Chris Evans; Thoughts on Comicbook Movies “If it was easier, there would be a lot more good ones.”

While attending the Emerald City Comic Con recently Captain America actor Chris Evans was asked about the state of superhero movies. To which he responded.

“If it was easy, there’d be a lot more good ones – not trying to throw shade. Some Marvel projects are objectively phenomenal films.” I’ve been a part of a few that missed. It happens. Making a movie is tough. More cooks in the kitchen doesn’t make it easier. I don’t want to highlight specific films in the Marvel catalogue but some of them are phenomenal. Like independently, objectively great movies, and I think they deserve a little more credit.” 
He further emphasized by saying that “They are not easy to make. If it was easier, there would be a lot more good ones.”
And you know what, I have no problem with that statement whatsoever, especially when there has been a recent string of flops from both Marvel and DC sides of the spectrum. The mcu movies post endgame has been more misses than hits and you can’t blame the problematic reception on the pandemic alone. which coincides Disney CEO bob iger decision to scale back on the marvel projects since their gamble no longer paid off.  Sometimes it’s hard to get that genie in the bottle and this goes for other genres be it horror, comedy or science fiction. 

Evans was asked about what his Favorite Marvel Film is, he brought up 2014’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” “It’s my personal favorite Marvel movie that I was a part of. It’s not just for the movie itself but the experience. We were taking more risks, and the character felt more fleshed out. It was one of the more satisfying experiences I’ve had in my Marvel run.”

In my opinion out of all the mcu movies that had the best trilogy, with all three being bangers, it was Captain America whether it was "Winter Soldier " or "Civil War" Cap beat out Thor, Iron Man and even other popular trilogies outside of Marvel Studios confines, such as Alien, Terminator,  Mad Max , The Matrix, and The Godfather where either on or two of the succeeding films from the trilogies, were duds. The Captain America trilogy is the best since the original Star Wars or Indiana Jones. And this is not because Cap is such a great character, which he is, but there has been plenty of care and creativity when making these movies as opposed to lazy writing or studio interference wanting to implement suggestions they believe will connect with the audience or various demographics. 


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