Avengers: Infinity War Non-Spoiler review (For the few who have yet to see it!)

So, it seems after 19 films and officially 10 years, Marvel Studios has reached their milestone via the10th Anniversary of their very own production company, now owned by "the House of Mouse" as in Disney.

And in celebration of their ongoing cinema status, their parent company Disney releases the hotly anticipated Avengers Infinity War. (Loosely based on Jim Starlin's comic arc, well over a decade ago.) Where the Infinity stones serve as the film's maguffin and after the incredible box office reaction from their previous film-Black Panther, Disney felt confident to release Infinity War ahead of it's proposed schedule.So now that I have seen it over the opening weekend, here's my non-spoiler review. 

The film starts where the ending of Thor Ragnarok left off as Thor and the refugees fleeing what's left of Asgard,run into serious trouble thanks to some purple headed menace. (No, I'm not referring to Galactus-the ink has yet to be signed on the Disney/Fox merger and Fantastic Four properties are a long way off anyways!)

It's an out of the frying pan, into the fire scenario when the big baddie in question, is Thanos and he's not here to make friends ever since he began his quest for the infinity stones, (See post credits of Avengers Age of Ultron!) he doesn’t compromise, feels no pity or remorse  especially when you see who gets his and her asses handed to them!

After a few years back when all we have seen of Thanos being a shotcaller while sitting on his throne, but finally, we  know what he's capable of in the battlefield!

The fight scenes lean more toward a grounded approach. If your expecting grand scale battles that rival Man of Steel, you might be disappointed, however the Russo Bros, practically utilized the same approach as they have previously done with Captain America Civil War as in tense combat without the need for "crumbling skyscrapers” or massive explosions.  

The introductions of the major power players blend exceptionally well throughout the story as opposed to being shoehorned in like Venom from Spider-Man 3 or Superman during Justice League. 

Gotta love the interactions between crossover characters (Ironman, Dr. Strange and the Guardians of the galaxy to name a few.) from the franchises and despite having an overall dark tone, there were plenty of well implemented comedic moments to balance the nihilist narrative.  Downey Jr is still on top of his game as the snarky Tony Stark, Hemsworth, despite his character, Thor Odinson suffering countless losses, channels enough quirky lines in this dark film and as if that wasn’t enough, Mark Ruffalo is another standout but its Bruce Banner who actually shines as opposed to his green skinned alter ego . (Warning: For any of you Hulk fans out there, this may not be the movie you've been waiting for!)

Aside from a few minor gripes like slow pacing at times, certain characters reduced to cameos and the ending which I dare not speak of, Avengers Infinity War delivers in both action and story content and for those of you with faint of heart, are cautioned to bring a box of Kleenex  because major players will not make it by the end of the film. One scene in particular, was heartbreaking to the point of humanizing  Thanos. But I divulge about this any further. You'll have to find out for yourselves.


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