Bailing Out On Blade?

So, aside from the rumors about replacing Jonathan Majors as Kang, another revelation regarding Marvel Studios' troubles, was how actor Mahershala Ali almost bounced from the Blade reboot due to script delays and a change of directors.
Kevin Feige (You know who he is!) is in the midst of halting scripts and projects that aren’t working for Marvel's upcoming slate– with the “Blade” reboot being its first casually as the project has gone through several writers, two directors and to complicate things further, a shutdown six weeks prior to production. According to Variety's sources, there was word of how the script drafts “morphed into a narrative led by women and filled with life lessons” with the titular daywalker being “relegated to the fourth lead”.

This was perhaps the "nail on the coffin" which led to Ali walking out of the project. Well, almost. While the project is still going through development hell Ali remains somewhat committed in hopes that there will be script improvements, especially now that the writers’ strike is over.

That said, Marvel slash Disney as with Sony's PlayStation division, is a goddamn train wreck if not a house on fire due to questionable or rather poor business decisions. Ali is too determined and should've bailed years ago. Personally, Marvel Studios will not do Blade justice even if they keep it R rated. It will never compare to the original first two films and this is because of actor Wesley Snipes implementation.  Notice how I said the first two since David Goyer sabotaged the 3rd blade installment by making the titular vampire hunter more of a sidekick and not to mention, a horrible story, direction and Dracula who looked like a reject from a European night club. If those rumors of Snipes choking Goyer are true, well, can you blame him?

Sure, you can replace a Batman, a Superman and maybe, just maybe an Iron man but Blade is an entirely different beast and Marvel would be better off handling other intellectual properties within their catalog.


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