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Why 80's Cartoons were so Rad!

If you were an 80's kid or teen, i'm sure you remember the good ol' days of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Jan and Stalks discuss their favorites and not so faves in this nostalgia based segment of Reel Talk!

Season 2 of Reacher, was a Sh!tshow

So, now that I finished the second season of Amazon's hit series Reacher, I'm even less than impressed. In the season opener, we see one of Jack Reacher's former squad mates of the  Special Investigations Unit "Swan" get thrown off a helicopter from say, 3000 feet? This of course, has our or rather your hero Reacher (Alan  Ritchson ) seeking revenge when going after former Police Detective Shane Langston played by typecast baddie Robert Patrick. Throughout the 8-episode season, I found myself looking at my phone when not rolling eyes where we see the unstoppable Reacher beating up bad guys including Black carjacking thugs or drug dealers in stereotypical fashion. When Disney CEO Bob Iger vowed to stop further messaging in future projects, he was referring to oversaturated identity politics. Meanwhile the message that Skydance and Jeff Bezos from Amazon are sending what would be some "try that in a small town" scenario when you have a hulking white dude

RIP Zombie 2 Actress Tisa Farrow (1951-2024)

This news came late a few days later. Actress and sister of Mia Farrow, Tisa Farrow has passed away at the age of 72. While she only had very little screen time in cinema, Ms Farrow's most famous role was in Lucio Fulci's 1979 gorefest shocker, Zombie which was one of the scariest films I saw. Farrow played as protagonist Anne Bowles, a young woman who along with reporter Peter West (Ian McCullough) travel to a Caribbean Island of Matul to investigate the mysterious death if her father only to discover that the island has been overrun by the living dead. Sometime during the 80's after a handful of films, like Anthropophagus and The Last Hunter, Tisa retired from acting altogether and worked as an emergency nurse for 27 years. It has been mentioned that Tisa could not find acting work due to her association with Mia, who was often hated. Prior to acting Tisa appeared in the June 1973 issue of Playboy where she posed semi- nude. Both Mia and Tisa appeared in very iconic horro

The Boondocks MLK episode, is one of the best "What If" scenarios!

Today marks the legendary Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who as with Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, and Fred Hampton paid the ultimate sacrifice for Black equality and justice but in the 2006 Episode of the acclaimed animated comedy series, The Boondocks, titled "The Return of the King" things were slightly different in an alternate "reality" King did survive the assassination attempt on his life only to come out of a coma after 30 plus years King has a hard time adjusting, where his views are deemed archaic, to the extent of facing hostile backlash in a post 911 world just for speaking noble albeit outdated views. Robert and the idealistic activist Huey Freeman sees MLK at a book signing and is inspired to bring him back into the public spotlight after facing scorn from his misappropriated "Turn the other cheek" comments and his disillusionment of Black culture (i.e. Thug culture.) Although King comes off a bit too naive whether it’s public

And Now, Bop's Best (and Worst) of 2023!

If there is one thing I have seen for the past few years, it is that humanity has really dumbed down. There is no limit to the stupidity I am witnessing daily. Imagine having no internet for more than a week. I could totally live without the net, but when I have to finish a best of before the end of the year and I can’t finish it  and upload it and the morons at support say they can only send a technician on January 2 you wonder: “Who the fuck pays those helpdesk morons and why the fuck is there no customer service that makes sure people are not without the internet for more than 2 days instead of 7 days?” People get paid for a job, while they absolutely suck at it. Rant aside let’s get this show on the road. DOCUS I only saw one documentary. Best The Lost Century And How To Reclaim It Thanks to the internet we are starting to find out how the world really is and it is often not a pretty picture. This documentary showed, how there are some very despicable humanoids trying to sabotage t