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The "Slappening!"

So, the 94th Oscars have come and gone but as of this writing, I have absolutely no idea who won and who lost since I never bothered to have watched it last night because, “Oscars so Wack!” however, there was this big controversy that came about during a monologue involving one of the presenters, comedian Chris Rock who mentioned a passing joke regarding Actor Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett’s shaved head. Rock referred to her as “G.I.Jane 2” (Get it, the role that Demi Moore played back during the 1997 titular film?) Smith laughed at the joke for a minute, then got up and pimp slapped Rock, shocked and stunned Rock made a flippant comment, then Smith responded in belligerent fashion about “keeping his wife outta his mouth,” This was a very ignorant moment and Smith demonstrated like another Hollywood “Tough guy” Sean Penn, who ironically was also offended by one of Rock’s jokes when he was a host at the Academy Awards years ago. Smith known for “harmless roles” albeit Magical Negro, su

Is Halo Paramount Plus' Gamechanger?

So, I woke up around 3:00 AM and unfortunately could not go back to sleep and what made it worse, was I had to be at work in four hours! Out of boredom, I turned on my Nvidia Shield streaming and "gaming" console, and guess what appeared as a featured video? You guessed it, HALO, a series developed by Showtime Networks and produced by Steven Spielberg! Who knew? Based on Microsoft's Xbox flagship games, HALO chronicles the exploits of Mankind's war against the alien invaders, the Covenant with main protagonist Master Chief, who is humanity's "last hope." The pilot episode has a promising start as we see how a peaceful settlement within a fictional planet Madrigal, falls victim to the Covenant via a very bloody massacre; not even children are spared!! These evil bastards would make Vladimir Putin proud! But seriously, this series is supposed to be TV-14, but it feels more like Rated-R when you witness kids getting blown to chunks or some guy getting impal

And Folks, This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

Y'know I didn't plan on doing this opinion piece, but after reading some tweets and replies from a debate me and a few others had with some Blogger *slash* Filmmaker "Gory Cory", I fuck it, I’m going there! A few days ago, Cory had tweeted: " Horror characters that I know are queer, but I can't exactly explain why besides the fact that I am queer person simply know they are." And when looking at Cory's “draft picks”, I noticed Kiefer Sutherland's character David, from The Lost Boys who in her opinion, may be LGBTQ but hey, it's been decades since I last watched the 1987 cult classic. however, since it was directed by the late Joel Schumacher, who knows? There was also a character Nancy Downs who was the main antagonist from The Craft played by Fairuza Balk, perhaps my first exposure to seeing a goth chick. I don’t remember any references of her being a lesbian nor Racheal True’s Rochelle and in her arc, it was about taking revenge against rac

Just some guys named, "Joe!"

“The President or CEO of Hasbro was at a charity event that Marvel's President was also at. They ended up in the men's room, standing next to each other peeing, and I think that's how they met. They were talking about each other's respective businesses, and it came up that Hasbro wanted to reactivate the trademark on G.I. Joe, but they were trying to come up with a new approach. [Marvel's guy] was like "We have the best creative people in the world! Let me bring in this Editor-in-Chief of mine and we'll fix it for you!" -Jim Shooter (Former) Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics. And that’s where it all began! Well, for me, it was approximately around April 20 years ago when I was a preteen watching cartoons on television. New York's WPIX station, to be exact. During the commercial break, just when I was about to grab a snack, this animated spot appeared out of nowhere, with some woman being apprehended by blue-clad terrorists I suppose. While the joint

Jan's Review of The Batman!

Written by Jan H. Holy multitude, Batman! 2022 is a special year for fans of the caped crusader - for it will see a whopping three different Batmen soar across silver screens all over the globe (well, except for Russia‘s). In November’s THE FLASH, the Batfleck will return one last time (probably only to be written out of the Snyderverse continuity for good during the film’s parallel universe shenanigans) and then be replaced by a returning Michael Keaton. The third and most exciting Batman to go punch some thugs this year though, that’s the Pattman. And he’s already here! Like with many Bat casting decisions before, director Matt Reeves‘ choice to cast Robert Pattinson as Batman / Bruce Wayne was a controversial one. You know the drill: Be it Heath Ledger or Ben Affleck, fans cried wolf about these supposed miscastings and then had to eat their words once people actually saw and loved these performances. Just the same with Pattinson who has long been unfairly reduced to his Twilight r

REvisiting Resident Evil 20 Years later!

Director Paul WS Anderson has achieved a modicum of success from previous films Event Horizon and especially Mortal Kombat, the latter being a Videogame adaptation and despite its family-friendly PG-13 rating and lack of gory "fatalities " Mortal Kombat was well-received among critics and even die-hard MK gamers and purists. As far as Videogame adaptations go, it was one of the better efforts.  Now, fast forward seven years after its release, and Anderson is at it again with 2002's Resident Evil based on the extremely popular Capcom video game series that codified the survival horror subgenre. As a fan of the games, I had no idea what I was getting into when watching this film in the theaters aside from the trailers which did not help much. Originally, Horror legend George A. Romero was intended to write and direct the movie that would have been more faithful toward the game series, but unfortunately, Romero’s script was rejected resulting in him being unceremoniously  fi