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Let's talk about Resident Evil Village, shall we?

It's been well over a month since the sequel to Resident Evil Biohazard arrived and now that I have finally finished the game, I'm going to drop a few highlights, spoilers, the pros and cons from Resident Evil Village. The game's summary is obviously a continuation of the events from RE7's tragic Dunlay incident in Louisiana, where we are introduced to the main protagonist, Ethan Winters your basic Everyman archetype who manages to single-handedly defeats the mold infected Baker family. Fast forward three years and here we see Ethan, his wife Mia and their baby daughter Rosemary, Rose for short, enjoy a quiet evening until RE Stalwart Chris Redfield(??) shoots Mia like around 7 or 8 times, (I lost count.) then takes Rose and an unconscious Ethan, who wakes up from his nightmare only to find a real one where once again, he's faced against insurmountable odds in order to rescue his daughter from being sacrificed by the mysterious Mother Miranda and the four Lords! If

Dangerous Daddies!

It's Father's Day and what better way to conjure up a list of a few favorite dangerous dads in popular culture? Let's get to it! Donald Harris (28 Weeks Later) Don is more of an asshole than a complicated Father. During the 28 Weeks Later prologue, he is seen abandoning his wife, Alice and a boy when overcome by ravenous Zombies who were infected by the rage virus. After finding refuge in the containment zone, Isle of Dogs, Don learns that Alice has been located by their Kids, Tammy and Andy. Feeling survivor's remorse, Don kisses his asymptomatic wife, gets infected himself, and SPOILER ALERT causes chaos within the sanctuary city killing thousands, including Alice. Don in full on rage infected mode is fast, ravenous, and capable of killing whether its lacerations from bites or merely bludgeoning someone with his bare hands. And yes, he infected nearly everyone within the Isle of Dogs! All from a kiss of death-literally! William Birkin (Resident Evil 2) Ah, the vile sc

A Band called Death.(2013) Review: The Band of Brothers!

"They were Punk, before Punk was Punk" -The New York Times Aside of Juneteenth, a now certified Holiday celebrating Black freedom from Slavery, June is also known for Black Music Month. And in honor of the many contributions in music or pop culture, from Black American artists, here is my review of this emotional driven Rockumentary featuring, the unsung heroes of my favorite rock genre-Punk. A Band called Death ! Detroit is often known for quite a few pioneering trends. The automobile industry, Comic Artists/Writers like Jim Starlin and Rich Buckler and the Motown sound that ushered in an incredible wave of talented Black recording artists. This retrospective begins with a celebrity filled foreword from the likes of Alice Cooper, Quest Love, Henry Rollins, Elijah Wood and um, Kid Rock giving testament of the band's legacy-the progenitors of Punk! Y'see, way back during the early Seventies, three brothers from the Hackney family, Dannis, Bobby from Detroit lead by Dav

Cruella is all bark, but very little bite!

Disney Plus to its credit, is a viable streaming service thanks to their intellectual properties be it Marvel, Star Wars and of course, the Disney brand with the latter having their animated catalog getting made into live action films as witnessed from 2020’s Mulan and now Cruella, although the titular character was a supporting character in  the classic 101 Dalmatians, the genius at Disney thought it upon themselves to develop a film based on the infamous antagonist and her not so humble beginnings, and this could be attributed to DC Comics’ Joker (2019) which was both polarizing and praised. After Wolverine, Solo, Maleficent and Joker, it seems like we'll be flooded with more origin stories as both Cruella and the upcoming Snake Eyes movie is of any indication of a potential ongoing cinema trend. However, in the case of Disney Plus’ Cruella, this formula is not a good mix. Estella Miller seeks vengeance upon the Baroness, no not the Baroness from the iconic G.I. Joe franchise, bu

Bopcast: The Pilot Pod!

Originally published on the now defunct Supernaughts five years ago, this pilot episode is now unearthed courtesy of discovering a few files during data clean up. In friend and fellow contributor Bop’s first podcast featuring the “Eye guy” himself, the topics that range from What got the hosts into videogames and comics to AVCO Films, Blaxploitation, and “Damn you Michael Bay!” Bonus segment: Defending G.I. Joe Retaliation and what got the infamous cohost hooked on the G.I. Joe franchise as a kid.