Bop wants to be a One Percenter! (Review)

Written and Reviewed by Bop

I love action movies. They are without a doubt, my favourite genre. The more fists and feet are flying, the better. There can never be enough of them unless they are utter crap, which also happens. You all know the names: Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Mark Dacascos, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Marko Zaror, Joe Taslim, Donnie Yen, Jeeja Yanin, Veronica Ngo and of course Bruce Lee. However, there are also other people making great action movies like Jailbreak, BKO Bangkok Knockout, so I am always on the lookout for new talent. Tak Sakaguchi is such a talent. I stumbled onto his name by pure accident and read he was his own “wave” style of fighting and that he moves uniquely when kicking ass, busting lips and cracking skulls. And that brings me to Once Percenter aka known as One Percent Warrior. It seems Sonny Chiba's legacy may have some competition within Japan. 

The premise of the movie is that Tak Sakaguchi plays an action movie star, who doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Kind of like Johnny Cage sorta speak. So in order to be finally respected he wants to make the ultimate action movie around some abandoned factory. However, when he arrives there he is witnessing the Yakuza killing some people inside of the abandoned factory. So he orders his camera man to go film him when he fights the yakuza. 

What follows is some hard-hitting action, that is definitely unique. It looks a bit like drunken master fighting too, but then differently. Tak Sakaguchi is fucking people up in an awesome way and it is mind boggling that I never heard of him before. This has definitely changed now. Tak Sakaguchi can definitely be added to the list of the action star greats and I seriously hope Scott Adkins asks him for a role in future projects, because it will be fire!

The action movie genre will never die as long as there are people like the ones I mentioned above and that is a good thing. Tak has been added to that list and if you are an action movie lover you can’t miss to see One Percenter. And yes, I wish I were a One Percenter, because there are people who need a serious ass whipping! And if you want to know what a One Percenter really is, check it out. it's action at its finest!