SEGA, "Don't Call it a Comeback!"

When the trailer for Sega's upcoming titles premiered during the 2023 Videogame Awards, the crowd went nuts! Whether you're a Gen Xer who was around the glory days of the Sega Genesis Ora retro gamer, you had to be aware of the Japanese developer's iconic intellectual properties from Golden Axe, Shinobi and Streets of Rage which the latter was rebooted on modern consoles not too long ago.
So now that there is plenty of enthusiasm with Sega's properties getting the reboot treatment, a few questions come to mind, and the main one is "when?" There was no mention of when these titles will drop, it's development cycle, or how soon but after a lengthy hiatus, I'm glad to see Sega back in the game sorta speak.
From what I have seen from the trailer, I can't wait to get my hands on the new Shinobi that looks like some Metroidvania game but I'm sure Sega will throw in "Roguelike" mechanics since it's all the rage, whatever.
Golden Axe in 3D? The last time that happened, Beast Rider was a dumpster fire to some, and a hidden gem to others. So hopefully this remake will live up to this trailer.
And making the move from two-dimensional gameplay to 3D, as with Golden Axe, is yet another Streets of Rage reboot! This game shows potential to be something great if not stepping out of its side scrolling beat em up confines.
Now should these titles become successful, there could possibly be wiggle room for more games based on their Intellectual properties.
Imagine an off the rails Space Harrier shooter , Afterburner in the vein of Ace Combat, Outrigger with Gears of War style gameplay, Eternal Champions as an Mortal Kombat contender, Chakan the Forever Man mirroring Bloodborne’s aesthetics, or how’s about E Swat now that Robocop Rogue City is a hit.

The possibilities are endless and since it's less likely that Sega will come out with another console, their legacy can still go on through their vast library of games aside from Sonic of course.