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Stephen King's Cat's Eye is An Underrated Horror Gem! (Retro Review)

Author and Horror Icon Stephen King obviously has an affinity for Cats as there have been quite a few of his movies that either featured Cats as a pivotal plot device (Pet Sematary and Sleepwalkers) or in the case of 1985's Cat's Eye, the main protagonist. Directed by Lewis Teague (Cujo and Navy Seals ) this Horror slash comedy like 1982’s Creepshow, is another anthology comprised from three of King's short stories except for one that was originally written for the film, "Quitters, Inc.", "The Ledge", and "General." Each story revolves around a stray Cat who travels from the urban jungle of NYC the underworld mafia infused Atlantic City, NJ all the way to North Carolina in the supposedly "safe" suburbs which begins with our mysterious feline sees "visions" of a girl (Played by Drew Barrymore) pleading for help, almost similar to 1981's The House by the Cemetery. Each segment is unique and captivating in its own way as th

Why 'Spider-Man' (2002) Deserves a Spot on your Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

There have been ongoing debates of what film is codified as a Christmas movie, while tossing out your archaic conventions such as A Christmas Carol and especially It's a Wonderful Life, many cinephiles today are focusing on action films such as Die Hard, Lethal Weapon or even comicbook films like Batman Returns and Iron Man 3 which all took place during that most wonderful time of the year. If you're a fan of Spider-Man, you’re more than likely aware that the movie was released on May 3, 2002, and while it’s not explicitly related to Thanksgiving, I'll argue that this blockbuster superhero film has several themes and scenes that resonate with the spirit of this tradition. Aside from the mid story arc which takes place around Thanksgiving, Spider-Man is a story about a hero who strives to use his powers for good, to protect New York and its people from dangerous criminals and supervillains like the Green Goblin, even at the cost of his own safety. Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s

XBox One X : Saving the best for last!

When Microsoft learned that Sony was working on an upgraded version of their PlayStation 4 console, they wasted no time when ushering in their response, titled "Project Scorpio" this last addition to the Xbox One, was the perfect response. Released on November 2017, the Xbox One X showcased upgraded hardware, designed primarily to render games at 4K resolution and to provide performance improvements for existing games which can be displayed at full resolution on 4K displays or supersampled for lower-resolution displays Microsoft's XB1X features 6 teraflops of graphical computing performance in comparison to the PS4 Pro's GPU which only had 4.2 teraflops. Xbox One X as with the Xbox One S (“S” as in slim) also plays UHD 4K Blu Ray's where even Sony's PS4 Pro cannot. And while the PS4 Pro's game library is superior over their competitors' Microsoft and Nintendo, The XB1 X has backward compatibility of various games from its library especially when it com

Marveless? The Marvels Review

Marvel Studios has found itself in a serious bind after their Phase Three send off, Avengers Endgame. Since then, the comic-based production juggernaut has tried and failed to recapture the magic, striking the iron while its hot, or just having that lightning in a bottle. While Phase four introduced other characters and concepts based on the Marvel intellectual properties, they failed to garner enough acclaim compared to their previous slate. Even established heroes like Thor and Doctor Strange did not live up to fan expectations, especially regarding the former. So, after facing challenges like the Covid pandemic, competition from streaming and the previous strike, can Marvel Studios regain its grip within the motion picture industry? Judging by the reception from The Marvels, the answer is no! In the sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel, our Space hero is called upon to save the universe, but this time, she gets by with help from her friends-Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau the other OG Cap

Bailing Out On Blade?

So, aside from the rumors about replacing Jonathan Majors as Kang, another revelation regarding Marvel Studios' troubles, was how actor Mahershala Ali almost bounced from the Blade reboot due to script delays and a change of directors. Kevin Feige (You know who he is!) is in the midst of halting scripts and projects that aren’t working for Marvel's upcoming slate– with the “Blade” reboot being its first casually as the project has gone through several writers, two directors and to complicate things further, a shutdown six weeks prior to production. According to Variety's sources, there was word of how the script drafts “morphed into a narrative led by women and filled with life lessons” with the titular daywalker being “relegated to the fourth lead”. This was perhaps the "nail on the coffin" which led to Ali walking out of the project. Well, almost. While the project is still going through development hell Ali remains somewhat committed in hopes that there will be

Marvel, don't even think about it!

it looks like Disney slash Marvel Studios is contemplating on "walking it back" by bringing back a few cast members from their Avengers franchise according to Variety who did an excellent piece on the calamities, scandals, and production problems that plagued the comic-based movie studio. In September, a gathering of Marvel head chiefs including Kevin Feige had publicly acknowledged the woes, failures and problematic issues from the oversaturated Marvel television shows which “diluted focus and attention,” so now the shot callers of the Marvel empire are considering taking desperate measures to the extent of having discussions to bring back the OG as in original gang for another “Avengers” movie. According to sources, of course. Could this be related to Secret Wars? What makes this plan so bizarre is how they, the MCU would go as far as to "resurrect " both Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, who as most of us are aware had sacrific