Escape from New York Remake is (Once Again) Shelved!

It looks like another bullet has been dodged! " In a world where major motion picture studios solely rely on remakes and Reboots to lure nostalgists to the theaters, there are a handful that escaped from the reboot treatment.

Directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin of Radio Silence, were previously attached to what would've been a part reboot/part sequel for
around a year-and-a-half ago.

The pair cite the limited timelines and rights issues to move forward on the reboot project, along with scheduling conflicts that saw the timeframe close for potentially working on the revival.

Now, out promoting the digital release of “Abigail,” Gillet and Olpin told that they are officially out of the running as far as this project is concerned.

“We are not [attached], unfortunately. I think titles like that bounce around for a while and I think they’ve tried to get that out of the blocks a few times. I think it’s just ultimately a tricky rights issue thing.

There’s a clock on it and we just weren’t in a position to make the clock, ultimately. But who knows? I think, in hindsight, it feels crazy that we would think we would, post-Scream, step into a John Carpenter franchise.

You never know. There’s still interest in it, and we’ve had a few conversations about it, but we’re not attached in any official capacity.”

As a huge fan of the first Escape movie, once again, it's a sign of relief well at least for now since the remake project has been in development hell throughout several years as said project was passed to and from many directors be it Robert Rodriguez to Leigh Wendall just to name a few, hell I call Gerald Butler was attached to star as Snake Plissken until Kurt Russell made it known that his iconic character is "quintessentially American" followed by a rumored reaction "Fuck that, I'm Snake Plissken!!"

While most cinephiles will not place Escape from New York as the "Citizen Kane" of science fiction, to me, it sits among my holy grail of favorite movies. John Carpenter’s Escape from New York is a 80's classic  that literally came out of nowhere mostly because of its high conceptual premise that's never been done before, an incredible soundtrack , impressive practical effects made on a shoestring budget, a supporting cast with each character having his or her own distinct persona and especially Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken,  who is the epitome of Cinema antiheroes.

With the noted exception of The Fly, Scarface, Dawn of the Dead, and especially The Thing also directed by John Carpenter, most remakes are proven failures and a sign that studios are bereft of original ideas instead, they often rely on nostalgia bait.
Yeah, good luck with that. Anyone liked the Robocop, Fright Night, Carrie, or Total Recall remakes??

Anyway, should a reboot occurs, I rather it take place in Florida since it's now become a cesspool for various reasons

Imagine Ron DeSantis as the Duke of Florida?

I rest my case.