This Week In….?!?

Firings, Deaths, and other news.
This week has been a lightning rod for pop culture and news in general.

Harry Belafonte RIP Legend

Singer, Actor, and most importantly, activist has died at the age of 90.
Born in Harlem to Caribbean parents, Belafonte, known for his Jamaican calypso song “Day-O” aka The Banana Boat Song, as an activist marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and bailed out protesters during the Civil Rights struggle. Belafonte helped to coordinate efforts for US Aid for Africa's starving population through the celebrity ensemble project "We Are the World" which included Diana Ross, Cindy Lauper, Lionel Ritche, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson among a few. During the 50's he was perhaps the first nonwhite sex symbol that crossed racial lines courtesy of films Island in the Sun,” and “Carmen Jones. “That latter featuring Dorothy Dandridge, the first Black Female Sex Symbol! 
In 2022 he was inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. One of his last appearances in film was a documentary titled "Sidney" where he laments his lifelong friendship with the late great Sidney Poitier. Rest in Power, Harry. 

Jerry Springer 1944-2023

Former Politician turned iconic Talk Show host Jerry Springer has died from complications of Cancer. Springer who hosted his namesake talk show was a circus sideshow for trashy people who were dumb or desperate enough to appear on stage when airing their dirty laundry only to end with lip service via PSA and "Be kind to yourself, and one another." The Jerry Springer Show was very exploitative and became a forerunner for low brow television during the 90's from Geraldo, Maury Povich, to Ricki Lake. But there's one thing I give Jerry, is that his show exploited everyone across the board, White, Black, straight or LGBTQ Jerry's show held a mirror to how degenerative Americans can be and in recent times,  more so than ever. RIP Ringleader and Sleaze master "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry..!"

Carolyn Bryant Denem-RIH 

Well, good news travels fast doesn’t it? Carolyn Bryant, the white woman who falsely accused teenager Emmett Til of making sexual comments toward her leading to the Savage murder of the 14-year-old, has finally shuffled off her Mortal coil after a lengthy illness. All I can say is that I'm glad she finally kicked the bucket and as usual, the American judicial system is a fucking disgrace for allowing this bitch to live out her final days without any serious repercussions even after the fact that she admitted lying or her husband and brother confessed that they killed Till again, without remorse or repercussions. At least the Jews made certain that former collaborators of Hitler's Nazi regime were sent to trial via Nuremberg, found guilty, sentenced or executed for their past atrocities.  Here in America, Till's murderers went unpunished. 
Never forget, nor forgive!

2022's Till is a great docudrama which depicts the events leading to Emmit's murder, and how his mother helped to pioneer the Civil Rights era by showing his mutilated remains to the public which sparked shock and outcry across the states. I hope his surviving family members can find some solace with the vile witch's passing but that's not enough. America must make whole by paying what they owe by the means of reparations for atrocities like slavery, Jim Crow, and the Karens who are to blame for massacres from Tulsa OK, Rosewood Florida and so forth. 
The Department of Justice under the Biden Administration was complicit as expected. 
That said, rot in the lower depths of Hell as the Maggots feed on your corpse, "Carolyn the Karen" along with your husband and brother-in-law!

And in other good news..

Tucker the Sucker Carlson is "terminated!" 
Well, from his employment at FOX News anyways. After the FOX News was forced to settle at a whopping $874 million due to unproven accusations from Carlson of Dominion fixing the voting systems during the 2020 election, Carlson was let go soon afterwards or to put it in a more elaborate manner, "part ways." Jeanine Pirro and Mario Bartiromo also boosted unproven claims of Dominion rigging the election, yet they still work for the infamous media corporation. Carlson has been known for being this provocative dog whistler who helped to instigate further division, so this is what happens when irresponsibility is left unchecked and now FOX must pay a hefty price. Oh, and did I mention how the Network is facing yet another civil case, that may cost them even more! On that same day, CNN Anchor Don Lemon got a pink slip. Coincidence?

Perhaps after FOX dropped their Golden Goose, firing Lemon would be more convenient for the cable News Network who has now leaned more toward the right after Zaslav and Discovery is now holding the keys to the WB kingdom. Lemon garnered controversy when critiquing Presidential nominee Nikki Haley as "too old" who Haley said that Biden was too old to run again as President., Aside from accusations of sexual assault, Lemon got made disparaging comments towards co-anchor Kate Collins, then recently got into a heated debate with  Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy who I can't fault Don for going at Ramaswamy for his condescending talking points, but what do you expect from a culture that was ingrained within the caste system doctrine, where dark skinned Indians were mistreated by the fairer skinned Indians? Wasn't Ghandi exposed as a racist towards Blacks?
 What we don't need is another annoying prick like Dinesh D'Souza. Stay in your lane!

But back to Sucker Carlson. it appears that someone from FOX Noose, has now came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and anti-Semitic comments....not surprised but we shall see what develops. Doesn't he has this face, that you want to punch the shit out of?
Not that i'm advocating any violence whatsoever, but he does have a punchable face.

Steven Chowder, er I “Crowder'" disrespects Pregnant wife and no one is surprised!

Well, what do you expect from a jerk off? And I can't feel sorry for his wife knowing full well what he's all about, An egotistical, sexist, racist creep which brings me to..

When Chimney Sweepers come to Musk!

Last night's Realtime With Bill Maher had Inventor and blowhard Elon Musk as a special guest, and right away, Maher went in on "Wokeness " and that's when the "eyeroll effect" came into play. Bill is still sour after the backlash he received when he casually made a joke about being a "House Nigger."  Now Bill is using his failing platform as an alarmist way to attack those who criticize the United States for its past and present systemic racism. While Musk who owns Twitter is running the social media platform to the ground by charging users for a blue check verification.  I guess this bloated AfriKKKaaner needs more funds for his Space X-lax projects.

How well did that go...oh, wait..! Maher used to be a funny commentator but it's his inebriated racism and hypocrisy that irks me. He slams comic book movies yet made an appearance in Iron Man 3 and obviously got compensated for it.

I made a video that called him out for it and the prices at HBO blocked my video and YouTube gave me a copyright strike. I guess I struck a NERVE. Oh, and did I forgot to mention how Realtime stole ideas from my other video, "Donald Trump A Real American Idiot?" Well, if you're going to rip off someone's ideas, at least it's from one who is creative or original. 
*Pops collar*
To his credit, at least Maher was saying what many of have been mentioning all along, is that Roe v Wade and other civil rights that may be in jeopardy due to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's inflated ego who refused to retire even when battling cancer. Oh, and she referred to the NFL protests as "stupid." Her erratic behavior and disconnect is why you can't have politicians way past their time, serving or running for office....oh, wait..!!

Uncle Joe "Runs" again!

Could it be “runs” as in this old fart having constant diarrhea? No, he's running for President at the age of 80??!!!?? I know that Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns foreshadowed an aged Ronald Reagan as POTUS but that's a work of fiction...or could it Life imitating art once again..???

And that's a wrap! I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I couldn’t resist! 
Oh, what a week it's been.