Zack Snyder is Contemplating four more Rebel Moon Films!

 Good news if you can call it "good news," is that as of recent, the sequel to last year’s Snyder Sci fi epic Rebel Moon has made its debut via Netflix.  The bad news is that the infamous filmmaker is planning on making more sequels of his arguably worst film.

According to a recent interview with Radio Times prior to the debut of Rebel Moon pt. 2 The Scargiver on Netflix, Snyder teased about going beyond a trilogy which for the most part has been the traditional staple from most popular films be it Star Wars,  Back to the Future, The Avengers, Spider-Man and so forth that is, until quadrilogies and the absurdity of legacy sequels came about.

So, what's to stop Snyder from cranking out more of his Star Wars, Seven Samurai, Mashup?
Here's what he had to say on the subject:
“I guess four makes sense. Four or six movies, depending. I guess it’s whether or not every time we make one of these movies, we make two, that’s the question.”

“We were talking about it the other day and I was like; would an audience be disappointed if they only got one movie now from Rebel Moon? Would they be like, ‘Oh, it’s one now? Great.'”

Well, suffice to say that he may have a change of heart after his sequel was reviewed bombed "literally" where it sits at a 17 percent low approval at Rotten Tomatoes.  

Now I have been a staunch defender of a few Zack Snyder films, one in particular Man of Steel which was the tentpole film for the DCU only to have succeeding projects such as Justice League and to a lesser degree, Batman v Superman the Ultimate Cut.

But post Snyderverse, the polarizing filmmaker has made disaster after disaster be it Army of the Dead and now the Rebel Moon films, which the sequel was a double down on cringe inducing levels! With a huge emphasis on the importance of harvesting, dumb dialog, bad acting and dull characters.

Again, Zac has done some amazing work during his early years but like most Filmmakers after a lengthy period, he lost his creativity.  My slice of advice is step up your game by retiring from the Rebel Moon franchise or just retire.

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