Netflix's May December Ratings, Questions Rotten Tomatoes' Credibility. (Or Lack Thereof)

So, after Zac Snyder's upcoming Rebel Moon has been lambasted with negative reception based on Rotten Tomatoes' scorecard, it's puzzling how Netflix's May December had a 91 percent approval rating on the review aggregation website composed of various critics where a simple "yes" or "no" can make or break a movie. As for the movie in question, it’s a supposed to be a dark comedy loosely inspired by the infamous Mary Kay Letourneau, who had sex with an underage male which sparked controversy regarding sexual assault and gender.

While you have major actors such as Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman in a rather attention-grabbing premise of an actress who is set to play the role as a woman who is married to a man she's been with since the age of 13, the story and overall execution leaves this Todd Haynes directed movie flat on its ass. Aside from the purposely overdramatic soundtrack, I did not get a chuckle out of this dumpster fire. This brings Rotten Tomatoes credibility into question. No movie, TV series, album, or videogame should not be rated by some AIO site as the end all to be all. And to compound things further is that the site is co-owned by Warner Brothers Discovery, and NBC Universal ergo RT is kind of sus!
There have been numerous times where RT have made a bad call and May December is no exception. Now unless Rebel Moon is as bad as plenty of critics claim, Snyder and Netflix can breathe easy.