few feathers whether it’s critiquing the hell out of a movie or addressing sociopolitical topics in today's destabilized climate.  Hell, Bop still has a mad on for Disney, and that will never change. Jan just goes in with well-timed snark. And me, well...you know..
Throughout the five years’ worth of Podcasts, reviews, satirical opinion pieces, and a few roasts, beginning with Gropergate as in the disgusting actions of Aint it Cool News site runner, Harry Knowles, PN tackled other topics and hot button issues, whether in the midst of a major pandemic, racial unrest or sedition that took place at the capital.  I, or shall I say, "we" are able to hold both far- left and especially the alt right accountable for their actions and misdeeds. Can the other sites say the same? 😜 I was also one of the first Pop Culture sites to address bullying within Horror films addressing the disturbing antisocial behavior long before these "trendy" You Tubers. 

Some of my other proudest contributions, must be the Dystopia series, reviewing nihilist films, that foreshadowed the future, and, in my opinion, it has rarely been done before and I'm sure as someone will borrow from this idea, like Watch MOJO who I noticed, had culled a few from me and several other content creators. On a familiar note, there are/were other sites and video channels that either still exist or went the way of extinction throughout the last five years, but no doubt most of them either were inspired by Talkbacker, Supernaughts or yours unruly, it may not be cookie-cutter, but there is familiarity.

 They say that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Fuck the flattery, if they're reaping monetary rewards! 🤬 Unlike Supernaughts, TMWSM, This is Infamous, and F Goblin we are still here! Hell, even Birth Movies Death has folded two years ago after another sex scandal came to light and despite my disdain for some of the individuals who ran the infamous site, I admire their courage of conviction to walk away from Cinestate when said scandal surfaced and they raised money for a noble cause so, yeah. Unfortunately, Aint it Cool News, is still a thing, but whatever. I will say that the best thing to come from BMD, was the forged friendships between Jan, and Gogo who added much to the Podcasts and reviews. They are a great addition to the site.

That said, Poptic Nerve could not have continued to gain momentum without the contributions from those past and present. Thanks, Kim formerly known as “I am Better”, "Ollie", Creepythinman, Gogo, Asi, Jan and especially my brother from another motherfucker, Bop who was there from the beginning.  Also, shoutout to our past Podcast guests and contributors. 🙌 In a perfect world, this site would generate monetary compensation, but in reality, it's a side hobby as with writing or drawing. I'm fortunate to have a decent paying gig and unlike The Mary Sue or other shill sites whose opinions are bought and paid for, we can't be owned! Unfiltered and uncompromising, this is what freedom feels like. Poptic Nerve!

Stalks, out!