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Welcome to another long not so awaited segment of Pop Topix's Weekly Wrap, where the more interesting topics of the week get coverage here.

"Bat in Blaaaacckk"

So, by now, many of you heard the news.  Ruby Rose is out and the beautiful Javicia Leslie is in, as the new Batwoman! In the 2nd season, of the polarizing CW series. Leslie who is Black and self-described Bisexual, will play a totally new character, Ryan Wilder, with her alter ego Batwoman.

What I cannot comprehend is, why did Showrunner Greg Berlanti choose to cast a new character who also happens to be of same sex orientation, instead of recasting for the part of Kate Kane. If you want a Black Woman as the new Batwoman, why not make her heterosexual?

It’s this type of Tokenized virtue signaling that is insulting toward many Black people. So far, CW has three Gay Black Superheroes and now a fourth? "Holy Emasculation Proclamation " Batman...er, Batwoman!

CW has more than enough well deserved prominent gay characters like Sara Lance, Constantine,  The Ray, Thunder and of course Batwoman,  who I thought was the standout in the animated film, Bad Blood but c'mon Greg, Black people are 12 percent of the population yet, according to your shows, they are seen as 60 percent LGBTQ?!? Political correctness be damned, stop making Blacks the face of the LBGTQ Superhero media!! *AHEM*

Well, if there is one takeaway, Jevicia is much prettier than Ruby Rose and I’m sure a much better actress.

The Boys are back in town!

Its official, the 2nd Season of Amazon Prime's ensemble Superhero series, The Boys will return sometime in September! In the meantime, here is the trailer!

Umbrella Academy is also coming soon!

And not to be outdone by The Boys, Umbrella Academy brings it, with their 2nd Season trailer. 
The series will return on July 31st.

Chris Hemsworth gets pumped for his new role. (And its not what you think!)

After Marvel's Thor, it seems that actor Chris Hemsworth will play another Superhero...Hulk, as in "The Incredible Hulk Hogan"?!? Yes, Hemsworth will star in the biopic of the now infamous and maligned Wrestler. I wonder if this will be sanitized for his fans and/or Terry Hogan's image.  Will there be a scene of him screwing his friend's Wife? And how about that time he often referred to blacks as "Niggers"? Yeah, the same "Niggers" that were fans of his and put money in his pocket.

Either way, I won’t be watching this. Besides, I don’t care for Wrestling especially when I think it's fake.

And that's a wrap!  Like Batwoman, wear a mask and keep yo hands clean!!

Have a great weekend!


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