The Verdict

Where were you when that verdict was announced during the Summer of 1995? I can remember it as if it was (almost) yesterday and like Chris Rock joked, "White people were mad, and black people were glad."

That part is true but wait! There's more to it. Regardless of what belief you stand on regarding OJ’s innocence or guilt, one thing remains true. The LA Police and the systemic racism regarding the judicial system is not looked upon favorably as it is a brutally corrupt agency from the Rodney King Police beating, the Rampart scandal, and how 14-year-old Latasha Hardin's murderer Soon Ja Du was found not guilty after she shot her execution style over a container of Orange Juice which she did not steal!

So, the black community demanded a fair trial which may not be fair to others so, take those Ls.

Although Orenthal “I’m not Black, I’m O.J.”  Simpson was not an ally to the Black community, and abused his Coke addicted estranged wife Nicole Simpson, both she and her lover Faye Resnick ran in unsavory circles i.e. groups associated with criminality along lending theories that a cartel affiliated gang had something to do with the murders. There is cynicism when there have been proven cases of how Black people have often been railroaded in the court’s sans due process. This in part, may seem as if the verdict which was a symbolic protest or a "fuck you" to a system fueled by White Supremacy, but it’s much more than that.

Detective Mark Fuhrman was exposed as a racist who confessed to planting evidence for previous investigations, and when questioned about him potentially plant evidence in the case of Brown and Goldman's murders, he responded with.."I assert my 5th amendment privilege 😳 "

Sounds like an admission of guilt to me. So, since the glove didn't fit, Fuhrman was full of shit!
So, while many are celebrating Simpson's death by Cancer, to quote Harvey Keitel from Pulp Fiction:"Let’s not start sucking each other's dicks yet”! 

No one is immune from Cancer and that includes those who rejoice after all, it could and may happen to you. Some racist dweeb back then wished I had Cancer and guess what, he died almost a year ago. Perhaps its that “Old black magic.”  Or how that Comedian Norm Macdonald had a torrent of OJ jokes only to succumb to Cancer years prior to Simpson. Jus sayin.
Instead of fighting against an enemy that kills without discrimination (cancer) people are focused on racial tensions, Man has not really progressed from their Neanderthal state so it seems.

Celebratory comments about Simpson's passing says plenty about the dominant society, had Simpson killed a Black woman, it would never have gotten much noise, instead apathy, the same apathy when Robert Blake was faced with allegedly killing his wife, or where’s the outcry when music mogul Phil Spector who also had a track record of spousal abuse, killed his wife?

While I won't lionize or vilify Simpson, his trial shed the spotlight on how hypocritical certain individuals within society are as well as a using Simpson as a proxy for the "Big Black Boogieman" narrative. Racism was not boosted by the Simpson verdict; it was always festering until it reached a boiling point back in October 1995.Media outlets such as Entertainment Tonight and especially Hard Copy exacerbated the situation by further vilifying the former NFL Buffalo Bills Superstar slash actor while portraying Nicole Brown, as a sweet loving mother. The fix was in-using a Black man as a proxy for sabotaging race-relations, while profiting from the tragic deaths of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

 So yeah, if it gives you comfort and closure of some arrogant prick murderer (alleged)  passing on, have at it, but individuals such as that walking freakshow Caitlyn Jenner should be wary, “people who live in glasshouses, don’t throw no stones.”

Miss me with your nonsense .