Beverly Hills Cop Axel "F" for Flop?

Reviewed by Bop!

The idea of a new Beverly Hills Cop movie excited me. After the abysmal part 3, I expected Murphy might want to have a redemption Beverly Hills Cop.

The movie started well looking like a total 80s movie, but that ended fast. Axel Foley going around using the N-word disappointed me. I don’t remember him ever using the N-word in his other Beverly Hills Cops. Axel Foley is a gangster rapper all of a sudden? WTF? Of course, as usual in Hollywood tradition, the main character has to fuck up some black people, so that is what kinda happens.

However, the Axel Foley vibe is there, so at least that is good.

Axel Foley 80s style.

It gets annoying when it turns out that Foley has a daughter. Why the fuck is it always that if successful movies get a sequel years and years later the main characters have children? Leave the children in fucking Disney movies instead of beloved franchises. That is their place. What is that emo parenthood bullshit that plagues movies? That emo bullshit definitely annoys the fuck out of me in the movies. 

Fuck this emo bullshit!!

It also annoyed me that Axel Foley can’t do things he did in the 80s because times changed. Fuck that shit and fuck everyone that says get with the times. Everyone saying that proves he/she is an utter moron and swallows every shit that gets pooped in his mouth by the media and other scumbags.

The fact that Foley needs help from his daughter, otherwise he can’t talk someone into doing something for him, was insulting. Axel Foley is the man with the mouth. He doesn’t need a woman to do the talking for him.

And then of course there have to be some gay characters in it. It was obvious Bronson Pinchot was gay in the movies, but he was an OG. But seeing more gay characters in Beverly Hills Cop is not needed. Fuck off with that pandering shit. I would think Murphy could have a say what gets in the movie and what not, but that is definitely not the case. 

Also less cool was the fact that he didn’t team up with Billy and Taggart but with his daughter or with the character played by the polarising Joseph-Gordon Levitt. We want Axel, Billy and Taggart, damnit.

And where the fuck was Bogomil? That was a big miss. 

Was there anything good in the movies? The 80s vibe was definitely there. The beloved characters from previous movies were there, except for Bogomil. The music was often modernized versions of the Axel F theme. The action scenes were enjoyable. There were some good laughs.

Would I say the movie is a flop? No, because they did some things right. However, I can not give it a good label. There was too much bullshit in it for me to make it a return to the golden 80s. And that is what it should have been. A 2020s movie with an 80s vibe without all the agenda bullshit in it. It is a shame.

It seems Hollywood won’t get off of the agenda wagon and that is their loss. I won’t spend much time on them, unless it is a Scott Adkins movie or a Fast And The Furious sequel. The rest of Hollywood can all go fuck themselves!