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Poptic Nerve's Best and of course, Worst of 2020!

Ah, it's that time once again where Poptic Nerve is making its list and checking it twice, finding things in pop culture, be it naughty or nice. 2020 has been perhaps the worst year on record since 2016 and 2001 before that. However, thanks to escapism from Movies to Videogames, we have those outlets giving us a much needed breather from all the madness that has occurred throughout this tumultuous year. You can also check out Bop's Best and Worst of 2020! Here are the Best and absolutely Worst of 2020! Best Movie: Soul Out of all the films released not so much in theaters, the pickings have been slim when it comes to quality. However, out of all the movies that deserved my top choice of 2020, was Disney Pixar's Soul, an amazing animation film starring Jamie Foxx and former SNL alumni Tina Fey. In Soul appropriately named, Joe is a school band teacher and Jazz pianist who feels that he hasn't accomplished anything in life until he gets a chance to play in a Jazz quartet

WW84 Review (Minor Spoilers!)

There's usually a big expectation for a  sequel to surpass its first film, especially when it's a critical and commercial success. And fir the most part, the expectations pay off. For every Star Wars , there's an Empire Strikes Back. Captain America The First Avenger ? Winter Soldier ! As for Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84 for short.) Unfortunately,  it falls within the category of Superman 3, Amazing Spider-Man 2 or Rise of Skywalker to be exact. When the first Wonder Woman film made its debut three years ago, I was a bit skeptical of Gal Gadot's casting as the titular Superheroine. My opinions soon changed after the movie that served as a great bookend to the Man of Steel Trilogy.  Not counting Justice League as if was sort of a misfire. The first film set during WW 1 had clever fish out of water, trappings with Diana Prince adapting to the ways of global civilization and  of course, fighting alongside American allies against ze Germans. The ending had my wife and I cheer

Bop's Best of 2020!

So 2020 is almost over. As if 2019 didn’t show that the age of Idiocracy started, 2020 is definitely the year in which fascism returned. As of 2020 our governments became fascist and there is no end in sight of what will happen further. This was also a mediocre year, because various TV shows didn’t even return this year due to “Covid-19”, like Cobra Kai, Mayans MC and Mr Inbetween . Movies releases were postponed too because Hollywood sure likes to grab that money as much as possible. Ok, enough ranting. It’s time to get this show on the road. WORST TV SHOWS The Boys season 2 Anthony Starr became immortal as sheriff Lucas Hood in Banshee, one of the best TV shows ever. Then they snapped Starr up for The Boys in which he is stealing the show. I was looking forward to seeing The Boys season 2. Every episode got worse and bored me to death so I quit mid-season. I really didn’t need to see some male shape shifter turning into a woman for Homelander. FUCK THAT SHIT.  Even Jensen Ackles of

These were my Favorite Things: G.I.Joe

It's Christmas time and it's also time to unwrap another segment of the toys that made me !  Here again, are one of my favorite things! What was inspired of all things, Barbie, became the very first action figure aimed towards the  younger male demographic. Not only did G I.Joe went on to influence the toy market, it also became a franchise of its own! To tell the story and humble origins of this awesome toyline, would be a "TLDR" kind of thing. So, for those curious there's that Toys that Made Us documentary available on Netflix. Now, as for my own experience,  I was a kid who received the latter line of the 12' figures, dubbed the Adventure Team during Christmas 1976. The ones in particular  were Atomic Man who clearly was a ripoff of the Six Million Dollar Man figure. The only difference was, the Atomic Man had a much cooler aesthetic.  His leg and arm had a clear plastic see-through design with machine like parts inserted, and his arm came with a helicopt