X Men 97 Trailer : Will "X" Mark the Spot?

during the 90s, Marvel has had a period of success courtesy of their animation division starting with Spider-Man and especially X-Men to which the latter involving Marvel's ensemble team of mutants was well received thanks in part to complex storylines that go against your standard convention in Saturday morning cartoons. X-Men became so popular that the series inspired the Capcom videogame.

The show had a five-year run and now decades later, in the current trend of Revival films and legacy sequels there was a big announcement that the Series which ended on a bittersweet note, will make its return this March, with presumably the same voice actors reprising their roles, and animation that slightly resembles the original aesthetics just for you nostalgia purists out there.

I'm curious to see what transpires after it's series 25 plus year hiatus other than what was shown like Magneto being the heir to Xavier's school which inevitably leads to an challenge of leadership between him and cyclops, but the trailer is not without controversy. It appears that fans are not happy with the inclusion of shape-shifter morph referred to now as Non-Binary. 

In all honesty, it doesn't really matter to me, especially in Morph's case since he is a shape shifter that can assume the form of both genders. However, there is concern from others regarding the much younger impressionable viewers feeling confusion about gender assignment.

And to add more fuel to the fire is Rogue's big alteration you see, in the OG animated series, she was illustrated with a "GREAT ASS" to quote Al Pacino in 1995's Heat. But in the upcoming series, the sexy Southern Siren has now been "De-PAWGed" but hey, Disney gonna Disney.

That said, I can easily ignore the shoehorning of identity politics, or "minor adjustments" just give me a damn good series, with solid writing and of course, action.

So, with animated series such as the X-Men getting the Revival treatment, would this open the door for other 90's shows i.e. Spider-Man, Iron Man or the Fantastic Four.  Better yet, how's about we go further up the timeline with 2011's Spectacular Spider-Man and especially Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

Only time will tell but, in the meantime, I'm somewhat looking forward to X-Men 97 when it arrives on March 22th via Disney Plus.


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