Can Deadpool 3 Stop Disney’s Slump?

A few days ago, a shot was heard, or rather seen around the World as actor Ryan Reynolds dropped the 2nd trailer for Disney’s upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine.

The reactions for the most part, were very positive thanks to the titular character played by Reynolds, pairing with X-Men mainstay Hugh Jackman as Logan. Both were previously seen from the 20th Century Fox film franchise, prior to Disney doing the smart thing via purchasing the studio which in turn, increased their film library of X-Men properties. But wait, last I remembered, Jackman’s character died at what was supposed to be his send off in the 2017 Logan? 

Anyways, judging by the trailer, it just might be the shot in the arm Marvel slash Disney needs to get back in the game after enduring a string a flops post Avengers’ Endgame. Deadpool's 3rd outing is full of references and f bombs. From what I learned, the Time Variant Authority (See Disney Plus Loki) pulls Deadpool from his peaceful life and sends him on a mission with Wolverine that will change the history of the MCU as we know it. Could this be the refresh many of us hoped, or does Deadpool really kill the Marvel Universe?

There is speculation according to Deadpool Co-Creator Rob Liefeld, that there’s a post credits stinger that will go beyond just one cameo appearance. Personally, I’m betting on an X-Men reunion, but we’ll see what develops or not.

Regardless, I think introducing Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a chess move that will reignite Disney’s most popular intellectual property but just as important is the team up between Logan and Deadpool will erase the atrocious Wolverine: X-Men Origins from our minds as if Professor X made us forget that horrendous prequel. Thus, a Win-Win!