Sony's Shameless Shilling of Marvel Characters!

2002's Spider-Man along with Blade and X-Men helped paved the way to what would eventually be the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

However, two decades later, it seems that Sony Pictures, Avi Arad, and Amy Pascal is desperately clinging on Marvel's flagship Superhero to the extent of establishing their own self-contained Spider-Man Cinematic Universe known as Sony Pictures’ Universe of Marvel Characters. SPUMC for short.

After a string of Spider-Man films including a well-received debut into the MCU via Captain America: Civil War, along with two animated projects and two Venom films, the Studio has no signs of slowing down as both Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web are slated for release in 2024.

So, is too much of a good thing, bad? Why is Arad beating a dead horse by developing other character-based films from the Spider-Man comics? Especially those that underperformed.
Has anyone seen "Morbius?" Madame Web's box office reception is already projected to fall under The Marvels' ranking.

Sony is locked in a contract agreement they had with Marvel and they are in it for a long haul until they bleed it out. I'm sure Marvel Studios is still waiting for them to relinquish the rights to the "Spideyverse" and in many ways, I can't blame them.

It seems that Marvel and Sony are locked in a conflict regarding different directions for future Spider-Man films.
Following the success of No Way Home, Sony had ambitious plans to bring back Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield for another Multiverse adventure in Spider-Man 4, while Feige and Marvel Studios are leaning towards a more grounded aka street level Spider-Man sequel. Which is how the first Spidey film started out as, but I digress.

Now, a few months back, Sony had plans to develop a film based on "El Muerto" a Luchador with Superhuman capabilities and will be touted as Marvel's first Latino led Superhero movie starring Bad Bunny in the titular role, unfortunately for Sony and Bunny, the project was faced with multiple delays during the strike which caused scheduling conflicts, and so, the "Bunny" hopped.

Perhaps it's all for the best as Marvel may have a chance of making a movie based on the George Perez created character, White Tiger. Remember him?

Not sure if Sony will still follow through with Luchador, but judging by their past and future offerings,  they are scraping at the barrel, not to mention how risky these slated films will be in the midst of what is called "Superhero fatigue " which may be attributed to recent flops Ant Man Quantomania,  SHAZAM Fury of the Gods,  WW84, Black Adam, Blue Beetle, and The Marvels just to name a few.

Unless by some miracle both Madame Web and Kraven do big numbers at the box office, These films will be among the first major casualties of Sony’s  "suicide pact."  Venom 3 notwithstanding.  I think.