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The Bop Drop: Bop reviews Black Panther!

Remember the time when Marvel movies were cool and Disney didn’t get their greasy hands on the Marvel properties? Remember when the first Blade hit the cinemas and how badass it was? And remember that if it wasn’t for Blade Hollywood would never have started the shameless superhero cash-in? Remember this badass mofo? Marvel has a few cool black characters and Black Panther is one of them. But, Disney got its hands on them so that didn’t bode well. I have to say, that I wasn’t able to read the complete Christopher Priest Black Panther run and Marvel asks way too much money for the whole run which I refuse to give them. Why? Because, fuck you Marvel, that’s why! You let readers of all ages and generations down by selling your ass to the evilest company in the world-Disney! Not to mention, the shit you pulled during the 90s with your variant covers, severe X-people crap and other very uninspired comics you produced. Yes, there were a few good things like th

The Bop Drop: Bop reviews Avengers: “Inshitity War”

DISCLAIMER: This review contains spoilers. You have been warned. Read at your own risk. Let me get one thing straight. I hate Disney because they Disneyfied the Marvel properties. I also hate Disney because they pussified countless generations and I hate them for being so sweet I need to go see a dentist. Needless to say I also hate them because they manipulate children to become whiney brats that make their parents broke with Disney’s overpriced DVDs , Blurays and whatever other garbage they produce. I rest my case. Of all the Disney Marvel movies I only didn’t see Black Panther yet and I hope they don’t Lion King it. As for the rest, only Captain America Civil War, the first Guardians, Ant-Man and the first Avengers amused me mildly. Civil War because I saw a great battle on an airport. The first Guardians because it didn’t get too cute, but don’t get me started on the dance-off which is a sign of the apocalypse coming.   The first Avengers because w

Avengers: Infinity War Non-Spoiler review (For the few who have yet to see it!)

So, it seems after 19 films and officially 10 years, Marvel Studios has reached their milestone via the10th Anniversary of their very own production company, now owned by "the House of Mouse" as in Disney. And in celebration of their ongoing cinema status, their parent company Disney releases the hotly anticipated Avengers Infinity War. (Loosely based on Jim Starlin's comic arc, well over a decade ago.) Where the Infinity stones serve as the film's maguffin and after the incredible box office reaction from their previous film-Black Panther, Disney felt confident to release Infinity War ahead of it's proposed schedule.So now that I have seen it over the opening weekend, here's my non-spoiler review.  The film starts where the ending of Thor Ragnarok left off as Thor and the refugees fleeing what's left of Asgard,run into serious trouble thanks to some purple headed menace. (No, I'm not referring to Galactus-the ink has yet to be signed

Chopping Block: Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Note: This article was originally published on a now defunct Pop Culture Website during 2015, with very minor revisions. The Chopping Block: Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes The Chopping Block is a series based on TV Shows whose lifespans were cut way too short “And there shall come a day like no other and on that day”, Earths Mightiest Heroes' had premiered on Disney XD’s Cable Network with critical acclaim from both comic and animation enthusiasts alike. In honor of the upcoming and hotly anticipated sequel Avengers Age of Ultron, I would like to dedicate this segment of Chopping Block to one of the best Superhero animated series which lifespan was cut way too short. The Avengers EMH series chronicled tales of the legendary Marvel Superhero Team with a few stories and situations that have been reimagined from long running Marvel Comic. The impressive roster consist of Captain America, Ironman, Thor, The Hulk, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Hawkeye,