Less is (Literally) More! PS5 Slim: Is it Worth the Price?

Sony revealed their new revision of the PS5 console which has a shorter form factor like say "30 percent " smaller the the original launch model which is being phased out in favor of the "Slim Jim PlayStation 5 but.....! This is where things get interesting.

While the specs are still the same as the OG version except for the internal SSD upgraded to a full 1tb This new version will be sold in two versions the Digital PS5 will now go for $450 MSRP while for $50 more you can get the console that already has the Disc drive installed.  For those who purchase the digital version, and would like to add the separate disc drive down the line, well unless you have no interest in physical media, I would opt out because the drive sold separately is priced at $79?? That's right you heard it!

So, You're better off getting the all in one console than to pay let's see..$529 But wait..! That doesn't include the vertical stand selling for $30 making it a total savings of $60 that’s if you purchase the original bloated PlayStation 5! And some are now bundled with a spiderman Miles Morales game, so that’s even more bang for your buck. I can’t think of who is this now model designed for other than those who want to save space in their gaming cabinet or television stand, but it’s not cost effective in my opinion.
Wait for an eventual price drop. The same goes for the Xbox Series S in black that now sells for $349 but with 1tb storage, or better yet just shell out $500 for the more powerful Series X.