Portal Potty

And in the "This is why we can't have nice things" news, it seems that not a week has passed since artist Benediktas Gylys, had debuted his large circular screens installed in New York and Dublin Ireland called the Portal or rather Portals since its two devices featuring a 24/7 video livestream that allows passerby to interact, sans audio with each of the areas far across the world.  Gylys’ rather naivete comments regarding the Portals "were born from a feeling that we humans have more to share than what separates us.” 

Well, he wasn't wrong when he said that thing about "sharing" as there was some rather, inappropriate video being shared across the screens.

In NYC not too far from where our PN creator, lord and savior holds his day gig, there was some Only Fans model flashing her boobs in the face of many onlookers in Dublin, I'm sure there were o plenty of "Irish Smiling Eyes" after witnessing the OF Model's selfless gesture.

But the return was not reciprocal as far as NYC residents were concerned.
There were a few louts who waved Swastikas to the stunned American crowd. Ya gotta love those Irish for their folksy racism. Um, "yeah.."
But it didn't stop there as the dubious Dubliners aired footage from the September 11 attacksfootage from the September 11 attacks where a hijacked plane crashed into the world trade center. Keep it classy, Boyos.
But then again, if I suffered under the "Irish curse" I would be pissed and a bitter person too. "Huzzah!"

Sky: say, isn't "Huzzah" kind of archaic?

Ollie: So is "shut the front door!"

Christopher Walken as Archangel Gabriel from The Prophecy called it, when referring to humans as "Monkeys."  Underneath their science, governance and academics, people are untrained animals but with less fur.

And speaking of "fur" the Only Fans model in question Ava LouiseAva Louise, who has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram, who prior to exposing her milk muffins, made an appearance on Dr. Phil where the attractive narcissist mentioned "I rather die hot than live ugly." She was also filmed licking Toilet seats as part of the Coronavirus challenge! Attention whoring at its finest....well, as far as her Only Fans account is concerned.

Only Fans is another troubling sign of why society is further declining a voyeur site where individuals would bear all in exchange for donations and of course, their 15 minutes of fame. Hell, it even got a promising Showrunner of a certain popular Marvel series terminated.

Just sayin.