Disney Exec Bob Iger Scapegoats Marvel, for the company's Dismal Earnings!

Disney’s “Big Boss” Bob Iger squarely blames Marvel for the company's less than expected revenue. It’s a bit of irony when Iger had previously mentioned how the comic brand that Jack and Stan built, had exceeded his expectations due to successful films and Disney + television projects from Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers to Wandavision and especially the first Black Panther film. But after experiencing recent Box office flops or poorly received films such as Eternals, Ant-Man Quantumania, Thor Love and Thunder, She-Hulk, (to a degree) and now Secret Invasion. Iger’s broad consensus albeit it “theory,” stems from how Marvel Studios confused audiences with oversaturated series that debuted on Disney+. Sure, there is a copious amount of oversaturation from both Marvel films and series, but it's also burnout in general. One could look at how DC’s previous films such as Black Adam, SHAZAM Fury of the Gods, and now The Flash were primary examples of Superhero fatigue, via disappointing results at the box office. 

While the films were lazily conceived, the blame should really go to the pandemic which resulted in the theatergoing audience feeling more comfortable streaming films at home, as opposed to schlepping to the theaters. And with inflation out of control, why invest $20 per ticket sans snacks and drinks, when you can purchase the rental or film in general via digital storefronts? It’s all about convenience and what works for the individual consumer.

Iger, who makes well over 25 million a year, had also made condescending remarks regarding the writer’s strike alluding that they are making it worse for an industry that is already facing challenges. As it seems, the Disney CEO is scaling down on production of further Marvel projects to recoup the company’s losses and from a business perspective, this makes sense. With more attention paid towards two major projects per year as opposed to spreading too thin, this new “Marvel method” should be the way to go. But is it too little, too late?