Ret-Conned: How Disney/Marvel Ruined a Poignant Scene from Avengers Endgame!

Recently, Disney has gained tremendous controversy due to one of the most bizarre retcons in cinema history. That ruined the narrative from Avengers Endgame. most of the moviegoing audience and Marvel fans' heartstrings were pulled after watching Tony Stark aka Iron Man making the ultimate sacrifice in order to defeat Thanos. Aside from his wife Pepper, James Rhodes Tony's best friend tried to comfort him as he lays dying.

I can't lie about nearly shedding a man tear while watching this very poignant scene and if we have to keep it a buck, Endgame was the swan song to not only Phase 1 but for the most part, the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the succeeding films failed to capture that same magic and appeal as the previous movies from the earlier phases. 

Now fast forward to Secret Invasion where Rhodes is an advisor to President Ritson and determined to stop Col. Nick Fury as he holds him responsible for the bombing and Maria Hill's death. However, there's more than meets the eye during latter episodes where Rhodes is not who he seems to be. Rhodes is later revealed as the Skrull Raava, who under Gravik was instructed to kill Fury while the real Rhodes has been imprisoned on New Skrullos.

Rhodes was a prisoner in stasis since the "blip" meaning he wasn't around during the epic battle against Thanos and worse, Jim did not get to say goodbye to his friend and brother.
Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion series did a complete 180 and ruined the emotional weight within the Iron Man and Avengers saga. Will this "revelation" serve as a plot device for the upcoming Armor Wars movie also featuring Don Cheadle? More than likely but still, I cannot stress enough that it’s a bad move on Saleem and Kevin Feige's part. The backlash along with a few other questionable decisions may further tarnish "The House of Mouse" or rather, "The House that Tony Stark built!"

During that infamous MSNBC interview where Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned how " writers and actors preparing to picket are not being “realistic” with their expectations, and that the threat of a strike is “disturbing.” well, the same could be said about allowing poor writing and flawed execution to further damage intellectual properties such as Star Wars and especially Marvel.  This is the biggest Disney mistake since bringing back Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, (well, the whole trilogy was a mistake.) Or I'm the case of 20th Century now owned by Disney, Alien 3! Now that's one sequel deserving of a retcon.