Julianne Margulies is in Hot Water for (very) Racist Comments!

Disclaimer: This opinion piece is a critique about certain individuals regardless of what affiliation they belong to. Should anyone take offense, there’s always The Mary Sue, or those other think tank sites that pose as an Entertainment forum. Just sayin.

Actor Julianna Margulies has made very inflammatory i.e. racist remarks toward Black Americans on a Nov. 20th episode of “The Back Room With Andy Ostroy,” Margulies, who has starred in films like "Ghost Ship" television series such as “E.R.,” “The Good Wife” and, presently, “The Morning Show”  went out of her way to make overreaching assumptions of how Black and L.G.B.T.Q. people showing "lack of" support for Israel and Jews in the United States since the horrific attacks by Hamas which had occurred Oct 7th.

She also mentioned on the podcast that progressive protesters on college campuses, where in her words, “spewing this anti-Semitic hate,” including gender nonbinary people who, she said, “will be the first people beheaded and their heads played like a soccer ball on the field” in places run by militant Islamist groups like Hamas. That last sentence has a credibility factor to it as portions of the Middle East adhere to antiquated i.e., sharia law. But also, let's look at how the Ethiopian Jews are mistreated in Israel, shall we? And don't get me started on the Lehman Brothers who owned slaves for their Cotton plantation business venture! Margulies expressed her rage when some Lesbian BIPOC organization run by Student Lizzie George Griffith at Columbia University had a film showing that had a sign "No Zionist Allowed" she was quick to accuse it for being Anti-Semitic when in fact, there are Jews in Israel who are Anti-Zionist! During her diatribe MarguiLIES went on to say that Blacks and Gays are "Lower than the Jews!" "A, you're Black" and "B" you're Gay!

 Isn't that some shit evil Adolf would say? Oh, the irony. She also slammed the younger socially active generation when addressing "colonization " telling them to get the fuck out of America!"
And just when I thought Bill Maher, Amy Schumer, and Michael Rappaport were assholes, this bitch takes the bakery of shit cakes! I'm surprised she wasn't comfortable enough to say, "Nigger!"

With that out of the way, let's address this narcissistic KKKaren complaints about Blacks not showing enough support for Israel. Most Black Americans were of course appalled by the barbarism committed by Hamas I'm sure but where we're the support from the Jews when Blacks were mistreated in America throughout the century? Sure, you had a few within the Civil Rights struggle but how long ago was that, say Sixty years??? Goodman and Schwerner who accompanied Cheney, were noble heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the marginalized and oppressed Blacks from the Jim Crow south. Those were riders in the struggle, while aged, fugly “celebrities” like Margulies, sit on her pancake ass and put a black box on Instagram as a means of faux pas “solidarity” after the George Floyd murder.

Don't get me started on how the music industry promoted "Drug culture" within the Black community looking at you, Jerry Heller and Lyon Cohen. Or how lackadaisical Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel was when innocent Black residents were being gunned down by low life thugs. Blacks have done more than enough for the Jewish people be it Ralph Bunche and Walter White, who helped to secure Israel as a sovereign state, or Black G.I.s who fought and DIED in WW2 to liberate the Jews from Hitler's Nazi regime.

If there is anyone you should be lashing out is Israel’s Prime Minister who ignored the Hamas threats a year ago and by being too complicit his actions or rather inactions cost the lives of well over a thousand Israeli citizens. Were any "Blacks " involved during HAMAS' horrific attacks? 
Hell no! 

When slamming the WGA for not being vocal enough about their stance against Hamas, the so-called "Actor” boasted that all the great material from Television was from Jews. Oh, you mean the same material that emasculate Black men or show very uncomfortable portrayals on Black People in general like say..."The Morning Show?" Margulies, Andy Ostroy, and Michael Rappaport are not only racists, but they're also fucking idiots!

"You hear that sound? That's the sound of your career taking a nosedive!"


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