UnXpected! X-Men 97 Creator was Abruptly fired from Marvel!

Now this news apparently came from out of nowhere.

With one week till the highly anticipated X-Men Revival series makes its debut, it was announced that Writer and Producer Beau DeMayo, who was also the series' Showrunner has been fired by Marvel Studios weeks before its premiere. Marvel provided no reason of why ties were severed between the Comic based studio and DeMayo as the showrunner's Instagram account and company email have been deactivated and deleted respectively.

Prior to his dismissal DeMayo was embroiled in a bit of controversy which began when changing Sunfire's ethnic background and of course his original premise for the upcoming Blade project which centered around three Women with Blade relegated as the fourth lead in his own movie?? This implementation frustrated actor Marshella Ali who threatened to bail out of the project, causing several script revisions.  DeMayo who was a fan of the original X-Men animated series, claims to identify with the characters as he is different meaning a Gay black man who ran a non-explicit Only Fans account???

Ok, I'm done here. While I have no clue of why Marvel dismissed DeMayo, as one who didn't care for his treatment of the 2022 Moon Knight series, which featured the purple hippo, then his mishandling of Blade, I think it's all for the best that he's no longer involved with Marvel.  Shit, it was probably his suggestion to "deflate" Rogue. It seems that Marvel and especially Disney, should have properly vetted every talent candidate across the board prior to signing them on. But hey, James Gunn turned Guardians of the galaxy into an unprecedented success despite his tasteless tweets over 10 years ago. Again, while there was no reason given for DeMayo’s termination this is cause for alarm and further speculation of wrongdoing on DeMayo’s behalf. At the end of the day, no one gets shitcanned two weeks prior to the official debut of a film, or television series. 


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