Smoke Near the Water! The Alabama Pier Brawl

There's an ol familiar proverb: 
"Some motherfuckers always trying to up skate ice hill."

This rings true about a few clowns whose actions during the "first goddamn week of August " to paraphrase RJ Macready, backfired in their faces. And there is no coming back from both the shame and humiliation they experienced. 

First off, here was some dumbass influencer Kai Cenat who caused a riot in Union Square New York, with the promise of giving away a few PlayStation 5 consoles and game cards but when he failed to deliver the goods, we'll over a thousand Gen Z punks caused mass disturbance by having the mostly teenage belligerent crowd jumping on vehicles, throwing bottles and punches.

Cenat was immediately arrested for inciting unrest after 65 people, which includes 30 juveniles, while others suffered injuries, not limited to bloodied faces.  This is another reason why social media can be very bad, if not used responsibly. 

And now we have an incident in Alabama where a pier security guard was moving boats in order to make room. But that didn't seem fit for a bunch of thugs who attacked the guard. The dockworker then nonchalantly tossed his hat aside prior to engaging into a smackdown. Unfortunately, he was outnumbered by the cowards and just when it looked like a hopeless situation, here comes the calvary to put in that work.

Now, normally I don't report about news as my plate of topics, is already full, but this piece serves as a moral and the moral of the story is, for the low hanging fruitcakes who believe all the rhetoric from FOX News, disgraced former president Donald Trump, that hick Jason Alden song, and a few other instigators, “, don’t bring that smoke, if you can't put out the fire!"  Those gang of (obvious) racists that think they can just step to a black man and walk away unscathed.  The Alabama trailer trash had to take that L and rightfully so. 
Now there is an arrest warrant for the others who got too comfortable to initiate trouble and eventually they'll be charged with assault. Justice was served and it wasn't through a lengthy trial but good ol fashion street justice. Near the sea.


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