And Folks, This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

Y'know I didn't plan on doing this opinion piece, but after reading some tweets and replies from a debate me and a few others had with some Blogger *slash* Filmmaker "Gory Cory", I fuck it, I’m going there!

A few days ago, Cory had tweeted:

" Horror characters that I know are queer, but I can't exactly explain why besides the fact that I am queer person simply know they are."

And when looking at Cory's “draft picks”, I noticed Kiefer Sutherland's character David, from The Lost Boys who in her opinion, may be LGBTQ but hey, it's been decades since I last watched the 1987 cult classic. however, since it was directed by the late Joel Schumacher, who knows? There was also a character Nancy Downs who was the main antagonist from The Craft played by Fairuza Balk, perhaps my first exposure to seeing a goth chick. I don’t remember any references of her being a lesbian nor Racheal True’s Rochelle and in her arc, it was about taking revenge against racist bullies, which I am unapologetically all for Rochelle’s cause! We all know that Jesse, from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, was LGBTQ along with a few other undertones as further implied in the documentary “Scream Queens” there’s that.

But wait! When, I noticed Carrie being on the list, I as a Horror fan and anti-clout chaser, had to respond to Cory's erratic tweet/comment:

Her response afterward was more like a Strawman's or in her case "Strawwoman's" argument that was more of a weak excuse than fact. After I brushed off her comment, MS. Gory Cory must have been triggered enough to tweet a response. 😁

Okay, young lady, as far as I and many horror aficionados are concerned, Carrie White, the main protagonist from 1976's Carrie, was a shy introverted teenager who had a  schoolgirl crush on Tommy Ross yet was confused, when he asked her to the prom as she was very insecure and who can blame her, after being bullied and tormented by both her classmates and her religious fanatical Mother (played too convincingly by actress Piper Laurie.) who wouldn't have high self-esteem? Anyway, those of us who read the Stephen King novel or watched the Brian DePalma classic, are more than aware of how that shit turned out!

Now, one can easily compare the titular character to their own experiences of being isolated or bullied because of their race, social awkwardness, gender, or even sexuality, there is one thing you can’t “ship" as the "cool kids" say, that Carrie White was not gay! Nor did she have a crush on Sue Snell.

That would be inspired to imply such a thing as King never implied that Carrie was a lesbian, that's like me as a black man deducing that 2017's Joker was black, because of his hardships when being faced with setbacks from the dominant class. Sure, you can draw parallels from these films, when it refers to alienation because you are black or gay, but the Carrie comparison is too much of nothing save for empty platitudes or clout chasing which is the big thing with those from the Gen Z demographic.

While I vehemently disagree with Ms. Cory's opinions and her responses which was more like a screed, I can't fault her as there is a disconnect with her generation that embraces cancel culture if you should dare form an opinion that is different than their own! I even noticed one of the tweeters being branded as "Homophobic " because she didn't subscribe to Cory's revisionist history bs! This is when you know they, the accusers, have tapped out.

Personally, I think whatever two consenting adults do in the bedroom is their business, I don't care, do you! But when you try to appropriate a character albeit a fictional one as LGBTQ iconography, that is cultural Gatekeeping at best, and blatant hubris at worst. Make what you will Cory, but you're out of your league for being disingenuous as with Leigh Thompson from the now-defunct, Birth, Movies, Death who made bizarre allegorical comments in his review of John Carpenter’s The Thing.  Aside from the Blood test scene which can be compared to the HIV tests back during the AIDS crisis, this was a laughable spit take that was far reaching.

And then Leigh went on to make weird comparisons to the horror cult film The Witch where I had to add my 5 cents:

Now as for Cory's side reply:

“But Carrie had a crush on a boy” is not the argument you think it is. Almost every queer woman ever has too. Comphet. Also, she could be bi/pan. Please educate yourself on queer issues." 
"Comphet?" “Pansexual?” stop with the hipster lexicons kid, you're way over your head! 😆

Tell you what, I'll  "educate" myself on queer issues, as soon as you  educate yourself on the plight of Black Americans' need for reparations or  Hollywood's sneaky implementation of Black characters in television and films to promote the Gay agenda, "m'kay?"

That said, Cory muted counterarguments and then shamelessly plugged her blog page. Perhaps, she is hoping to land a gig at The Mary Sue where she would be a perfect fit when it comes to sexual identity politics. With misinterpretations of movies among other mediums of popular culture, and worse, bullying those who disagree with their views, this ladies and gentlemen, is one of the sole reasons why we can't have nice things!