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Here Are the Biggest Trailers from this Year's Comic Con

So now that the SDCC of 2022 has officially wrapped up, here are the trailers from various media that has all the geeks excited for! It's funny that a Comic book convention is more about promoting films than shilling out Comics, but I digress. SHAZAM Fury of the Gods Ok, I'm a big fan of Captain, I meant " SHAZAM! " The first movie was an enjoyable 2-hour watch which didn't take itself too seriously as in avoiding the nihilist, edgy tropes from the Snyderverse and to an extent, Marvel's Infinity Saga. SHAZAM is a good balance of humor especially when it comes to being self- referential and of course actor Zac Levi brings the laughs as the Super-Man-Child hero. In this sequel, SHAZAMMY is up against Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Kalypso, who are the daughters of the Greek legend, “A" as in Atlas. Yes, the OG Captain Marvel is back with Freddy and the "Marvel Fam" which I can do without the latter, but the great Wizard SHAZAM himself, is


Written by Creepythinman Dan O'Bannon's The Return of the Living Dead is my number one favorite movie and the one I’ve watched more than any other in my lifetime and that’s because the film is a masterpiece of the zombie genre. I used to watch it a few times a week during my childhood and would have it playing in the background, when not studying or banging beaver where I would devour textbooks and pussy like a putrescent corpse eats BRAINS! But I always wondered why this movie above all others fascinated me ever so? It could be because I love zombies and have watched, read and played almost everything to do with them in every form of media. It pleases me that the living dead have rightfully taken their place as the great cinematic monster of our time when they used to be regarded as a mongrel sub-genre before George A. Romero’s seminal masterpiece Night of the Living Dead (1968) became the defining Horror movie of the last century. As I’ve said many times before, there are onl

This-is-Dystopia!! Robocop (1987)

1987 was an incredible year for high conceptual science fiction that in retrospect, became the apex of sci fi cinema. Ed Neumeier who was working on the set of Blade Runner, conspired the ideal of a robot cop when thinking about the film's signature characters, Replicants. Obviously, this eventually manifested into a whole new franchise, Robocop. This high concept Sci Fi slash Crime Drama, centers around Alex Murphy, a family man and a new street cop working under Omni Consumer Products a Mega corporation who has not only have a contract to privatize the police force but has ambitious plans to develop a new Metropolis (Delta City) in a Crime ridden New Detroit. And like a comicbook origin, Murphy is unaware of what will occur, redefining him as this enforcer of justice. In honor of its 35th anniversary, I broke out my 2nd Blu Ray edition of Robocop and as many films from that great era of pop culture, it still holds up! This movie wastes no time when setting up the premise and paci

Resident Evil: My REaction to Netflix's Horror Series.

Capcom's Resident Evil The game that codified Survival Horror, has enjoyed a Renaissance of late, whether it’s the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 games, or the recent Welcome to Raccoon City movie adaptation, with the latter's lackluster reception, adding further skepticism towards the latest entry based on Resident Evil. Produced by Netflix and Constantin Films, (that raises a red flag right away!)  Resident Evil takes place during two alternate eras, one during a post-apocalyptic environment where humanity is outnumbered by Zombies often referred to as "Zeros " as in Patient Zeros and the other in this utopian gated community called, "New Racoon City." This is where Billie and Jade Wesker, our main protagonists, well, really Jade are adapting their new surroundings as filmed in this "coming-of-age" narrative. Now for those of you who haven't watched the trailer for this series months ago, do not expect the Netflix adaptation to follow the v