David Ayer Throws in the Towel regarding his Suicide Squad Director's Cut!

Filmmaker David Ayer has garnered spotlight and a modicum of praise during the early Aughts from writing screenplays for Training Day, Dark Blue and Fast and the Furious, and from there he directed hidden gems such as Street King's, End of Watch, Sabotage and Fury.

However, his career hit a snag after the negative reception from 2016's Suicide Squad which the Director often mentioned how his project was "sabotaged" thanks to studio interference, which forced him to add needledrops along with bad character arcs and other problems. Ayer claims that his original cut was much different than what was shown at the theaters.

After Warner Brothers caved in on demands for a finished Justice League cut from Zack Snyder, Ayer had hopes that his version would get its day ergo the social media trend, ‘Release the Ayer Cut’ unfortunately Warner Brothers did not comply with the wishes of Ayer or cinephiles altogether. Especially after Ann Sarnoff, WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group chairwoman, had previously made a firm statement.
that WB had no intention of developing Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad.

Ayer had previously posted on X giving in the towel of dashed hopes: “I’m done with DC”. He was then asked if he was still going to push for an ‘Ayer Cut’ release of “Suicide Squad” he said:

“Nope. Done and done. Very sad. You’ll be fine after a good cry. I feel healthier. It’s a wound that needs to heal. Nothing about the situation feels good. Studio has no interest in releasing it. It’s time to run and not look back.”

It's unfortunate that we may never get to see what Ayer's unrestricted and unbutchered version would have been like but I'll tell you this, it has to be way better than the theatrical release.

Suicide Squad should have been grittier and more uncompromising. Kind of like an ensemble team of antiheroes in the vein of an Escape from New York vibe. While James Gunn went on to develop the soft reboot which was more successful than the 2016 adaptation,  it somewhat deviated from the John Ostrander source material. That's just my opinion.

Ayer's latest project the Beekeeper starring Jason Statham will arrive in theaters this January.