Failure to Launch! Billionaire Troll Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover, is a Joke!

Now that tech savvy Elon Musk has become arrogant to the extent of purchasing Twitter, as a means for expressing "free speech," or in his rather warped ulterior motive to combat what he refers to as the. "Woke virus," let's take a very quick look at how this asperger "AfriCon artist" utilized the social platform as its new landlord.

His first order of business is to offer a blue check subscription rate to verify legit Twitter followers.  Those who previously had the blue checks as in celebrities, politicians, etc. were either asked to pay, or have the icons removed. Already that's a bad start as anyone with a credit card can and has, impersonated famous people to the extent of damage control. But that pales compared to his blatant hypocrisy.  Rapper Ice T who is unfortunately one of Musk's followers, once stated, "You have the freedom of speech, just watch what you say.." 

That's true in the case of a tweeter who often made disparaging comments towards Musk, which resulted in her getting suspended for a week or two and of course, I'm aware that social media be it Twitter, Facebook or even YouTube can and have shadow banned posts of individuals who they deem "dissidents “ especially those who call out the hypocrisy or injustices from corporations,  politicians and of course, social platforms.  However! When a commentator posts messages they agree with, it often reaches a high percentage of views and "likes." 

As you can see, I don't need bullshit "Blue Checks" to be validated like these clowns next to me; Meaghan Kelly, Tomi Lauren, and Laura Ingram. Shit, I feel like Spider-Man  sneaking into the Sinister Six's lair!
Musk, as with the Governor of Florida and presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis is more focused on "Woke culture " than fixing real problems in the United States. The live Streaming of DeSantis’ announcement via Twitter, was as much a big failure and an embarrassment as Musk's recent Rocket launch. I actually got into the latter end of his "conference" and was not impressed with his jingoistic diatribe. Now while I agree that the Immigration system needs to be fixed, banning cultural expressive books, reeks of fascism and worst, naziism! 
Trump may be a decrepit narcist,and a  bullshit artist among other things, but at least he's  somewhat more original unlike Cookie-cutter Desantis. I seriously doubt that blockhead Ronny has a chance of winning anything.

"Send in the Clown!"

As plenty of people have abandoned Twitter, Musk will eventually try to sell off the platform.  It's only a matter of time. While plenty of dweebs compare Musk to Marvel's Tony Stark, Elon is by no means Tony Stark. Stark didn't need to benefit from a pro Apartheid system to be successful instead, he fights against evil.  Unlike Musk, Stark is not a racist, not an opportunistic con artist and best of all, his "inventions" are way cooler!