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Okay, its Ollie the Black Irish in the pub standing on my soapbox to give a little retrospective now that this month is finally done and over with.
Let's kick back and reminisce about the good, bad and bizarre of June 2020! It's the moth where all hell breaks loose, resulting in a positive outcome. At least for now. Here's what's been on my mind:

The Cult of Appropriation

June is known for a few highlights such as Black Music Month, where contributions of Music made by African Americans are acknowledged and have proven to be an asset in American Pop Culture and abroad.

So valued, that plenty of untalented White Performing "Artists" like cornball Pat Boone to overrated Elvis Presley performed Little Richard's "Tutti Fruiti" and reaping rewards thanks to the real King of Rock and Roll....well technically, Little Richard was the "Queen" of Rock. Sadly, Richard passed away May 9th, but he'll live on as the influential musical genius who really was the Architect of Rock and Roll. He was flamboyant but not a clown like that damn Billy Porter!
The King and Queen of Rock and Roll!

Richard kicked the door open for many recording artists, who built their careers off Black music and for every exceptional brilliance found in Yacht Rock, that was Hall and Oates, Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan and Chicago, there is uninspired tripe such as, Adele, Adrianne Grande, Pink, Demi Lavado, Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke etc. Amy Winehouse fooled the hell out of me, as I originally pegged her as “Blek,” until I saw her face, now that’s a deceiver! LOL
Prison Bitch

Even more disgusting is how rappers like "Marky Mark" Wahlberg, used Rap music to finagle his way into stardom when several years ago, he used to throw rocks at Black children on their way to school and not to mention, blind a Vietnamese man. Wahlberg is the worst example of cultural Appropriation and after the tragic murder of George Floyd, there was huge pushback against Marky Mark and that other racist shit, Justin Bieber. Bieber was discovered by Usher, a Black entertainer and this is how Justin returns the favor by singing "One Less Nigger"?

Usher should've kniwn better not to be as quick as to grab Bieber. Perhaps all the STDs he got from clapping the cheeks of "dem hoes” infected his brain at the time. Also annoying is Kelky Clarkson, well at least her attempts of singing like a black woman. 

Cultural appropriation is more of a copout nowadays. It goes against creativity and condones laziness via adapting the works and styles of others instead of their own. Unfortunately, it works for many seeking recognition and a quick cash grab! Who stole the Soul? It’s this generation of no talented bloodsuckers, that’s who! You guys can keep Lil Nas and Darius Rucker.

Taking Pride in Swapping?

Now, June is also known as Pride month meaning the LGBTQ+ Community where Same sex guys and gals are celebrating their sexual orientation and gender swaps without backlash or repercussions.


Why is DC having all these Black dudes portrayed as Gay? Yeah, I thought Mr. Terrific was a cool character in Justice League Unlimited because he was DC's answer to Marvel's Reed Richards and he goes against stereotypes.  Y'know, being black and all. Fast forward to CW's Arrow and not only is Mr. T. portrayed as a homosexual, but he often gets his ass handed to him! (No pun intended.) If he was originally portrayed as gay then, cool but the tokenization of characters like Monsieur Terrific annd a few others, seems forced. Try making original gay characters instead. Like "Aqualad" for example?!?

In the "I can’t even..."category: Billy Porter is so wrong for Black Activism!

The Man who put nearly ruined Batman! RIP Joel

And while staying on topic with  LBGTQRSTUV  prolific and at times, controversial Director Joel Schumacher has died at the age of 80. Schumacher is mostly known for directing iconic 80's films featuring Brat Pack casts, like St. Elmo's Fire, Flatliners and Lost Boys to name a few. But I would be remised if I failed to mention his infamous Batman films. While Batman Forever was not as bad as many would say, it's Batman and Robin that really caused the most controversy of his career. I guess the final straw was the intentional Homosexual butt shots of Dick and Bruce. Heeeeeee!

Since then, Schumacher who was openly gay, regretted making those films in the first place.  Godspeed Joel and ...may your coffin include those bat nipples.

"A change gonna come" after them!

June also signifies "Juneteenth"  aka Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation where African Decendents of Slavery, celebrate their freedom based on June 19th. Slaves were told by a Confederate Soldier that they were free, two years after the legislature Emancipation Proclamation has passed??? Two fooking years?!!? Anyhoo, the timing is on point, with the murder of George Floyd and a few other racial injustices, protesters en masse have hit the streets and making it known that they are tired of Police brutality and of course, systemic racism. The police are vilified as Supervillains, there are cries to defund their departments and some politicians have taken a knee as a sign if solidarity...or just to win over the black vote. Personally, I'm stumped at how Black Lives Matter morphed into "Black Trans Live Matter"?!?

Sky: Ollie, there is a bit of significance between Black Transsexuals and BLM, since Marsha P. Johnson, a Black Transsexual who was the catalyst behind Stonewall and Pride Month. So, there's that. BTW the Founder of BLM is part of the LGBTQ community.

Ollie: C'mon Sky, there were no Transsexuals picking cotton or being killed and maimed during the Jim Crow era! Yes, Black Transexuals have been killed because of their orientation which is unfortunate, but pales to the suffering of the overall blacks. Don't hijack the BLM movement by sneaking your own agendas. So hold your own nuts!

Um, no pun intended.

While most of the protests were civil, there were a few incidents but hey, in order to make that omelet, you gotta break a few eggs! 😸 Like taking down statues and other monuments that reflected the era of chattel slavery and White Supremacy. But nooooo, we're not done yet!

The "Culture Warriors" have taken preemptive measures to combat racial insensitive content! HBO MAX has pulled Gone With the Wind from their lineup, Dixie Chicks and Lady Antebellum are changing their names also the Confederate flags at NASCAR have been removed.
Thinking of having breakfast? Fuggitabout it! Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Ms. Butterworth will be replaced with something more in step with the times. Took 'em this long?

Dem southern white folk are pissed and that's the least of their troubles!


The Coronavirus pandemic has spiked across all southern states, thanks to irresponsible and incompetent state officials and dumb ass Millennials there, were and still are  partying in droves while spreading the virus that "Came from China.."!

Perhaps the good ol south, has to deal with it, due to  their hubris and ignorance! 
In the meantime, it's July 4th, so i'll just kick back and watch the ‘fireworks”  that will ensue down south while popping that popcorn! 🍿 Cheers!

Coming Soon from the makers of Sky & Ollie: The Movie..!


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