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"Bird Go"! Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Gatchaman 94!

Whenever someone mentions, "Tatsunoko", the first thing that comes to the minds of many, Speed Racer, Robotech and Battle of the Planets, yes and no! Although all three shared a huge amount of success and pop culture status within the states, they were simply bastardized adaptations which for the most part, sacrificed adult content, profane language, death and of course violence in order to adhere to the standards and practices of American television. Note: Despite having certain content removed, Robotech was a far less example of heavy edits since most of the violence was left intact. Founded in 1962, Tatsunoko Productions is responsible for groundbreaking animation and bending genres to accommodate both children and adults. They were the staple of Japanese animation because of early trendsetting series like Mach Go Go, Macross and of course, Gatchaman. Released in 1972, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is about five Superhero Ninja teenagers, recr

Throwback: Machete (2010) The Mexican Rambo?

So, I'm sure that many of you have flocked over to see the final installment of the Rambo series appropriately titled "Last Blood", you know the sequel that no one really asked for, but got it anyway?!? In "Last Blood",  we see John Rambo, former vet, former Super Soldier lead a solitary life on his father's ranch, until trouble comes his way,  a drug and human trafficking Cartel  endangers the lives of so many, and guess what, it’s those "damn Mexicans" at it again!! First things first, yes drug and prostitution rackets are bad, regardless if the operation is backed by Mexicans or any other race.However, I don't know if Last Blood intentionally used the Mexicans as bad guys had you'll love to hate, but man is this bad timing...or maybe not for Stallone and Lionsgate, since hot topics sell tickets. So with that out of the way, I’m going to direct my attention on a movie which debuted almost ten years ago, where

This- is-Dystopia!! The Terminator (1984)

"The 1980's, the worst fucking Decade in Human history! Preppies and hair clubs, Keyboards, Jazzercise and "Just say no" all fucking sucked"! -Nikki Sixx Now there's a contradictory quote if I ever heard especially when the former bassist of Motley Crue was living it up during that decade. Booze, Babes and wild parties while being adored by the pubic I meant public, says different! Say what you will about the neon colored Eighties, but if there's one thing that is certainly true, is when it came to nuanced pop culture and high concepts, this was the decade that owned it! Whether its Miami Vice, Transformers, Rambo, Hellraiser, Public Enemy, Corrosion  of Conformity, Nightmare on Elm street or Robotech, Predator and Robocop , there is so much to love about that decade. Well, aside from those annoying, overrated Hair Metal bands.. Why else would there be an abundance of sequels reboots and retco

Contra Hard Corps turns 25! (1994)

The Sega Genesis despite its huge popularity, was considered an underpowered console when compared with the likes of Super Nintendo, which not only had innovative graphical features at the time, but a great array of first and especially, third party support. Konami, was among the big guns of development and game publishing, with Capcom who has supported the Genesis or "Genny" (as I refer to the console.) since its launch courtesy of arcade ports like Strider, Mercs and now Street Fighter 2 ! The Genesis was not really a match when it came to graphical superiority,  but after two years since their rival, the SNES had  gained a sizable following from the gaming public, began new methods from savvy game developers, who would make the best use of hardware that seemed "dated". Games like Ranger-X, Shinobi 3 and especially Treasure's hit, Gunstar Heroes , proved that Sega didn't need to come out with a whole new console when programmers v