Madame Web is a Tangled Mess!

"Walloping web snappers!"  Who would've thunk it that Sony’s latest Spider-Man spinoff underperformed at the box office, not to mention very poor critical reception? The SPUMC film tallied a paltry $26.2 million during the Week of Valentine's Day followed by $25.7 million from 61 International markets.

I'm shocked, completely shocked I say!
Ok, sarcasm aside, as predicted from a previous video, Madame Web "will be da bomb, yo!" It bombed so bad that Sony ditched their plans for future installments based on the Marvel Comics median character.

Actress Dakota Johnson has been seen on camera mocking the female led suspense Superhero thriller during press junkets and interviews.  She claimed that there were " drastic changes"  as in possibly script revisions and additional camera set-ups, with the  project that was very different from what was presented in the theaters.

While some are quick to blame Web's dismal reception on Superhero fatigue is quite the opposite.  Most moviegoers prefer to watch a GOOD Comicbook movie instead of lazy garbage like SHAZAM Fury of the Gods, Ant Man Quantumania,  Thor Love and Thunder,  The Marvels and now Madame Web has been added to the list of dumpster fires. Sony, Avid Arad and the disgraceful Amy Pascal need to get out of the business altogether and Marvel should be wise to remove their name from these Sony Pictures Uninverse of Marvel Characters even with their properties being used.

Just sayin.


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