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Pop Topix's News bits: Fast & Furious "in Spaaaaaacccce"!!

How far can a popular film franchise go? In space, aw, hell no! I cannot say whether the producers are creatively bankrupt or just reaching for the stars!! (Literally) While appearing as a guest on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Rapper turned actor, Ludacris alluded that a portion of the highly anticipated F9 will take place in space. There was this long-standing rumor about the franchise going to space, as with Rambo fighting aliens. Previously, series screenwriter Chris Morgan was asked about a space adventure as possibility. His response was, "I will say — what’s the best way to answer this? — you’ll have to wait and see. Listen, as long as the stakes were set up correctly, then I’m down for whatever."  Universal's F9 was originally scheduled for release on May 22, but unfortunately for its fans, like my bro, Bop. the Universal produced film is pushed until April 2, 2021, due to the you guessed it, the coronavirus pandemic! Source: THR's Heat Vision

Pop Topix's Weekly Wrap Up!

Welcome to another long not so awaited segment of Pop Topix's Weekly Wrap, where the more interesting topics of the week get coverage here. "Bat in Blaaaacckk" So, by now, many of you heard the news.  Ruby Rose is out and the beautiful Javicia Leslie is in, as the new Batwoman! In the 2nd season, of the polarizing CW series. Leslie who is Black and self-described Bisexual, will play a totally new character, Ryan Wilder, with her alter ego Batwoman. What I cannot comprehend is, why did Showrunner Greg Berlanti choose to cast a new character who also happens to be of same sex orientation, instead of recasting for the part of Kate Kane. If you want a Black Woman as the new Batwoman, why not make her heterosexual? It’s this type of Tokenized virtue signaling that is insulting toward many Black people. So far, CW has three Gay Black Superheroes and now a fourth? "Holy Emasculation Proclamation ", Batwoman! CW has more than enough well deserved prominent g

Rank & File: The Films of Walter Hill

The Boyz are Back! Stalks, Bop and Jan mention their favorite films associated with Director Walter Hill while shoehorning other topics like Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster Documentary, Gurl Power and Toxic masculinity. Plus, Bop goes missing during the recording!

The Warriors (1979) Retrocast Review

Over a year past it’s 40th anniversary, Stalks and his fellow “Brocasters”; Bop and Jan chop it up about Walter Hill’s seminal cult classic, The Warriors and why it should never be remade as with other cherished films.Plus, it would not be an Overground Popcast without the usual social commentary banter between Stalks and Jan.😈  So, let’s take a trip back in time, when Movies were made from the heart and soul, not CGI.

The Capcast

It’s the Fourth of July! And what better way to celebrate this holiday, than to rank our favorite Captain America films? It’s time for the Star-Spangled Man with the plan,  get his shoutout courtesy of Hosts; Stalks, Bop and Jan! Some responses may shock and surprise you! You have been warned! (:’

Ollie's Mad,Mad June!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect Poptic Nerve. If you are one of the few or the many who are easily offended, then.. FUCK YOOOOUU! Okay, its Ollie the Black Irish in the pub standing on my soapbox to give a little retrospective now that this month is finally done and over with. Let's kick back and reminisce about the good, bad and bizarre of June 2020! It's the moth where all hell breaks loose, resulting in a positive outcome. At least for now. Here's what's been on my mind: The Cult of Appropriation June is known for a few highlights such as Black Music Month, where contributions of Music made by African Americans are acknowledged and have proven to be an asset in American Pop Culture and abroad. So valued, that plenty of untalented White Performing "Artists" like cornball Pat Boone to overrated Elvis Presley performed Little Richard's "Tutti Fruiti" and reaping